Jolly Boys Essex Meets

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Jolly Boys Essex Meets

Well Here we go.

I'll start the thread and will organise a Day at Blakes, Maybe late Jan/Early feb will be a good start time!

That will give us all a bit of time to get over the New years excesses,  

I haven't a clue about Tables or Spreadsheets so my computer input will be VERY BASIC!

Count me in, most days/dates will be ok for me.Well done 1 Over getting the ball rolling.

Sounds good 1 over. I work in computers, so no worries there. I think we should get a list of the members/clubs involved and decided on league format's etc. I can sign us into Ilford for members guest rates and if we've got enough the society rates are even cheaper. Late Jan/early Feb sounds a good start time to me, gives us time to not only get over the new years excesses but to also get used to the obligatory monochromers, ball cleaners, tesco value balls that we get for chrimbo!

Argh! Christmas Gifts! Don'tcha just love em? Cheapo 1 piece Golf balls, Knitted Head covers, M&S Monoscope Range finders, Dunlop Gloves, Exploding golf balls!..... Pure Class!Ok Clubs Mooted so far ~Blakes, Ilford, Nazeing, Orsett, Theydon Bois.Anybody else want to add their home track to the list?  

I'd like to join in please

Oops, just seen the heading, maybe I'm not eligible

Welcome aboard Steph!  (Or in my case the Jelly 'Belly' Boy)

Count me in - although I'm in neighbouring Middlesex I've been trying to find some tenuous links:1. Essex and Middlesex share the same last three letters2. I won a golf bag at Blakes in a fourball's comp.3. eeeeeerrrrrrruuuuuummmm

Count me in please!!!!I won't be adding my golf course though .....Weekends would be better for me, if going to be a regular event, as can't use all holiday entitlement for golf days, not built enough 'brownie points' for that.

Poz 13 Jobs a guddun!   

1 over,You are close with North Weald!

poz, weald park?ok, clubs confirmed so far...BlakesIlfordGaron Parkmembers confirmed so far...1 overporkyDan24StephNiftypoz13 come on you geezers and geezettes, join in!

Hi Porky, Just to confirm that I'd be happy for us to play at my home course (Nazeing).

Poz you say Close with North Weald But the only other Courses that are Close in distance are Blakes, Canons Brook, Toot Hill and Nazeing , Which you denied? so I cant think of any closer courses in the area Unless you mean Crytically Close so I can Only Guess at South Weald which Im not sure is even called that anymore?Porky, I think Monkeytaff can be added to the list too!Surely there are more Essex based Golfers who wish to join this little band of Brothers (and Sister)? XR3i's, High lighted Hair, Filofaxs and White stiletto shoes are optional (unless you are Welsh and then they are Compulsary!)

ok, updated list...Clubs:BlakesIlfordGaron ParkNazeingMembers:1 overporkyDan24StephNiftypoz13Monkeytaff What sort of league format are we going to do? I mean, we should play stableford scoring for the events, but with the league are we going to just add up the stableford points scored for each event or say 10 pts for 1st, 8 for 2nd etc etc?

Stableford and scoring method sounds good.What about Handicaps? Do we play off Full Club hcps? or 7/8ths?

As we are playing 'new' courses I think full hcps is probably fair unless we un-earth a 'bandit'  - IMO the winner, if it's above 36 points should also have thier hcp cut accordingly before the next round.

Score above 36 points off your full hcp on a 'new' course!!!!!)

haha! Well I had my worst stableford scoring round ever on Saturday, I had 9, yes 9!!!! blobs!!!!ended up with a paltry 15pts I'd agree with full handicaps for the events. I think we should do a formula 1 scoring system ie...1st - 10pts2nd - 8pts3rd - 6pts4th - 5pts5th - 4pts6th - 3pts7th - 2pts8th - 1ptI think the winner of the event should be cut a shot (maybe 2?) and anyone not finishing in the points gets a shot back (thats if we have enough players)? Whaddya think?

