A hackers guide to the Carthegena course at John O'Gaunt GC

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Hole 7, par 4, 443y/429y Index 1 and worthy of it!  The longest par 4 on the course will require two of your very best shots to be on the green in two. It's a par 5 for the ladies and most of us will be better off playing it as one. Plenty of room for your drive with trees either side of the fairway. The green is protected by a large bunker waiting to swallow your approach shot. The green is two tiered and you'll not make putting easy if you're on the wrong level. Have fun! While you're on the tee take the time to look behind you at the 13th green and note the pin location.

While you're on the tee take the time to look behind you at the 13th green and note the pin location. HA   i dont even remember to do this on my own bloody course,wots the betting i wont do this on your course.

I'll be broken, long before the 13th

I just hope that the sun is out, is all I'm saying.....

450yd par 4.... ouch ! A proper toughy!  How much room around the green is there Tim? Plenty  i hope!  I can miss big from 180 yds back 

Bridgey was 11 once wrote (see)

I just hope that the sun is out, is all I'm saying.....

    Sun? Sun? We don't need sun!!!! We're from Golfmagic. We play in ALL weathers !!!! Remember ?

It's a big target Tom so not much bail out room I'm afraid. If I hit my Sunday best drive then I'll probably be hitting my rescue club for my second - more often it's a 3 wood just to get within pitching range! I think its a really good hole for Index 1

The sun shines on the righteous - we're done for.......

I've just been on GolfBerx.com and 450yds is a drive and a PW according to the discerning 28hcap golfers on there...

I'll probably hit PW in too, hopefully for my 3rd shot (if I'm lucky and strip and drive and wood/long iron for my 2nd shot)!

Driver, hack out sideways with pw , 6 iron , chip and 2 putt for an awesome 6.....

Driver, 6 iron, wedge over the back, thinned chip into the bunker, 2 out, 3 putt. 9!

Hole 8, par 3, 134y/125y * A good par 3, not long but the green slopes from back to front and is well protected by four bunkers. This hole plays easiest when the pin is at the back of the green as the slope is most severe at the front. * the yardage may change a little as a new tee box is currently under construction.                                        

are mulligans given,coz ill be taking a few me thinks.

No mulligans, I thought we'd try playing golf

you might be,ill just be trying to hit the fooking ball.

Me and you together, G - shall we make up a pairing? WHO WANTS OUR QUID?

Sounds a chance too good to miss ,anyone want to kick their proverbials with me.

Getting very scared now 

your just embarrassed bill to be seen with me in public with my GIRLY PINK DRIVER aint yer.

Greg its you who should be embarrassed ,you are the one that needs a girly driver cos ya can't hit a mans driver.

no not at all bud. your right m8,have tried my cobra zl(MANS DRIVER)

tom-333 wrote (see)

450yd par 4....   I can miss big from 180 yds back 

  My "big miss" is to have 170yds left after the first attempt to lash one 180yds!

Haha! I like it pasty! Its even better when you get up and down as a result!

Hole 9, par 4, 367y/358y The last hole of the front nine can be toughie as it usually plays into the prevailing wind. Not overly long, it is a tight driving hole with trees on both sides and three bunkers waiting to catch anything slightly errant. Bunkers protect the green left and right and on the left is a nasty patch of gorse which I recommend you avoid at all costs. There's a WC near the tee in case you're too bashful to use the trees....

thats handy then,as i usually take a dump in the nearest bunker

Ok that's the easy nine done with, you'll have given yourself a pat on the back for your 20+ points, you've taken a dump and all's right with the world...or so you think. The back nine kicks of with: Hole 10, par 5, 468y/459y Get a decent drive away and this is a real birdie opportunity. Avoid the bunkers and keep it out of the trees and this is a straightforward hole. Don't go left off the tee, your bail out is to the right if you're not going to bother with the fairway. The green is protected by bunkers front left and front right but the opening to the green is fairly generous. As you'll have gathered by now the greens on the course are pretty large and this one is no exception, so once again make note of the flag colour and take enough club. Don't be fooled by this benign start to the back nine, there are some challenges ahead

Hole 11, par 3, 166y/156y The first par 3 of the back nine looks benign but looks can be deceptive, it's SI 6 for very good reasons. The green is well protected by bunkers front, right and left. Miss the green and the bunkers and you'll be flirting with the trees.

Hole 10 might be one of my classic three putt pars !

Thought i'd give this thread a bump up.. really looking forward to this!  I guess the couple of sunny days we've had this week have reminded me what summer golf is like.

