4Ball tactics in competition

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4Ball tactics in competition
Whenever I have played in competition with the 4Ball (stableford or medal variety) I don't think any of my partners has ever shown any tactical awareness ..... eg saying, "I'll put my ball in play and then you can go for it." or something like that. Most people seem to just play their normal game when probably with some more thought an extra point or 2 could be gained or shots saved. Do you have any tactics like one player attacking and the other playing steady ?


Especially off the tee, I prefer to tee off after my partner if he's safe then I'll take it on, if not then I'll try to play the sensible shot (I'm not very good at them though). If one of us has a longish putt for birdie or eagle (net usually) and the other has a simple putt for par then the par goes first to take pressure off the birdie putt. Generally from tee to green you don't even have to talk about it, just observe how your partner is playing or where their ball is.

Yes, but I'm not telling you what they are in case we meet on a GM day!Serious answer now. Have you shown any tactical awareness, or just let them plod along playing their own game?Someone has to TAKE CHARGE of a team. Make it yourself, then you won't have to seek advice on tactics. Your post indicates you have the basics, so impose those thoughts on your team, starting before you get to the first tee.And if your partners(s) aren't happy with the arrangement, find someone else to partner next time. Or maybe they will take the hint and take the captaincy on themselves. Either way you now have a leader and a plan.(And of course the captain is still in charge in the bar afterwards, and tells the other guy to get the drinks in!)

Dave the short putt to secure par often has the opposite effect when it is missed. Jim I hope I don't meet you in the doubles.

golf bhoy,I do believe I possess a lot of tactical awareness. The thing is most of the people I partner do as you put it plod along and of course rarely win anything. I'm sure that if I said, 'Right, I'm capitano. Let's make every shot count.' It would be a turn off for them.There are a few who are more competitive. I'll try to end up with them in future.Kev,Yes, I'm not a big fan of the short putt par. It's a big downer when it goes wrong.When most people 'go for' their 30 ft birdie putt they send it way past and it just puts more pressure on the par putts.

Kev, my club doubles record isn't great (partner issues, will be changing this year, trying to find the right time to tell my ex! Awkward time, we work for the same company) but my four-ball and mixed foursomes records aren't bad.Colin, I know what you're getting at, and you're right - a lot of people are happy just to take part. But don't you think it's more fun being competitive? You don't have to bully anyone, just 'suggest' a shot here or a shot there.When I'm playing with a new partner I always ask how much team golf they've been involved in. If they're relatively new at it, I offer to 'help' them through the round, but I'm not going around taking clubs out of their hands or anything. Sometimes just a quizzical look or a "Are you sure? you need to take that shot on?" will do it.

I think golf is a funny game.It's not the done thing to try too hard.Practising is frowned upon.People snigger if you have a lesson.... and golf is generally the last thing anyone talks about in the bar.Shouldn't think my club is that peculiar in this respect.Oh and golf buoy, you don't want to give too many quizzical looks or you'll end up with a 3 iron inserted (I say 3 iron because most people have no other use for it) you know where.Maybe I exagerate somewhat but it's like people don't want others to improve.Whilst not wanting to become a golf bore it would be good to discuss things a little more .... I'm on here now so I can bore away to my heart's content and someone will answer.I think plodding along you just don't learn anything. I'm going to be a bit more forward in these comps in future and risk the 3 iron.

i just put my shoulder pads on normally,

Your tactics are totally governed by the efforts of the other three,get on the tee first and dominate from there.If your oppo's are in the cabbage then react and put away the greatest shot of your life and put more pressure on by being conservative but forceful thus giving your mate with you solidly in command after your second shot the opportunity to hit the shot of his life and so on.Dovetailing is an absolute essential,you'll relax your partner to by your confidence and good shotmaking and course management.

'just put my shoulder pads on normally'hmmm , so wearing a ladies blouse is part of 4ball tactic ? .... must try this as it's obviously an 'ace' top tip

It's not the golf that's funny, it's the attitude of some of those taking part. And it's probably an indication of the 'traditional' British reserve.That's not for me. I want my game to get better and my HC lowered. And I'm not bothered if anyone wants to snigger or talk about me behind my back.Without being harsh (which I know some of this sounds, but it doesn't come across as well in this format), I don't want to partner someone who isn't trying too hard. Next time you play a 4ball, have a think about the length of the gimme's you're being awarded. Bet they're not too long. Bet your opponents are trying hard.Happy probably states it better than I have. There are ways to lead a team in a match without bullying or ordering anyone around. In fact almost without the team realising they're being led.

