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Speaking of Josh, I haven't seen him at Blakes for ages? I did offer him a Banter Free round a couple of weeks ago, So he could put a Handicap card in, but I didn't get a reply?  I'm Beggining to think I really do make him nervous!

 Last I heard from Josh was some mumbling ---   Eppin'  f'ing  'orest.

Den, Was it a Muffled cry? or a full Scream? I thought he'd been buried deeper than that!  

Testing the water here let's throw a date in the air and find out how many of us are available:How about Friday 30th Jan 

Sounds Good to me! Where?

Sounds good to me too, how about your place 1 over (I mean Blakes, not your back garden!). I can't get any dates together for Ilford yet as we haven't had next years fixture list yet (should have it in the next week).

Friday 30th Jan sounds good to me too and at Blakes

Ok I'll sort the date out! 18 holes Golf + Coffee and Bacon roll?

mmmmm bacon, sounds good! what time does the bar open at blakes?

Bar Opens whenever we get there!  (I can get served later, But you have to track the Guvnor down!) 

I saw him today, So he must be back! Right off to work see ya later!

30th Jan is ok with me too.

Hi all,New to this site and would love to join in with this event. I am in Eastwood, very near to Garons and Belfairs. Haven't played for 5 weeks and really need to get some practice in also if anyone in the area has a spare space for Sunday Great site by the way!!

Welcome Webby, as they say 'the more the merrier'. What do you play off?Steph, I've just seen our Jubilee Cup team have been drawn against Garon Park for next year. Will be good to get some practise on there before we play your team! updated list...Clubs:Round 1: Blakes - Fri 30th Jan (TBC)IlfordGaron ParkNazeingMembers:1 overporkyDan24StephNiftypoz13MonkeytaffpastyGreenflyWebby23

Hi Porky,I float between 23 and 24 but rarely hit 36 points to be honest so can see it going up again soon!!

Hi Porky - hoping for an away advantage then

Hi Steph, its just a team comp for mid-handicappers (male). We got to the quarter finals last 2 years. I'm hoping not to be able to be picked for the team next year, as that'll mean I've got my handicap down below 12! lol

Hi Webby, played Belfairs yesterday, a bit damp with 2 temp greens, still better than being at work

I'd like to do this but can't do during the week unless it's school holidays! Keep me on the list though. I played Blakes last holiday and shot 102 - was relatively happy but could have been a lot better!

Welcome Stuart, you're more than welcome to play if possible.updated list...Clubs:Round 1: Blakes - Fri 30th Jan (TBC)IlfordGaron ParkNazeingMembers:1 overporkyDan24 Steph Nifty poz13Monkeytaff pastyGreenflyWebby23Stuart Lock

Thanks. I definitely can't make 30th January though.

I will Book 3 Tee Slots at Blakes for 10 ish on Friday 30th Jan.That way we have scope for 3 or 4 balls depending on numbers! Guest Fees are £15 on a Friday and Bacon Rolls are £4 (Tea and Coffeee is Free) so you are looking at £19 for the Golf and Sarnie! I say we round it up to £20 and have a Small Cash Prize for Nearest the Pin on the 8th Hole! The Infamous "ISLAND" What say you?

Sounds good to me - just hope the weather behaves itself

Oh yeah and a 10AM Tee off Ensures we have time for a Few Scopes after all the Golfing Carnage! Also GPS enabled Buggies are available for about £20 a round (I never use them so I don't know Cost) these may need to be pre-ordered so If there are any Lazy ba****ds amongst you let me know.

Where abouts is Blakes??

All sounds good to me 1 over. Webby, its up at North Weald, probably a 30 min drive from you I'd say. Your best way is probably up to Chelmsford and turn left (otherwise known as west) onto the a414, drive towards the M11 and you'll see it on your left eventually.

As Porky says its on the A 414 as you come in from Chelmsford, Past Ongar, 3 Miles before Harlow, Dead Opposite the Travelodge hotel and Little chef

Sounds like lots of fun times ahead - wish I was an Essex girl.

Mary shame on you! Leaving Steph to try and Control all us Reprobates on her own!

OK People!!!! Tee times Provisionally Booked for Friday 30th Jan! @ 10:00 and thence every 10 mins! Meet for 9:00AM For Bacon Rolls  Cost £20 all in! Numbers please as I may Need to put down a (Non - Returnable) Deposit! to secure the Slots! 

1 Over wrote (see)

Mary shame on you! Leaving Steph to try and Control all us Reprobates on her own!

I'll cope

Can I bring a guest ? even though I'm a guest already, Hes house trained and not on parole or anything like that

Thanks Greenfly... But I can speak for myself!

did you not see the "not on parole" bit, or is that just a big bycycle clip on your ankle

Go on then you Cockney Ponce, stick my name down, I wouldnt miss this carnage for the world

Count me in 1 over!

Can I join?  I'm welsh, live in Essex cos I married an Essex blonde, divorced her and then went and married another one.  Oh, and I'm a member at Blakes, so can probably sign a coupleof you in as guests?

Monster3wood you are welcome to come. (Bugger! Not another Welshy! )I can Sign all the guests in no problem and doing it that way means it works out a couple of Quid Cheaper than booking a society slot!Names so far~ 1 OverStephFerretMonkeyGreenfly + 1PorkyMonster3woodThats 8 so far! anymore Takers?

Count me in from 'across the border'

Sorry fellas List updated! Is there anybody else I missed from the initial interest? Names so far~ 1 OverStephFerretMonkeyGreenfly + 1PorkyMonster3woodNifty Pasty (Poss)

Will have to let you know in a couple of weeks (will know more after the 15th Dec)Hope this is ok?Cheers !! 

Names so far~ 1 OverStephFerretMonkeyGreenfly + 1PorkyMonster3woodNifty Pasty (Poss)Poz 13 (Poss)Thats a possible 11 so far!

Add me to the list.Thanks

Names so far~ 1 OverStephFerretMonkeyGreenfly + 1PorkyMonster3woodNifty Pasty (Poss)Poz 13 (poss)Dan 24Thats the Dozen! 4X3 or 3X4 Balls!

If anybody else wishes to come, More Tee times can be added! no problems

Can you please add an asterix next to us unofficial Essex types.Some of us are only making up the numbers!

As opposed to the welsh shag a sheep brush you mean

Names so far~ 1 OverStephFerret* (Undesirable)Monkey* (Sheepshagger)Greenfly + 1Porky* (Brummie)Monster3wood* (Foreigner)Nifty* (Interloper) Pasty (Poss)* (Country Bumpkin)Poz 13 (poss)Dan 24Thats the Dozen! 4X3 or 3X4 Balls!* Denotes Undesirables/Foreigners and Interlopers!Happy Chimpchops?

Thank you!

Monkey, you're Already nearly 50% Essex anyway! You've completely lost your Welsh accent!........... Innit?