Blairgowrie Sun April 1st

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Blairgowrie Sun April 1st

As some of you know four of us are playing the Rosemount at Blairgowrie on Sunday 1st April - Mrs DIS  AC SimonS and me

If anyone else wants to come along - then i have space for a further 4 ball - tee time 14.09

Cost is £40 - food and prize fund extra

Let me know ASAP if you want to come along - a £20 deposit is required to secure your place

In the good old days,I'd have jumped on an Easyjet from Bristol, rented a car etc etc Where is Blairgowrie?  I'd better get up to Scotland before "Alec the Fish" sells you lot out to Europe!

@Ian - 30 mins north of Perth, well worth the trip, a fantastic course.

I'm booked up to go caravanning that weekend or would have jumped at the chance.

Bit of a run from South Wales for a day trip!  But as I said, we used to do it in a day on Eastject

I asked Blairgowrie to hold the 14.09 tee time for today - so there is a cut off time of 4.30pm to sign up As vthey seem to have plenty of times for that day if you can't get an answer by then - and want to play - let me know and I'll try and get an extension to tomorrow

I asked Blairgowrie to hold the 14.09 tee time for today - so there is a cut off time of 4.30pm to sign up As they seem to have plenty of times for that day if you can't get an answer by then - and want to play - let me know and I'll try and get an extension to tomorrow

You're repeating yourself Richard - that's a sign of old age...

no - slow interweb or GM site but then again it might have been a slow interweb or GM site

Remember you only need to click the submit reply button once, CLICK THE SUBMIT REPLY BUTTON ONCE (just in case your hearing is going the same way as your eyesight/memory/dress sense...)

@DIS........I have planning permission if you'll have me and have also asked a guy I work with who is a still a member there I think. See how it all pans out and if you have enough for another tee time then great but if not don't worry about it. Have a great day either way.

Ken - That makes you two and possibly Ian - who was at Montrose - so I'll confirm the second tee time and we can then make it up to 4 asap

@DIS..mate can't make it on 1st., playing football for  East Fife on that day.  No commitment. Will try a couple of other guys who might be interested.

Ian can't make it either - I've got the tee time held for me until next Monday - I'm away the rest of the week after today - but should have web access in the evenings Anybody else want to join us?

I'm in! Going to use my 7iron off every tee this time as my Montrose golf ball bill has bust my overdraught...

Nice one Zombie!

What my attendance, the 7iron or my bank balance?

Ken and Zombie confirmed - so two places left - unless i can get another tee time! I'll pm you the bank details for the £20 deposit

Andy - you seem to have lost most of your name - just AC remaining Best put the bandit bit back methinks or perhaps you could mention your Sombrero

Nae chance pal, it was only added for a duration of time which matched my alleged banditry - if playing to 1 under h'cap makes me a bandit then your outfits (almost) make you a (Poulter-esque) golfer - better luck next time! One day you may be able to match my prize haul, but I doubt it - it takes skill and talent (and at least a modicum of dress sense). In the words of Sidney Deane - "Its hard work making you look this bad!" (Answers on a postcard if you can name the film without Google) - not only better dressed but, based on results, a better golfer!

As an aside from the banter between DIS and myself (which must be getting tedious for the rest of you - I know reading his certainly is!) - I may have A N other just need to check with him.

Is Sir Jackie Stewart interested in joining us then? he raced as  A N Other so his mum wouldn't know it was him - except the local paper put in 'Jackie Stewart - racing as A N Other.......'

Brilliant - only the press could get it so wrong. But no, it's not Jackie Stewart unfortunately.

Still 2 spaces left for this at a great Scottish course let me know if you want to join us

Can I bring the SJS wooden spoon to Blairgowrie and try to pass it on?

You can bring it - but as it's not a fully sanctioned GM Scottish event i don't think it can be passed on What do the other participants think?

@Zombie - I'm rather enjoying my trophy (and sombrero!) so would prefer it if this wasn't a sanctioned event! Especially after our respective points haul yesterday, it would be a straight swap, no one would have a chance to take that useful cooking implement away with them! @DIS - Did my A N Other get in touch with you, he said emailed you last week?

AC - not that I'm aware of

Humpff about the spoon and double humpff about me and AC's buddy's communications....

