Friday Sept 2nd pm

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Friday Sept 2nd pm

I'm finishing work at 12.30 by Glasgow Airport tomorrow (Friday)

Does anybody fancy a game bewtween Glasgow and Perth in the afternoon?

Fixed up with a game at Dullatur nowNot played there before - so looking forwards to it

Which course?

The Carrickstone is infinitely better than the Antonine.

Don't know - been invited by guy on another forumThink he's a member there so will know which is best course

Full membership is for both, but I'd imagine anyone with a full membership just plays the Carrickstone. Honestly, it's a beautiful course - thinks it's a qualifier for something or other.

There's a split in the path - one way goes to the 1st of the Antonine the other the Carrickstone. If he takes you down the path to the Antonine, have a wee tear to yourself for what could have been

Meant to say, budget membership is to the Antonine only. He probably has a full membership. You'll love it!

How'd you get on?

Played the Antonine - as the Carrickstone was full of 4 ballsThoroughly enjoyed it - even though not long the first few holes were all into a stiff breezeManaged 35 points - and beat my host 5 and 410 FIR5 GIR32 putts

Dick in Shorts(13.3) wrote (see)

Managed 35 points - and beat my host 5 and 4

Where have your manners gone Dick?

Zombie he just played poorly and I played quite well

When do you plan to do it again?