GM Forum Open 2016

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GM Forum Open 2016

As the current holder of the GM Forum Open trophy Nifty has asked me to organise this year's tournament which I am happy to do.

Date:  Friday 1st July

Venue:  John O'Gaunt GC, near Sandy, Beds.

Cost: £60.00  for coffee/tea & bacon rolls; 18 holes; ham, egg and chips; & prizes

First tee time 9.30am


Who's up for it?

Sounds good , I'll check the calendar..

Will it be sunny?
Can you please ask them to get rid of the trees?

I'm tempted......

Not having a go....honestly.....North  / South divide. Same package at mine   £30.     

+£5 for prizes...... 

I hear what you're saying Cf but the visitor green fee at JO'G is £55 I've allowed £7.50 for prizes, just to keep the maths simple. It is £10 more than last year which I'm not happy about and have been arguing my case with club officials for the past month or so but you can only bash your head against a brick wall for so long....

Bridgey was 11 once wrote (see)

Will it be sunny? Can you please ask them to get rid of the trees? I'm tempted......

If we lose the trees where will we go for a pee?  

I'll do my best to defend this iconic trophy - where's Taz when you need him I seem to remember he signed my scorecard, I still owe him a drink.

Hi guys, I know I have been absent for sometime but as you know life does sometimes throw curved balls and not one at the time. my and my mate Reno are up for it but I have to agree that 60 is a bit steep. I recognise that 55 is the guest fee but they like all clubs must have a society rate. My experience is that society rates are always lower than guest rates. just my thoughts.

leg fitness dependant  i could return to pick up the wooden spoon again.Tim. not looking too good though.

SH, the society rate is £45 just for golf, we're getting a £5 discount. I've increased the prize fund from £5 to £7.50 for ease of accounting.

Cannot guarantee that I will be in the UK, though it now seems likely. If at the end of March I have a better grasp of the residency situation, can I let you know Tim?

PS - well worth the 60 quid to play JoG, inc. food & prizes. C'mon, it's a class track.   

Yeah you are right Taz it's worth the 60 quid and now that SLW has explained I am happy (was not unhappy anyway) so me and my mate are in

Taz wrote (see)

Cannot guarantee that I will be in the UK, though it now seems likely. If at the end of March I have a better grasp of the residency situation, can I let you know Tim?

No problem Al. I probably won't take deposits until May.

Worried they won't let you back in then Taz  

I would be up for this, though will need reminding in May. can you PM me when deposits are due SLW?

SLW, Put me down and plus 1, will get my old man to tag a long as well. jahmoo.

Jahmoo wrote (see)

SLW, Put me down and plus 1, will get my old man to tag a long as well. jahmoo.

No problem, I'll PM you in May


2 forum meets running and I get to sit back and huff in jealousy. Wish I lived closer at times. Would be good to put a face to some of you moaners  P.S. I live in N. Ireland 

Thank f!ck. 


Plenty of flights from Belfast to Stansted or Luton....

I'll try... won't be able to confirm fully for a month or two but it's in the diary

These forum meets remind me of America's Superbowl.

How so Penfold?

Thanks Sneaky, I love golf but the expense of including a flight/transport......I don't love it that much for a round 

penfold ace (not p.c) wrote (see)

These forum meets remind me of America's Superbowl.

As in the pinnacle of the sport? The event that every red blooded male of an entire nation dreams of playing in?

No, there's only a few able to play in it

It's open to everyone Penfold. If you mean because of geographical location then there's not a lot I can do about that. If I organised it in the middle of the country it would still be too far for some. If these meets were being organised by GM then I'd hope they'd spread them around the country (even put one on in Northern Ireland) but they're not. Nifty as the current champion was asked to choose the venue for this year, this year's winner will be given the same choice.

Whey the Midlands might be easier like ?

See my previous post - it'd still be too far for some. As it happens JO'G is ten minutes off the A1 at Sandy/Biggleswade, it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere. Here's an idea, why don't you organise a GM meet?

I think it's a bit harsh to criticise anyone who organises a meet up based on geographical location. It will always suit some more than others and it will always be too far for some. That's life. It's hardly personal.  Either go or don't go. If it's too far for you sort one closer . If their where at least a dozen or so members here from NI I would look to organise one, however their's probably not a dozen members in total here now  Enjoy the day out lads and let us know how it went 

I didn't type 'their' I bloody typed there. What's going on here? 

Whey obviously location is not going to suit everyone, that's why I'm suggesting maybe occasionally going north of watford? 

You mean like Bedfordshire?

A lob wedge away.

More like a 5 iron... Takes me longer to get into central London than it does central Birmingham (in theory as I've no desire to go into central Birmingham). I can drive to Leeds in less than two hours. This is a small island...

Please count me in. Absolutely loved the Carthagena course. She didn't love me back. Story of my life!

60 quid - well worth it and then some!

Hey if Penfold organised a gig at his place I'd got to that one in a heartbeat also! Lovely course!

I played Belvoir in Belfast some years ago - lovely.
And ??20 return on Ryanair

NI is not OOB, with some planning and a will to get there!

Its hard enough to get some people to drive for an hour or 2 to meet up once a year. At least I get that impression. Could you imagine how many would turn up for a game in Belfast!  I'm guessing a big fat 0 lol 

Belfast a good 10 minute drive for me  )

Enough notice and a reasonable price, you'd get some takers!

Sounds good to me,


Great to hear about this.

I will happily supply a couple of prizes for this day, if you'd like that.

Drop me an email a month before and I will look at sorting it.


Andy, that would be great and thanks very much for the offer. You and any of the GM staff would be very welcome to join us for the day.

Thanks Andy for the kind offer.  


Hoping to be able to do this, just currently unable to arrange the day off.

Is this still on? Who's going

Is this still on? Who's going? 'Kin Luton is a long way to go ,and no TL in sight! Why not find a place near a TL or Prem Inn? And 60 notes for a Friday??? 'kin 'ell, Negotiate a little harder!!!