Guys We're planning to be there about 12.30 - for a light lunch (bacon roll) before we play aad we'll probably have food afterwards - they serve until 9pm according to their website

@DIS - I think we should be there about that same time, spot of lunch, hit some balls then on to the course - Carlsberg don't make Sundays but if they did... Did you get my PM?

@Zombie....why waste the'd only be taking it back anyway. @DIS and AC......similar here...arrive about 12ish say hello to DIS and Manuel, some food, some balls on the range and then T off at 2ish. Hope this good weather holds......although it does look like it's tailing off towards Sunday.

Manuel! Who's Basil then? The only female in our motley (?!) crew is Mrs DIS who would have to be Sybil therefore DIS would, by default, be Basil...?

AC - Yes I got it - and it soes make sense to be 3 balls - unless anybody else says they want to join us Back to normal temperatures this weekend - from what I've seen - but hopefully it will stay dry - although somebody did mention snow for the weekend

Ken Mavor (13.0) wrote (see)

@Zombie....why waste the'd only be taking it back anyway.

Cheeky teuchter!

Hope we keep some of this warmth for Sunday- at least it should stay dry

I'm cool with that DiS. No probs about the wooden spoon, it will give me more time to apply my artistic "talents" to transform it into a lovely trophy. This will adorn any fireplace across the lands!  It will be so lovely that Stretch will not fall over himself to avoid the award.

But Richard you will have the Fearless Leader of the Jolly Boys (Scottish Chapter!) so technically it could be an officially sanctioned SJB event... Actually scratch that, otherwise I'll be leaving with the wooden spoon! And we do need Colin for an Official GM event.

Well we had superb weather at Blairgowrie - sunny at times - but a chilly breeze when the sun went behind the clouds The course was in good condition - but the greens need a few more weeks to get level - lots of bobbles which made putting a bit of a lottery After several recounts (!) Mrs DIS reigned supreme with a stunning 39 points - and this included two blobs - a definite candidate for the highly sought after sombrero at the next Official Scottish GM Meet. If there'd been awooden spoon prize then that would have been won by me. I'm claiming in my defense that I was paired with AC (and Ken) who decided to spray his driver shots mainly left and his iron shots mainly right. It wasn't until the 16th that he found hois 3 wood was long and straight off the tee - or he would have been in contention. We're now esconced in our room at the wonderful Gleneagles hotel ready for our game on the Kings Course tomorrow - my birthday treat - and hope th snow stays away until we've finished. Off to the bar now - we've been saving up for weeks now

Excellent day at DIS says all us men got beaten by a lassie!!! BTW AC many 6s did you score?

I'd like to add my thanks to DIS for the invite.   Good weather, good company and a great golf course.  What more could you ask for?

Lovely photo SS! I lived up to my username and shuffled through 18 holes with a lingering hangover...

Well forecasters got it right this time.....suppose the law of averages means 1 in is snowing in Aberdeen but thankfully not staying put.  Hope DIS and Mrs DIS get decent weather for the Kings cousre at Gleneagles.

Another thanks to DIS for the invite, great course, above average banter with DIS & Ken (!) and some (sadly not) below par golf. Contrary to a prior post, I split the fairway with the driver once and snap hooked another, the only 2 times the big dog left the bag! I will concede that the I was struggling to stop fading the long irons. Couldn't get a handle on the slowness/general condition of the greens, everything was short (shall I...? Why not - That's what she said!) but it is only April, no doubt they would be fantastic in the height of Summer. @Ken - At one point I went 666, and got slightly concerned that the 'Beast' would get me!

I thought it was my brain-dead putting that left me short time after time...  I guess us links lads need to realise that green on inland courses are as fast as Ken's wit. I think Mr and Mrs DiS will be OK today.  Wet and cold but no blizzards.

It was wet and winfdy for most of the front 9 at Gleneagles - as we wwere playing the 8th green the rain stopped and then on the 9th the sun came out!! I played off the whites and started with a par and finished with 3 pars - so was pretty happy played it to handicap - SSS is 3 higher than par - and what with the greens resembling tramlines I was pretty pleased as I'd never played it before Blairgowrie was obviously a good warm up - but Mrs DIS couldn't keep her good form going and ended up with 28 points - so a bit of a reversal for both of us from Sunday. It was apity the weather was so poor on the front 9 as we both struggled in the 'orrible conditions Now we've got 4 inches of snow up here - so not much chance of golf for the foreseeable....