Craigielaw on Sunday May the 13th

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Ditto Niblick. I started to post a reply to your previous post and just gave up. Still, at least we've got the gentle frustrations that golf can bring.

Good to hear you're on track BH! C'mon Ian, you can get that four lettered word (work) sorted. Niblick, take a deep breath and visualize a nice safe place...

13 days

13 days for the organisers to do something about the weather. 

The weather will be lovely!

Sorry, I can't make this now I am due go to Bearwood Lakes next Thursday - will have to be in the office on Monday.  So blame AP! Shame, I havent been up to Scotland ofr a GM outing for a few years

Never mind Ian, enjoy Bearwood.

shame ian could you alos put my mate down who sometimes comes on here matty wake

Sorry guys but I'm a "no" again. My back gave out a week gone Saturday. I tried to play today and it lasted 11 holes. I'm putting the clubs away for a couple of months whilst I let a physio do wicked things to my body... Gutted to miss the day out, especially as I enjoyed some great company there last time. And I picked up new TM irons and woods last week that look like they'll just rust away in my locker.

Bloody hell BH. It's just one thing after another for you... Get yourself a chance to get back fit geezer!

Sorry zombie jut got a text from Matty saying he can't make it either double booked himself!!! Sorry to here BH was looking forward to meeting you mate

zombie, I'm still working on accomodation, BUT,,, it looks as though we are coming to join you.

We're in, both of us to play zombie. We'll have the last tee time please as we will be coming up from Galashields after a big Scotish brekkie.  I'm really excited, and can't wait to meet whoever is left playing.

Where you stopping in galashields crazyface?

The Clovenfords Hotel 1, Vine Street Clovenfords, Galashiels, TD1 3LU Here  Looks well smart !

I've stayed there several times - food is great - rooms not brilliant - landlord - Michael- was friendly too - but he was trying to sell it. I haven't been there for about a year now - as the site work i had there finished. Enjoy Craigielaw too - pity I can't make it this time

Cool, we have Zombie AC Zombie's mate Zombie & AC's Claw mate Wayman Niblick No Limits Crazyface Mrs Crazyface 3 x 3balls.   If everybody is happy to stick another fiver in, I'll get some prizes.  Remember I've got the SJS wooden spoon to try to part with too! AC, remember the trophy and sombrero.

Sorry to hear about your back BH - hope you're playing again soon. Good to hear you're able make the trip up CF!

5er per head sounds good to me for prizes what's format stableford full?

After last week's performance (0.6 off the handicap) and a game on Tuesday during which my mate complimented me on the accuracy of the irons to the green, I thought (hubris I know!)   hot  form for Craigielaw, this.  Tame the course and astound the opposition I thought.  That was till today's match against Royal Burgess   Couldn't swing consistently; hit the ground behind the ball;  topped one  in a  nearly airshot;  connected sometimes but with no accuracy; duffed chips; missed 3 footers.   It was acutely embarrassing and desperately depressing but mainly thanks to my partner  we stood no worse than dormie 4 on the 15th.  At which point - too late of course - it all came together again: I hit a cracking drive and approach shot on the 16th and  two putts for an orthodox par 4.  Only enough to halve the hole so that was us down 4 and 3.  Finished the round 4, 5, 3, the 18th producing  a shooge drive (well 230 yards is shooge for me) on to the green.   Make of that guys what you will and either tremble at the thought of a man on top of his game, or get ready for a laugh.  The only predictable thing about this bloody game is its unpredictability.

I unfortunately will have to pull out of this meet due to an injury sustained from over practising this week. Please accept my appologies and I hope that the weather will be superb for you all.

Niblick, fine words from our SJB Seer. No Limits, sorry to hear you can't make it and I hope the injury isn't too bad (or embarassing!)

Wifey hasn't played for ages. We're going to try and get a game in this weekend somewhere. Last time I played I was quietly chuffed about my game after three bad rounds. Liking my new putter too.

Wayman, it will be a full stableford thingy.  Good for people new to the course as it can be a killer...  I took 2 x 9s in the medal yesterday including 5 bunker shots in a single sandpit!  Didn't get a handicap increase due to otherwise solid play. The numbers are still fluctuating so won't fix the groups until the day.  I've got another couple in the wings which will hopefully assure Mrs Crazyface that she's not the only lady.

zombie can you ensure me and wifey are in the same group please.