Thanks for the nudge Tom, time to move on.... Hole 12, par 4, 327y/319y For a short par 4 I think this is a really good hole. A gentle dog leg right to left favours a drive up the right with a touch of draw. The big hitters should aim over the right edge of the trees on the left, anything straight or with a slight fade will leave a wedge in. Not the toughest hole on the course but it doesn't give up birdies easily.

Hole 13, par 3, 206y/196y The final par 3 is the toughest, can play up around 220 yards if the pin is at the back. Miss the green and bunkers left and right wait to swallow your ball, or worse leave a tough chip over one. Any "nearest the pin" comp here can often turn into "nearest the green".

Tim that par three is a five wood for me,so I  will just put down a six for my score.

I'd be happy with a 4 there thats for sure!

ill be happy to get under a 10. 220yd par 3 goner put our pitch n putt courses to shame eh bill

Hole 14, par 4, 287y/281y Probably the easiest hole on the course and a definite birdie opportunity. The big boys might be tempted to try to drive the green but my advice is to forget it. Get the ball in play and you'll be left with a mid iron or wedge in. The green slopes from back to front so keep your approach below the hole for your best chance of a birdie.

We're on the homeward stretch which starts with my favourite hole on the course. Hole 15, par 4, 344y/335y A dogleg left where you'll pay dearly for missing the fairway. Trees and OB left, trees right. No bunkers, none needed. Keep your drive on the right half of the fairway and you'll be rewarded with a clear view of the green for your approach shot. The green has a large false front so make sure you have enough club, but don't go long, there's nothing but heartache if you do. The green has a lot of subtle borrows and tends to play a bit faster than the rest of the greens on the course. Keep the ball in play and a nett par or better should be straightforward, get into the trees and a blob is the most likely outcome.  

Sounds good Tim!  What awaits us on 16?


Well not quite Gregers but I'm sure there'll be a fair number of blobs on the 16th Hole 16, par 4/5, 364y/388y Regarded by many as the signature hole of the Carthegena course, well maybe so but I don't think it's a great golf hole. Your tee shot needs to finish near the large tree (you'll know which tree I mean when you get to the tee) but not so close as to be blocked out for your second. If you're in position A then you'll be left with an approach of about 170 yards to a green some 30 feet below the level you're hitting from. You also need to negotiate another large tree conveniently sited right in front of the green, and in June it will be in full foliage. It's a two tier green surrounded by trees - don't go left! It's index 2 for the men, it's a par 5 for the ladies. My bet is that there'll be more blobs than pars on the day.    

I think i know why you like to tee off with your three wood now Tim! 

It's mainly because I'm ****ing useless with my driver - we're not talking to each other at the moment

It would appear that somebody has lost their ball again as there is a hold up on the 17th tee. Or is it gregers having another dump in a bunker. 

oi you wait ur turn,plenty of space m8.

The 17th is worth waiting for 17th hole, Par 4, 327y/283y From an elevated tee you need to keep your drive to the right of the large tree that guards the left hand edge of the fairway.  The hole doglegs from right to left. Your approach shot is uphill all the way to a green that slopes significantly from back to front, get above the hole and you'll face your most challenging putt of the day, putts which miss the hole frequently roll off the green. A lovely hole, not long but well designed to reward good shots and punish bad ones.  

Right then, time for the final hole. 18th hole, Par 5, 469y/459y A lovely closing hole, play it right and par should be straightforward. Keep your drive well right of the line of trees that encroach from the left. If you can get your drive to where the fairway starts to slope downhill you can easily add 50 yards of roll. The fairway slopes from right to left so don't be surprised to find your ball in the semi rough for your second shot. One or two will be able to go for the green in two but most of us should be looking for the best place to lay up for our third. It's uphill all the way to the green and many players leave their approach shot short, take at least one more club than the yardage would suggest. It's a two tier green (get a good look at the pin position when you're on the 5th tee, it may pay dividends). And that's your lot. Overall I think the Carthegena course is very playable, you'll get away with one or two less than perfect shots that would be badly punished on the Old Course at John O'Gaunt. Playing a full handicap Stableford I'd expect the winner to be 42/43 points if the weather is good. If the greens are as good as they should be in June then our tournament will be won and lost on the greens. I hope everyone enjoys the course, and that some of you will want to come back and take on the Old Course - which is a significantly different beast altogether. Roll on 24th June

Yey! Cheers for course blog Tim! Sounds like its going to be fun!  When do you need payment by?

I'll post that in the other thread Tom

cacking it