Anybody fancy a game

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Anybody fancy a game

Anybody fancy a knock?

I'm thinking this coming weekend, either Sat or Sun.

Place would be Hawarden GC. It's a lovely course.

Guest rate is only £12.50.

Happy to do either just a 2 ball or 2 groups of 4, if any interest.

Also happy to do other days/dates so just let me know.

Summer is nearly here!

Checked GPS. 252 miles. Maybe one day.

The one I played some years ago is a bit further away! Over 10000 miles! Did have Steinlager on tap though!

After discovering I can still hit a ball I may take you up on your offer in a few weeks time If that's ok mike.  

No problem Andy. Would be good to see you again. Glad you're still involved in the golfing world. Long time no hear on here.

Just text or call me when it suits.

I would, but not this weekend. I've got tennis Sat afternoon, Karaoke Sat night, medal Sunday. 

Only 201 miles for me but still going to have to say no, thanks for the offer though

Next week or week after CF. Anytime that suits those who may be interested.

Shame that Matt, you could have tried the CG tours!

Sounds good but I haven't swung a club since last orders ( hoping to get going again soon. Have you moved clubs then mike?

Yes mate. I'll miss the greens at Wallasey but Hawarden is e beautiful course.

Let's play soon.

I'll hold you to that invite mate. I'll check my diary.

I`ll miss Wallasey beating me up   Hopefully be in touch soon

I had a few rounds in the 70's (low/mid/high) albeit off a slightly shorter but still measured course, and got the cut. That was late last year. Since then I'm playing more realistically like an 11 or 12 'capper or is that crapper! Hope you manage to get a game soon.