Golfing Holiday?

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Golfing Holiday?

Hi guys im a new member here,

Not to sure as this was the right thread to post this into but hey ill take a shot, ive read a few of the posts and by the sounds of it you have in the past been on golfing breaks?

I have managed to get the 17-25th of May off so was thinking of going on a golfing break, but alas none of my golfing companions can make it so if anyone is either up for a little golfing break post back, or if anyone has any ideas as to where to go for one it would be much appreciated as this will be my first golfing holiday!

Hi.  Might be short notice for many to get a few days out en bloc....but there might be games goign on over that period  and if you are looking for ideas, well its a big world out there...might be helpful to let fol know a bit about your lcoation, handicap, course preferences etc.

Try The guys name is Mike Probert who is a local golfing guru, arranges over 10,000 rounds of golf a year and is ever so helpful. He may be able to find you a few playing partners too as he knows all the local forums/societies. cheers Stuart

ps.. Shame I hadn't seen your post a week or so, just had a party of 8 out at my place and 1 dropped out of the golf. You could have made a 2nd 4 ball up, but heyho.... try Mike he may just know some1 looking to find a playing partner. Stuart