Does that mean I could end up with a handicap of 40

Porky, that sounds fair.Steph, Just One thing........ NOOOOO!  too!  We only need a couple of more Vict.. er I mean Players then we have 8! What with People not being able to make all the Meets (Myself inc. I will be away in New Zealand for 4 weeks from the last week in march) the more the Merrier!Porky, just one Question...Why the Villa? You's aint a Brummie are You's? 

1 Over - it was worth a try

I am indeed a brummie 1 over, although I managed to lose the accent (thank god!) after leaving brum when I was about 10 to live in Devon until I was 19 when I moved up to London. Wood yow loik a coop of tay?

More like "Woud yow loik A kipper tye?" My Future Son in law is a Villa fan too, But he lives in Near Brum in Streetly He has the Worse Accent I've ever heard! I have to ask him at least three times to repeat what he said, My daughter has a Broad Irish Accent too! Although I can fully understand what she says I usually Ignore it!  Phone Conversations are Blast!    

1 Over.........when we meet you will see the tag on my bag  obviously don't want to post on here, as knowing my luck will get kicked out of club berfore I have the chance to ask for a handicap certificate!

Poz, No worries mate, I will wait til then! no more Questions!  

A good mix me thinks

Oh Hell yes! Fun and Jibes a plenty!   

ok, updated list...Clubs:BlakesIlfordGaron ParkNazeingMembers:1 overporkyDan24StephNiftypoz13MonkeytaffpastyThere's 2 fourballs already! Come on, there must be more of you!

I am 100% Essex So what does everyone play off??

I play off 36

14 (13.5) for me atm.

I'm off 7

I think Im still off 16 (16.4) but I haven't seen the results of the last months Medal so I could very well be off 17 from tomorrow!

24 (24.2) 

Hcp update! Still off 16.4 I didn't shoot outside the Buffer zone in the last medal so will play off 16 for the meets!

I don't mind if you go and volunteer a cut for the meets 1 over!

Sorry mate, After todays Gross 98 and 28 points, it looks like I will need every shot I'm entitled to!

You and me both. Last Sat I had my worst stableford ever! 15pts off 14, with 9 blobs! 9 lost balls too!It was so cold and windy last sat I couldn't feel my arms!

I didn't lose a single ball today

1 Over - if that was Freddy who said that to you, he used that one on me at Blakes last time too!Still off 22 (well 21.6 but who's counting????)

if you can rustle up any more than 8, would love to be put on the list, weekdays always easier for me to escape work than family at weekends 

indeed pasty, the more the merrier. golf is restricted to fourballs only!updated list... Clubs:BlakesIlfordGaron ParkNazeingMembers:1 overporkyDan24StephNiftypoz13MonkeytaffpastyGreenfly

haha! sorry, it was me the one being thick, it was a typo! it should've said 'golf is NOT restricted to fourballs only!'

Monkey, It wasn't Freddie who said it. It was a workmate we call Club chucker Paul! For Obvious reasons  As Porky and Pasty say the more the merrier!we can play 2, 3 or 4 Ball groups on the days, depending on the number of players present.

Cheers, just embarked on an intensive series of lessons and structured practice over winter, will keep you posted on results, at the moment it just seems to making me hungrierisnt Josh from Essex as well ?

Josh? No He's an East London Boy! But he doesn't do Group meets anyway, As other Golfers make him Nervous (or is it just me?), He doesn't like the friendly banter associatd with golf either! And his score's strangely rocket in group golf, As opposed to when he plays his solo rounds!

Monkeytaff wrote (see)

Still off 22 (well 21.6 but who's counting????)

We are Matey! We are!

1 Over wrote (see)

Josh? No He's an East London Boy! But he doesn't do Group meets anyway, As other Golfers make him Nervous (or is it just me?), He doesn't like the friendly banter associatd with golf either! And his score's strangely rocket in group golf, As opposed to when he plays his solo rounds!

You are a very bad man

Moi? Not I Sir .... I count all my shots and I don't play Kick/Chuck/Mulligan Golf 

anyway think he might be a little bit occupied with 9 to 3, it's like golf crack