GM Forum Open 2016

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£60 is like a weeks worth of food.

18 holes or 18 meals?


Golf shouldn't be difficult but for some reason it is.


BBW, 60 pounds to play and eat at john o gaunts is a fair price ,  the courses are kept immaculately. It was a great day when i played there last year. Very enjoyable. Shooting 39 on the front helped!

It's a bundle of money for a

It's a bundle of money for a round and some food. £35 at my place. Well £40 if you add in £5 for prizes.

Why are you going over this again?

The question of the cost has already been raised and answered in this thread, why are you raking it up again Crazyface? Golf is more expensive at some courses than it is at others.

Assumes courses are of equal

Assumes courses are of equal quality.... but cant say as I havent played both

Cost has as much to do with

Cost has as much to do with location as it does quality.

Arrrr... The Memories of organising a GM Event

Reminds me why I got too busy to organisecheeky

Whats the score SLW, I'd be happy to push out my leave for another week to make this. 

Is it a goa, and how many are goingyes


Its still on

I'll start getting deposits later this week.

I had 10 firm yes's and 4 possibles

I'm hoping for 8-10 of us.

I'd love to come and join in

I'd love to come and join in SW, but with the travelling, possible stop over then golf, it's just out of reach. See I've avoided mentioning.......laughyes

I can't get to page two

I can't get to page two

Your post is on page 2

Your post is on page 2

Currently attending

I've got confirmation from:

Jamie Nelson
Richie Dewen
Jahmoo's Dad
Chris Curry



We need at least eight to make this viable so I won't take any deposits until there are eight confirmed.

Jahmoo's Dad is out, away on

Jahmoo's Dad is out, away on holiday sorry.

No worries

thanks for letting me know

I'm still in...

...I still have the BACS payment details from the last time Sneaky, is it still ok to use those?

Is it £60 all in mate?

Hold fire for now Chris

If we can't get 8 players I'm going to have to cancel, we're at 5 confirmed to date.


I'll hold fire for now mate. If it comes to nought then I'll come over one day/evening (this month or next) and me and thee can have a few holes, few beers and a ruby. I'll get digs over that way for the night. yes

I'm not in the country..

I'm not in the country...shame, would like to have played there...and seen you folks!

5 is about 95% of the regular

5 is about 95% of the regular posters,,,,statisically better than 40 odd turned up at Lee Westwood's old course in Nottinghamshire!


Sad days

It was a good day that...

...Ian. In fact all of the GM do's I've been to I've enjoyed (weather behaving or not).

It's a good crowd on here. The numbers are dwindling and we have some frank discussions (on anything and everything) but give me a 4ball of GM lads/lasses any day of the week and you'll have a laugh. laugh

I'm booked up on the 30th

I'm booked up on the 30th June in Northampton/Wellingborough so will either drive home that night or B&B it locally to JOG. Would be a shame not to meet up. 

Problem is

I can't contact Nifty or Bridgey as the PM function has disappeared completely from this forum. I'll have to make a decision either way in the next week or so.

Why oh why do people in power

Why oh why do people in power fuck with things and make it worse? This site is a major example of this. Every time users get used to a format they change it and make it inaccessible. 

I hope you manage to put something on SW. 

GM Forum Open 2016

Hi Tim,

Sorry just got back from 2 weeks holiday today.

I'm still up for it


Great, that makes us seven

Great, that makes us seven confirmed so we just need one more.

Any more for any more...

...before I turn them off?

Has there been any update on if this is a go/no go?

Chris, still only seven

Chris, still only seven confirmed so I think I'm going to have to call it off. We need eight playing as a minimum. I'll make a decision by 5pm today.

I've just posted on the

I've just posted on the Facebook site and extended the deadline to Sunday evening. If I haven't got 8 confirmed by then then we'll give up on it.

Cheers mate.


Latin Dancer has confirmed so

Latin Dancer has confirmed so we're on!

I'm off to Budapest for a few days, I'll start collecting money when I get back.

Ok mate

Let me know the full amount inc. any prizefund money and I'll get that over to you asap (using last year's bank details). Magic! :D

Hotel Booked

I'm set for this, though carrying an injury... Get the excuses in early, nothing changes:)

With customers till late and hotel booked just off A1, so traffic no issues, well until homeward bound that is;)


Beware the injured golfer....

Beware the injured golfer......


FAO Chris Curry & Jahmoo

Chris, please use the same bank details as before.

Jahmoo, as we can't send send PM's any more please email me at and I'll send you my bank details. I'm asking for the full £60 please.

FAO Nifty

Nifty, if you still have my bank details please can you transfer £60 and let me know when you've done it (I don't do internet banking). If not then email me and I'll let you have them.

FAO Chris, Jahmoo and Nifty

Hold off making any payment. Someone has pulled out and we're down to six/seven.

It's not looking hopeful.

Jahmoo, hope you can cancel your room without penalty?


I have had back issues, but knew me cancelling would mean the day would be cancelled. So I manned up and funny, back feeling better.

As to Hotel, I can cancel before 4pm on day with no charge.

Pity, was looking forward to seeing some OLD faces;) and playing a testy track, warming me up for the Gents Champs on 3rd July:(


Sorry gents but the numbers just don't stack up and I've got to cancel the day.

Let me know if you've transferred any money to my account and I'll refund it.

We could try again for later

We could try again for later in the year but might have to open the invitation to the Golf Monthly forum. How do you gents feel about that?

Later is fine

Happy to try and fit it in whenever its arranged

I'd like to play .but away

I'd like to play .but away for that date.  It you look at the traffic on here currently you'd need about 95% of all active posters to attend to get a viable day.  Sad but true. Or you dont need to book a "society" but its one tee time with folk on Member Guest Raets!

Something needs to change or we are witnessing the end of a once great forum. 

The more the merrier... far as I'm concerned and the trophy does say "GM Forum Open" on it so would apply equally to both sets of forum members. I am a member of both forums but am not a regular contributor to the GMonthly site I must admit. I have played in a couple of GMonthly events and the members were just like us (i.e. good folk to have a knock with).

Pity it's been cancelled this time around Mr T but if you let me know a revised date I'll make sure I get it in my calendar asap.

Thanks for trying to get it organised anyway. yes

Golf Monthly!!!

We played against GMonthly once, Ryder Cup over 2 days at Forest Pines, we beat them, but never received another invite again;-)

Im the same, members on both, but don't have the time these days to spend hours on the iPad.

Members Rates and a couple of tee times, only need 6 tops for 2 3 balls and choice to eat. Only way to rekindle the GM meet & greets of old.

Move it Further North

On a thought....

We used to play further north in all defence of the GM Furom Open, think last one I put together was at Worksop, though a long time ago now and when the site had a larger active membership.

Need to make it accessible to most GMers.

Back to Meet & Greets me thinks.

Worksop was excellent.. .how

Worksop was excellent.. .how many turned out for that?  Probably more than are on the site in total now

32 Players

Think this was the first GM Furom Open as well.


Hotel cancelled

Looks like I'm driving home Thursday evening, couple of hours from Wellingborough, teach me to book training and even out with customers;)


Worksop was the 3rd

GM Trophy Comp. The first - I think - was at Staverton Park (nr Daventry) which Nubbins won. The second was at Greetham Valley (nr Rutland) which Beast of Barnsley won.

The 3rd was Worksop which some absolute tosser won. Can't remember his name but he wore this silly bloody "See You Jimeh!" hat.

next time

Let me know when you re-schedule this, I couldn't make this date but would be happy to meet up for a round.