2010 Ryder Cup Course

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2010 Ryder Cup Course

From their website.

"Book and play a round on The Twenty Ten course during May on our Twenty Ten-Tastic green fee offer, and we’ll give you a complimentary voucher to return for a round on either The Montgomerie or Roman Road course during June or July."

Any takers?   13th May!!  NEXT Sunday...I can't do the Saturday.  Times after 1pm. Please let me know as they want money with booking

hope it dries up a bit Ian weather has been dreadfull for my 3 weeks at home,unfortunately I'm off up to Aberdeen again tommorow for 3 weeks. But that is a hell of a deal

Ian wrote (see)

Any takers?   

I've heard 1over is a taker? Rich the bich!

He is such a golfing whore! You ok SP, any moonshine recently?? Would love to, but got a house sold and needs clearing, but have a great round.

Hi Ian, i can't find the deal where they offer you the voucher - any chance of a link ?  and did you have to phone to find out which dates were available for £89 ?  cheers,

They had limited dates...pm your email and i'll forward you the email I have