company requested 17th of october

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company requested 17th of october
Hi, anyone fancy a game on 17th of October? My home course does play all day for 15 pounds on a monday, and no its not a muni ! The greens a pretty amazing at the moment! Alternatively would love to play some where new for a change, anywhere within 30 miles of silverstone considered...

Let me see if I can get a day pass .. I fly out on the 18th but 18 holes on a monday seems like a good way to start the week.

depends how far I have to travel and the time you wish to play

Shall I book a three ball at Whittlebury? Let me know! I'm available from 9:30 onwards... Green fee is 15 quid on a Monday too..

Little bit later for me would be great - I think I have a day pass or at least 3/4 of a day. I am about an 1h 17 minutes away!

What time suits you 10:30 tee off?

sounds fantastic to me 10-10:30 would be great ... if thats okay for you?

Ok by me i'll book a three ball for 10:30 , if there's only two of us that wont be an issue. See you Monday!


10.30 is good for me, just checked route finder it's only 1 hour away so I can make it if that's still ok. Do I need a h/c cert?

No handicap certificate required, I have just booked a three ball for 10:36, yellow to red.... (that's the 1905, followed by the royal whittlewood). Us locals just go by the flag stick colours ! I'll be there from 10 o'clock warming up on the range ! Just look for the tall guy with glasses hitting Shanks with his wedges. .

Just had a peek at the course planner, God help the two of you. You will have to forgive me if my game is not up to your standard and take into account I will be coming straight down after a night shift.

Wow! Take it steady I work shifts too! , but I haven't played golf straight from night shift for a while now! Too tired to do that these days!

Heavy rain and 20mph winds forecast. Still up for it? Hacker you won't have slept, and Chris you have an hour and a quarter drive. I'll not be upset if you want to reschedule. !

I'll sleep when I'm If I finish workMonday morning at it's absolutely tipping itdown I may have a change of heart. Check your pm please

could do it in a buggy if the weather is that bad... brolly will blow me all round the course.

Weather is looking better now.... 17 mph and cloudy. If its going to rain, then at least with that wind it will blow over quickly!

I am still up for it

Forecast looks much better now ! Cloudy and 15 mph winds.. far more tolerable!

super ! just sorting my sat nav out and working my journey out, I am aiming to arrive around 10 am - has it been dry or is it quite wet?

Very dry here, no rain all weekend, why do you ask ? If it helps the course is hard at the moment but the greens are soft still.

Here I am at work , not much sleep yesterday on a high from another decent round. See you gentlemen about 10ish.

Fantastic day, bloody windy - course was good condition the greens were hollow tined (?) but were fine. Definately well worth the £15 green fee. And gents you were good company... I'll post some pics when I get 5 minutes (which will be friday!)

Have to agree with the above, worth £15 for the company alone, it was a pleasure to meet both Tom and Chris. Happy with the result too. Stableford full handicap allowance, Chris out 17pts in 17pts total 34 Tom out 22pts in 15pts total 37 Me out 19pts in 19pts total 38 Gentlemen if you are passing my way give me a shout and I'll take you round my local time/weather permittting

Bloody windy ! Gale force more like! Ha-ha. Was good fun! Course was in reasonable nick , as was my game on the front nine! Shame the wheels fell off a little on the back nine! I think Chris visited a bunker on every other hole! - but exited all of them with skill !