Crazyface wrote (see)

zombie can you ensure me and wifey are in the same group please.

Of course!  I wouldn't dream of giving you 4hrs of peace and quiet from the missus.

pylondancing rocks wrote (see)

All ifs and buts right now.. but if I can make it, is there going to be space for 2 (1 golfer and me)

We have space PDR.  Nobody else on the "waiting list" so don't worry if the if and buts don't work out.

Judging by today I will be on top form - on the range that is.  Whether anything transfers to the actual course remains to be seen.  But I have  a couple of games on Aberfeldy this week to hone and consolidate.

Ooooooooooooooooooooo!  Niblick is showing way too much confidence here! The golfing Gods read this forum and beware of their wrath.

No overweening confidence here: just a series of well hedged bets.  Bet I could be good against bet I could be crap, with heavy odds on the latter.  A haggis will be bloodily  sacrificed on a ceremonial slab of granite nearer the time to appease the golfing gods.

Well the weather held off for a change so I booked us a round at Bramhall Park off the 'net. £15 on a Sunday pm, blooim' bargin. Usually £24 on the 'net. Superb course. I set off par/birdie/par and ended with a birdie!!!!! The bits in the middle weren't too bad either. Only one really bad hole. Still shot 90 tho'. This is the second time I've played here and the second time I thought I'd scored really well only to be given a reality check after adding the card up.  We had a great day with only juniors in front and no one behind us. Wifey did well, considering it was only her second game this year. It took a while for her driving to come back, then second shot went off for a rest. It all clicked on the back nine that was spoilt by a big score on the last. I'm still convinced this could be her game if she'd throw herself into it. Her big scores would tumble with a bit of practice.  Anyway, we're ready.

Don't worry about it PDR, we're a friendly bunch.  We've only got 3 x 4balls and I want each group to have a Craigelaw "minder" so juggling may be a little difficult...

Blimey! Speaking of handicaps, c'mon guys girls and gorillas - tell me what they are so I can prepare the scorecards and all that stuff... I'll start: Zombie 18 Pylon's mate 1 AC and Zombie's mate 10 AC 28 Niblick 3

Me 16 Wifey 36

Wayman 6

zombie wrote (see)

AC 28

Generous considering how I played on Saturday.

Correction to above handicap list Zombie - 12 Niblick - 9 AC - 2.8

zombie wrote (see)

Niblick 3

That's off the championship tees .......... in my dreams. 16 shots required, thank you very much, and every one of them needed.

I notice you've not altered mine DIS.

Oh yes, zombie please can you arrange one electric trolley for us on Sunday if they have them to rent.

CF - No electric trolleys to rent unfortunately, we do have buggy's (and pull trolleys).

Oh well, wifey will have to use her pull trolley.  

Cheers for answering the question AC. Shame you can't make it PDR. Crazyface & Wayman, I'll PM you details of what I look like so you don't wander around trying to find us!

Oof, looks like the Craigielaw defences could be bolstered.  21mph winds are forecast...  Slight chance of rain too...   Bring your waterproofs (and wear them before the 1st hole Niblick!).

got your PM zombie use to a bit wind 2nd club is a links course as well looking forward to it whats greens like at moment?

21 mph?  A mere breath of a breeze compared with last time.

Wayman, you're showing off now!  5.5hcap and two clubs as well... The greens are pretty good nick really.  The course was pretty hard last weekend with my trusty 5wood going 240yds (normally 200)  AC is more of a golf aficionado than me and may give you a more "golfy" description! You're right Niblick - that day was simply brutal.

I played in  a "mild zepher" at Fleetwood last year. On the first tee I hammered a hybrid straight right into the wind and watched it zooom into the air and drift a good 70 meters from right to left over the first fairway over the road and into someones garden. 21mph? poof nothing.

Wayman - The course was very dry last weekend (although we have had a bit of rain this week), almost too dry (a bit brown in places). The rough is getting up but not to penal (i.e. you have a least a chance of finding a wayward drive). The greens were tough  to hold, firm but not overly quick. CF - There are only 4 holes that play across the prevailing wind but S.I. 1 is a 583 yard par 5 played into the wind!

Got any that play with the wind?

I've also noticed the forecast is now for 35-40mph.  I'll leave me brolly at home.  Wifey has located her ear muffs and is now off buying thermals. I'm going to end up taking more clothes to play golf than to wear in the pub.