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Took a couple of hours to get home, but we've managed to dry off now!Good day, good craic, good company.Well done again Sticky, your building quite a reputation for organising these days out.

Just back now.Rich thanks for a brill day - well done mate.Fen-Paul cheers for the game lads, good craic.Boa t'was a pleasure dining with you. You are a gent.Well Nubsy me old mucka, I came close to matching you today until I did a Van Der Velde on the 18th! Well played mate (& to you Beast mate), deserved winners.Dan: next time we bump into each other......I'll be wearing pads!Kev good presentation. It certainly sounded like my kind of show. Great stuff!Mr. T - pleasure as always.Bob, enjoyed the chat & the prize was spot on. Thank you.Take care everyone, here's to next year! Can't wait.

Only just managed to get an internet connection as my BT one is under two feet of water :-(Slightly tired today after a great day out, Many thanks to Rich for the invite. It was great to meet you all and thanks for taking the time to offer your insights. I await all your emails and suggestions.Special thanks to TAZ, Nick & Rich for the best, not to mention wettest foursome I've ever had ( stay on topic ).Thanks to Bob also for having the foresight to create something that has brouht us dedicated golfers together.Golf show aside I hope I can count on more invites to enjoy a round with you all again?regardsKev

Echo the thanks to Rich and all involved in the organising or the day, prizes etc.Congrats to Nubbins and BoB - if only I had not missed those short putts! Mr I and I will be back to try again next time.Thanks to Jahmoo & Jahmoo Senior for a very enjoyable round, I think we needed a ferry or raft to get round some parts of the course.

Good job I played yesterday, our seniors medal was cancelled this morning - it's sipping down.Well worth the final soaking as the company was superb - thanks Kev, Nick and Richard.A well organised event in a top value venue - may there be many more.Great to see all the other guys from the forum, hope we can meet up again soon, particularly those who like a smoke outside ;-)Kev - great idea to have a golf show on a golf course, I'm sure it will be well supported. Will definately be there.Off on my hols later today, just a week.... but in the bloody sunshine!!!

Thank you for all for your kind words. Can

echo many of the comments already said -heaps of praise for Richard in getting the day organised - great workreally enjoyed the company of Chris Curry (demon putter) -- James {JDH} , awesome drives -- Lynton {Fengibbon} spectacular pink shaft !great to meet so many people from here at last -- good to see some of us are still keeping smoking alive & well ;0)enjoyed the course , would love to play it when it's dry and in a 'mild breeze' next time thoughcongrats to all the winners !roll on next year :0)

Once againWELL DONE STICKY !! (and Nick)Great day was had, despite the weather.I am not going to gloat......... Yeah right.I am the champion, i am the champion. No time for losers, cause i am the champion...of the forum.Churchill, Thatcher, Blair, Stickman, Davis, Curry, XXXL, Mr I, Taz, Boa, Jahmoo and all the rest. You boys took one hell of a beating LOL.In all seriousness, thanks to all that attended yesterday. Regardless of who wins, the people that actually turn up are the main reason these days are so successful. Thanks to Beast for just being awesome. I am currently hanging on to his coat tails, hoping he will drag me to his new level of play and consistency.Once again, a big thanks to everyone. I will look forward to defending my title in 12 months time.

Sounds like you all had a brill day out. So envious here ;o(Sorry I didn't make it, I thought of you all as I sat down with a soggy burger and tried to keep all the kids happy between showers!Looking forward to the official stats from Bob. Who won what and with whom?;o))

A quick summary of the prize winners:Singles winner: NubbinsRunner up: Beast of BarnsleyPairs Winner: Nubbins+BeastPairs runner Up: Steve Bendall and Dan SawbridgeFather + Son Challenge: Triple XL and son beat Jahmoo and DadBest Individual Front Nine: Chris CurryBest Individual Back Nine: StickmanMost Golf Pair: Taz and Kev BlairMost Golf Individual: Paul WBest Caddie: Kim (Beast of Barnsleys missus)The Attenbrough Award for integrating golf and conservation: Taz, who discovered his wayward approach to the third green only when a Mallard decided that she couldnt actually hatch his Titleist and waddled off back into the lake with the rest of her brood!

Just to add:Longest Drive - Triple XLNearest the pin - Nubbins

Most Golf Individual: ????was myself Nick .... :0)truly maximised to the limit my potential of hitting fat iron shot after fat iron shot from decent enough well placed drives in the fairway of which there were sufficient enough for me to score better than I did - add on top of this numerous lipped putts from the ones I did putt on the hole (as opposed to those that were well wide of the mark !)if you take into consideration that 6 of my 18 point total came from birdies (on non shot received holes) on the par 3 12th and the par 4 18th , then .... as much as I enjoyed the birdie on 12 (only decent iron shot all day) the birdie on 18 had more about it -- lashing down with rain to the extent I could just barely see that my drive had carried over the rain puddle in the fairway the size of Lake Geneva I then hit my second shot {by miracle} some 25ft right of the pin -- on getting to the green , and by this time some 2 stone heavier on account of all the rain water on my person , I just hit the ball 'straight' at the hole -- good job the hole got in the way !enjoyable day , great company , and I'd do it all again - hopefully a bit better next time though :0)

Well done to the Barnsley Boys for cleaning up yet again !! and well done to Sticky for organising and the rest of the year PG

Posted: 02/07/07 10:04:04 AM Stickman Richard, thanks a bunch for organising the day. Whilst almost inevitably there might have been some last minute panic from your perspective, it certainly did not transmit to the mortals. Staverton Pk also deserve a mention for allowing us on the course in such near appalling conditions - even though it was so wet, I cannot recall one green that needed relief from casual water.The only pity was my (and Bob's) scoring ability!!!Thanks again and I look forward to the next one.

I forgot..Big thanks to Chris Curry. The trophys are fantastic.

Echo all the thanks to the organisers of the day. Got home in a couple of hours. Some idiot had rolled his caravan on the A14. All looked OK - however the caravan was scattered for about 150 yds down the road. One less!!!!!Paul W - I trust you put those shaft skinz on last night when you got home :-)

Same as, had a great day, though golf was not as good, which was expected. Played first 18 holes and am standing tall with NO back troubles and Hand felt fine today.Nice to meet you all and hope to catch up soon, A big Thank you:o)

No problems Nubbs mate. In fact to save time myself & Stickman agreed to get the 2008 ones done at the same time.Don't worry, they've got your name on too!

Nice to see you scoop a prize Chris, what happened on the back 9? :-)

Hope this just about covers everything, officially: for the pix Nick! ED

All pics now uploaded to my hosting site.Bob Warters is presenting the prizes... on the thumbnails for a larger image and use the little navigation window in the top right hand corner to move to the next pic.