Forum's Golf Cup '07

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Forum's Golf Cup '07
Well the clocks have gone back and the sun is out, so isn

Subject to date then I'm up for it - if only to see if Taz's new square driver works!

Count me in but only if Taz leaves that monstrosity at home..shame on you Alan ;)Its easy to get to for us Southerners just off the M1 and the Midlanders too. Its a good test and hopefully I will do better on the back nine next time :o)Hows about calling it the GM Open with a nice trophy, which the winner gets to keep for a year ? Come on.... its been a while and we need out own GM MAJOR surely ? :)

I go. Only 90 mins from here. Not bothered about the comp content, just be nice to get out an d see some of you reprobates again!!

As current Champ with the rest of my team of course. I'd definitely be in for this one. We tried to organise this event at the end of last year but nobody was interested. Hopefully this ones a go'er.

SM, looks good to me, 90min's from me also, the later the better in July should be good for my hand:^) Date being good will be there.

Yep - I'm in. Bring it on boys!!!! lol

I'm in provided I'm not working on that Sunday - may be able to swap if I am.

sounds a plan. I am in subject to final date etc etc

We werent bandits. Just ask my gringo Steve Bendall!

Right on! I'm up fer it. As long as it's not a date I'm away - holiday season.Oh, just noticed - a sneaky little 3/4 handicap con again I see.OK - if it's a team effort again I suppose.:o)

Yep, I'm up for it, depending on date. Just down the road from me.

Whats the format for this then, is it Teams of Bandits or every man/woman for em self ? There should be a blanket ban on military fatigues this year..there may be some Iranian farmers on adjoining land by the 3rd and we dont want trouble due to slicers looking for lost balls.

I'll be interested date permitting.

Missed it last year. Would love to play this year if the date fits!

I'm in too.Might have to get some new strides especially for the event!! :-)

I should be okay for this subject to date confirmation (not first weekend in June if avoidable). And I'll bring some prizes if that helps. ED

Im in date permitting!

Date dependant i m in

I am interested but, as with many of the others, it depends on the date. Also, as it will be a Sunday I would bring my son, Mr I, with me.Do you know when you will fix the date?

19 people so far. Hows about pencilling in some possible dates Sticky?

Ok we have some good news (well subject to date LOL)

OOOOHHH ARRRRRR!!!!Lets be avin yer then!!!Got a loight boy?Oi loike tracterrs.Sticky....I can 'ear 'em runnin' now!!!

1st July is Captain's Day at my club so I'm afraid I'm ruled out of this one. Hope you all have fun.

Running, mistaking the rumble of feet, its really a rummble of Laughter;^)Looking forward to it.

Stickman - I'm working that day but will try to engineer a swap. Will let you know asap..

Sean, that's fine - you're in until you say different. Cheers.

SM, did you recieve my PM, for details.

And mine SM


Sticky - Money sent.

Sorry guys, can't make this day but have a good one.

Well it's the day after my club's Open (which I'm down for) but if I can find a way I'll try and make it down.Stickman: I'll mail you if I think it's a go-er. If you fill up the slots before then just count me out.

Chris, there must be at least 18 hours between your club open and Staverton. What's the problem? lolI think it would be rude for you not to make it :-), like the say.... where there a will there's a way!I'll also be in touch soon about a nice trophy, SYS.

Swap organized so I'm on - have emailed you Stickman.

Thought I would do a Roll Call to see where we are:PLAYERS TO DATE:Stickman (Paid)The Fugitive (Paid)Steve Bendall (Paid)Triple XL (Paid)Mr Inconsistent (Paid)Jahmoo (in post)Jahmoo Senior (in post)Ian MillerMrs MillerBob WartersSean McDonaldJust Pured +1AWAITING CONFIRMATIONS:Chris CurryDaniel SawbridgeBeast of BarnsleyNubbinsLGLFengibbonTazTeabagMattoCheck your diaries - it's going to be a craic!

Well o'course the physical practicallity of getting down (even doing a night over) is not the issue, it's getting it past the sensory radar of my better half.I somehow feel a business meeting coming on for that day & probably Monday too! Any recommends for digs Sat/Sun night?

Ummm interesting list of protagonists so far...methinks we need a man with a video camera on 18 for this, as something dramatic always seems to happen. First time it was Steve 'ricochet' Bendall, last time me 'skimmer'...whos next ?? ;)

I'm in guys. We have to defend our title don't we?:o))

Chris,Try staying in the hotel itself at Staverton GC!!!!Not sure how much it is....around the

Didn't realise it was a hotel (not played there before) but that sounds just the job so that I can crawl out of my bed - hammered - 5 mins before tee-off.Nowt changes eh?Played both Lutterworth & Hinkley in that area and enjoyed both. If Staverton is as good then it'll be worth doing.

If anyone is interested, I had a look at the hotel's own website which said that there were no vaccancies for the 30th june or 1st JulyBUTif you go through there are rooms available for the 30th June at a cost of

So will there be a Dodgy Dynamic Durham Duo taking a twin and joining the festivities?:-)The other alternative is a local Travel Lodge - Family room for

Stickman,Have you owned up about you being the 'form horse' at Staverton.Maybe the prize could be a day at the Belfry with you ??

Ok - I've just returned from a weeks break and can confirm attendance.

Steve, LOL - cool idea, but that place is unfortunately taken at the moment.Watch out Taz is about!Barnsley Boys are wavering.... ???ROLL CALL UPDATE:Stickman (Paid)The Fugitive (Paid)Steve Bendall (Paid)Triple XL (Paid)Mr Inconsistent (Paid)Jahmoo (in post)Jahmoo Senior (in post)Ian MillerMrs MillerBob WartersSean McDonaldJust Pured +1Daniel SawbridgeLGLTAZAWAITING CONFIRMATIONS:Chris CurryFengibbonTeabagMattoBeast of BarnsleyNubbins

Ah - I was just thinking I fancied a round with the GM lot again - thought this would be ideal, but... It's the day after my 50th birthday party - I fully expect to have a stinking hangover. So I'll give it a miss this time!!!!

If not to late and there is space I would very much like to take part in this. If you can confirm all OK I will happily send you deposit as required.Terry

Welcome aboard Terry - email me...

i'm in - maybe plus one too?

Where are you Lance? Surely your playing in this one skip.