Fife, Tayside, Lothian

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Fife, Tayside, Lothian

Hi all,

I've recently started to invest a little bit of time into the game again and bought myself a new driver and new irons. After I save up a little to get an old banger to get around i'll be looking to complete the set with a new putter and hybrid.

I got Ping G20s if anyone is interested - 5 to SW.

So, with these shiny new clubs but no fixed membership i'm looking to maybe get a game in once a month with members on these forums if can find anyone suitable to play with.

I'm a pretty reserved chap and easy to get on with and my handicap would be about 18, but aiming to refine that just a tad with the new clubs.

If anyone in the Fife, Tayside or Lothian area is looking for a game please give me a shout or let's organise something. Maybe a central Scotland Golf Magic competition. 

I could do Angus also, so quite flexible with that. Just need plenty of notice to plan and borrow my gfs car.

Anywho, that's all.