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Right lads and lasses....I dont see much public acceptance of "The Tractor Boys Challenge" laid down by Stickman and a sweetener and to get your competetive juices flowing, I personally am offerring up a prize of two bottles of Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale for the winning pair.Heres a quick potted review by myself of this beer, over at the other place, go to the first page of the thread....7th post.

Is 2nd prize 3 bottles? lol

oh Al Murray might say..."a glass of white wine for the lady"!!!:-)

Never had the urge for alcohol and I don't think I'll start now lol. A diet coke with loads of ice and a slice please Nick ;o)

Shhhh! LGL, accept it & pass it over to me!Hic!


StickmanI have SO much enjoyed the banter on this board in the relatively short time I've been on it!Please include me on the Definites list.

Cmon roll up...someone could win a Major this year before Tiger does ! ok... so its the GM Major but the trophy will still hopefully impress the wifee or hubby :)This is a testing course, requires some serious thinking around it...have we got any 'thinking' FALDO type golfers on here ? ;)

Count me in. Money sent.

Fandabadozy! :-)

We have 21 players which fills the Tee Times booked for the day (what a great crowd!):Stickman (Paid)The Fugitive (Paid)Steve Bendall (Paid)Triple XL (Paid)Mr Inconsistent (Paid)Jahmoo (Paid)Jahmoo Senior (Paid)Ian MillerMrs MillerBob WartersSean McDonald (Paid)Just Pured +1Daniel Sawbridge (Paid)LGLTAZMatto +1Terry AllanBoanergesChris Curry (Paid)Can the following please confirm very soon so I can arrange the extra Tee Time:Alan C ;-)Fengibbon (last call?)Teabag (last call?)

Payment sent Richard - thanks for organising this. Top job.;o)

ROLL CALL UPDATE:** COUPLE OF SPACES AVAILABLE **Stickman (Paid)The Fugitive (Paid)Steve Bendall (Paid)Triple XL (Paid)Mr Inconsistent (Paid)Jahmoo (Paid)Jahmoo Senior (Paid)Bob Warters +1Sean McDonald (Paid)Just Pured +1Daniel Sawbridge (Paid)LGL (Paid)TAZ (Paid)Matto +1Terry AllanBoanergesChris Curry (Paid)Beast of Barnsley (TBC)Nubbing (TBC)Alan C (TBC)

I have been looking at this and was holding out a bit of hope of jumping in, however that weekend is now going to be my 40th birthday party weekend, my Birthday is the following Sunday though but for one reason or another we have made plans for the whole weekend on that weekend,I don't intend letting 40 creep up quietly !!Sounds like a cracking day out, well organised and great value. Good luck to all who are playing and I'm looking forward to the banter which will follow!

Payment sent via paypal..!

Looking forward to catching up with the guys and gals and will bring along my regular left-handed partner Mal to take on the tractor Boys! After an opening drive he hit yesterday, we should re-christen him 'Massive Ferguson'. Watch out! ED

Thanks for the invite and the compliment Bob, I too am looking forward to it. There was a (fierce) tail wind and I was 'wound up' by an over zealous course marshal - perhaps should read martial - who was doing everthing apart from marshalling the course!!!


RichardJust repeating the message on my email to you. Cheque in the post NOW.Very much looking forward to meeting you,Bob Warters, Beast etc and all the other board members and playing Staverton!RegardsBoa

Talking of fierce tailwinds - driver, seven iron onto a 510 yard par five !!!!!!

Welcome to the party Mal.

We have a 'Special Mystery Guest' joining us for Staverton day, but I

Is it.......Delia Smith??


Is it------Gary Lineker??

It's Tony Blair! I hear he's going to have time to fill!

Bet it's Shaun from Midas?

The Queen???


Michelle Wie?!The first and most important step in her rehabilitation!

Is it Bubba Watson, To show some people what a 300 yard drive really looks like?

LOL - keep guessing

Stickman, you have mail. Can you let me have your address to forward cheque, please. it Richard and Judy, by the way? Bob

It's not the little man from Fantasy Island is it??Someone for Nubbins to look up to??

Mike Tait?

I dunno Beast, and he's your mate too!Never mind, I'm sure he'll let you have a look at his new trophy(s) at the end of the day.

He does play Staverton well Chris that's for sure.Funny how my handicap is lower than his, but he generally scores better when we play away from home (I'm talking golf!)He's still a shortarse though ;-)

Oi! - Nothing wrong with being a shortarse ;)

Dunno about that Sean, but I've met a few tight arses in my time!

If anyone calls me a shortarse I'll climb up on a ladder and smack them one!!!

Do you want a leg up onto the ladder?;-)


Heightism is not allowed in this forum... let that be a warning:o)

Incidentally - Google Earth has Staverton in high res.So we can plot our yardages into the crap beforehand:o)

Pity Google Earth cant tell you what your launch angle needs to be to clear the Oak tree sat in the middle of the first fairway!!!!

Email sent to all those attending :-)

Have we guessed our mystery guest yet??

BOB - you have mail ;-)

top guest Sticky!!!!nice to have the opportunity for us all to have our views heard!!!!

Damn, was going to have a sneeky fiver on Ronnie Corbett.

BOB - will you drop the shortarss thing! LOL



BeastMy comment is probably in VERY bad taste!I was hoping that your sneeky fiver was not going on Ronnie Barker!


Beast and othersOn reflection, I would DELETE my previous post if I only knew how to!