Forum Meet.. Sept 24th 2012

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Forum Meet.. Sept 24th 2012

fellow golfers, I have been in touch with three golf clubs and this is whats on offer,

Beau Desert, bacon roll/coffee to start, 18 holes of golf followed by a two course meal, circa £60

Copt Heath, are offering the same deal, although only available if more than 40 golfers are playing circa £60

Stoke Rochford we can get on as long as it's before 1100, the club is holding a large competition on the same day, same package as above circa £50

if you are interested please post below your preference, of the three Beau Desert is the most difficult geographically, I wont be able to please everybody but hopefully I will get enough interest to make this happen.

also adverrtised on golf monthly forum

Interested in Beau Desert or Copt Hill on that day.

Copt Heath is my pref based purely on location

be up for any that date is spot on for me as well

I've always wanted to play Beau Desert, so this would be my preference.

so far Beau has a 6-2 advantage. I'll let this run for 2 weeks and hopefuly gather more interest. gents maybe you could harrass some of the

Happy hacker , well done for taking this on mate. I would be up for Beau Desert or Copt Hill, but just waiting in regards to time off work.

Good one Happy. Count me in, prefer Beau but can do any of the others.

Nice one HH, i would be up for any of the three venues mate,  with Beau Desert being my preferred option.

Hmmmm sorry HH can't make this one got to work and found it someone already has the holidays in for that week

Ok, Beau Desert is the chosen course, I really need 32 plyers to make it worthwile, the price quoted included prize money if I could muster 40 players. I have a few ideas of how the day will be organised, just need the players now

Not really a good date for me. Can't it be changed? Not really a good choice of food either. I'd prefer some kosher sausage. Not really fussed on the choice of donkey tracks. There must be somewhere better? Other than that, I'm may be in. 

If your struggling for interest, a golf magic vs golf monthly may stir it up a bit.

this is just one one the games that could happen.

Churchill wrote (see)

If your struggling for interest, a golf magic vs golf monthly may stir it up a bit.

happy hacker wrote (see)

this is just one one the games that could happen.

From what I hear if it was the two GM's in a versus match then we could end up playing against ourselves!

...o'course I would be representing Golf Magic as I'm not actually a member of "the other place"...yet.

Ok,this isn't looking very good, only 6 interested from here and 15 from the other GM and if i make a booking i have to pay £150 deposit. I have spoken to the club and the date is still available. Due to the deposit required there is not a lot of manouverabilty if people start dropping out. I'm away all next week, so will make a yeah or neigh decision when i return,