Have to admit that when I started playing it was with the intention of being just for fun, however this has now gone by the board and I am on the way to becoming as competitive as I ever was, not underhand but determined to wring every last bit out of my own (and partners) game. I absolutely hate it when my partner has to carry me for two or three holes, unfortunatley I seem to have mid round slumps at the moment, it'll pass but grrr!

i save this one for when i am playing agianst people who i dont like or who get worked up easily...if one of you has had a mare and is out the hole before the green - let your partner hit his approach to the green first. then proceed to say "il get mine as close to yours so you can get a good read" - take a couple of hits until you get it close and then put out and give your partner a "read of the line".this is a great wind up - the whole point is to annoy your opponents and get them thinking about other things.

I am probably the worst ever at matchplay, I have been known to apologies for holing putts and spend too much time thinking of something interesting to say whilst walking down the fairway.Always completely lose my rythm and power of concentration. Looking for a new doubles partner then Jim?

dmg, I love a great wind-up, and I love having a response to one. So here goes, in the spirit of the wind-up -If you're that many shots out of the hole, your ball will be conceded. Any shots you play after that are practice during the play of a hole. That's you disqualified for that hole.And the Rule applies to your partner as well, under Rule 30-3/f - "If a player's breach of a Rule assists his partner's play or adversely affects an opponent's play, the partner incurs the applicable penalty in addition to any penalty incurred by the player.".Having played for a season and a bit in Thomson McCrone league matches, you have to know the Rules, and you have to be ready for the wind-ups.Kev, sorry mate, I have a new partner for the knockouts this season, otherwise we'd have had a go. But if you want to pair up against anyone when there's no official comp on, just let me know, and we'll see if we can cure you of strange behaviour (like apologising for putting the ball where you were aiming to!).

Was saying it TIC Jim. Can't cope with arranging times for the singles never mind doubles.

Times? Hah! The system isn't great, is it? But once you get used to it it's manageable (just). Helps if you stay just across the road, mind you.My partner plays at Dullatur as well, try organising times for all of these -Me @ Dullatur- medals, singles, 4ball, 4somes, mixed 4somes, league matchesMe @ Works society - outings, charity matches, 4somes, singles, inter-office matchesMe @ Another society - outings, singles, 4ballHer @ Dullatur - medals, mixed 4somes, league matches, singles, 4ball, 4somesHer @ work (we work for the same company) -outings, 4somesAnd 2 youngsters to keep happy! So if you're not in the comps, are you up for a spot of babysitting? Just show them a photograph of us now and then, to remind them what we look like ...

Has the entry date closed yet for the singles, I've not put my name down yet. I've always done shift work and have never really had the time off to play in ties etc. I'm now doing a day job so hope to enter a few more things, club champs etc. I had a good read at the knockout challenge rules and the time between having to post, giving 3 dates, one on a weekend, spread over 2 weeks and the acceptance must be made within a certain time after the challenge was posted, how on earth do you manage to juggle all of them at the same time, even Dscaper's spread-sheet couldn't cope with that.As far as baby-sitting goes, that's not a problem as long as you watch my 3 on Friday and Saturday nights and the odd time during the week.

Closing date is Monday 28th March, 6:00 pm, so you still have time. The hardest part is checking the book to see if a challenge has been laid or accepted, that's why I'm lucky to live where I do. It also pays to leave a 'phone number if you don't mind doing that - the club can't issue them over the desk now (Data Protection).Juggling all our fixtures isn't easy, but it can be done with care and co-operation. Basically we try to limit it to one midweek fixture each per week, and split the Saturday and Sundays between us. The club diaries end up looking like the original design drawings for the Scottish Parliament, mind you.Sometimes we can't avoid both playing on the same day, if it's a medal I have to grab an early a.m. slot on the starting sheet.The hardest ones are the league matches because the dates can't be shifted. Usually meet up around 12 - 1, travel, play, dinner, drinks, travel back, more drinks, home around 9 - 10 at night!I've got an advantage with the works outings, I'm the secretary so the fixtures tend to fall on 'free' dates. Coincidentally, of course.I'll get back to you on the babysitting swap ...