GolfMagic Forum Open 2014

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GolfMagic Forum Open 2014

OK people, It's On & You are all Invited 

Spread the word and get you name down now.

Bridgey 13.0

And me!! 

I'm in, provided my back isn't still playing me up in August. Played Beau Desert for the first time last year and was very impressed with the course, so much so, I'm dragging TAZ along with me this year to play in a senior open there.

So a couple of shots off handicap to cover you course knowledge then

I'm in and I may be able to drag another along with me.

I am up for it. Between jobs at the moment, so potential for issues from nrw role when it arrives.... but will know well before

Count me in Jammy

And I haven't touched a club since CF's summer meet, last year.   Can I have a couple back?

NO!! I need every shot I can pinch 

Funnily enough playing Beau Desert on Monday so will check back with my thoughts.

It's a tight, cracking track, with very fast greens. Not long.

James You have picked a great course. No water but be warned anywhere but fairways and you can be in trouble, by August all the heather will be full grown making any wayward shots nigh on impossible, the greens will be very slick.   I can play there any time for only £20 as a guest, I'm at Gainsborough on that date so can't make it but I can ensure that you will be looked after well.

You do this to me every time you organise summat You said the 11th !!!!!

CF, Beau called me and asked to move date due to Match they have on. i had only initially put the feelers out, so was never a deffo. Need more than this handful of us to play, although would mean we all win a prize Come on people, let me know if your interested!!! Meet some good guys, I said some! Great Golf Course Prizes will be some Gear donated by GM Awesome Day what more can you aske for.  

I have just had to cancel the SHIT due to lack of interest, so really hoping this takes off as it sounds fantastic.  I will be there Jammy!!

Cool, will have to drag the Boss with ya 

Come on folks. Get behind this...always great days. Book your cheap hotel now!

Will know for def next week mate

You lot have changed... Really changed.  

Jahmoo 13-3 wrote (see)

You lot have changed... Really changed.  

    That`s because this forum is on it`s arse, thanks to a certain mod who has "small mans syndrome" and is a jumped up little hitler.

Message from Beast of Barnsley, will be getting some of the old crew together for the meet, yay Andy and some of the GM lot, AP if he can get out of bed will make the numbers look a lot better. anyone else?  

If I drop into Beau and pay my deposit in person Jammy, and get them to email you confirmation, that should be fine shouldn't it?

Played Beau on Monday , what a fantastic course, the greens were amazing lots of 3 + putts . Anyone who plays this course will love it. Will know near the end of the week if I can get the time off mate.  

Good, get the big fella from Yorkshire there..... and come on the rest of you! take a sickie!

If I'm employed I'll be there

ahh rubbish, i cant make this due to having to cover holidays at work but i hope you all have a great day, Beau Desert is meant to be superb!

Was a bit surprised that we did not get more takers for this, pity. I have cancelled the date due to numbers I will contact those who were interest as I will be doing a 2 day golf in the midlands, if date and venue suits, you will be welcome to join me and my old man. Peace V!

Hi Jamo, sorry to hear this couldn't happen. With the little one on the way I couldn't commit but sounded like a great time and I had been hoping to persuade the Mrs closer to the date. Always on the look-out for a game though so let me know when you'll be about.


That's a shame - but understandable Jahmoo  Can't seem to get things in here buzzing like it used to, no matter what. Perhaps it's had its day - 'twas fun while it lasted.

On the plus side, I'll be ??70 richer (and 6 balls better off)

Same happened with the S.H.I.T this year Jammy, but I was definately up for your meet - perhaps Paultons??

Sod it, lets just go to Notes for a game. No need to run a comp, just folk who want to play golf for the joy of playing a classic course

Any takers?

Ian, I am happy to meet up when ever possible, just starting new job after being unemployed for 6 months, so need a couple of month to get the bank balance healthy, but let me know. Taz, a real shame, loved meeting all for a game, it's always nice to splash out on a good course as well, one if would not ever play, as you say, pity! Minxy, soon as I have settled in the new job, would be good to meet up. on a plus, I am wanting to take my improved game to the Belfry this year, so will keep you all in mind when booking it, or something like Beau

I have just taken redundancy from my company, so half an eye on the cash too. But happy to play The Brabazon again anytime! Or Beau Desert....

ho no! I was looking forward to it specially now that I have been told I can swing again Was going to bring a buddy as well. Come on guys what is it? Do we need to set our sights lower? Maybe 70 readies is a bit rich in these times of austerity.

Will keep you in the loop for Beau and or Brab Ian

After being away from the forum for a few years, but back again, I could well be tempted with this having been to three others (or was it two). Only problem is it could clash with my unbooked holiday but should know by June. Will be good to meet up with many of you again.

This has been cancelled, along with the S.H.I.T....... BUT there is a bit of a meet up at Westwood Golf Club in Leek (Staffs) if you fancy that one. £28. Bacon buttie, 18 holes, and prizes. Should be about 20 of us.

Hope everyone gets behind this one.

It would help if I could read the thing proper. 12th of August count me in.