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As per text (to all the attendees I have numbers for), I'm afraid I'll not be able to attend on the 9th, my day off has been changed due to lack of staff and I have been informed I'm working at 3pm on the day now.
I haven't cancelled the booking yet as I thought some of you would still like to play, as it was a twilight game I don't need to sign anyone in as a guest so if anyone still wants to play let me know and I'll adjust the booking.
I can still be there to see anyone who wants to play but I'll have to scoot by 2:15 to go to work.
Sorry again but they're circumstances beyond my remit.

Richie, as you know I'll still be available to play adn Richard J.Shame you can't be there.

Mate, I'm Fucking livid, my duties got swapped for the 2nd week running because I'm on cover duty and some lazy fuckwit decided she didn't want to honour a changeover she did 3 months ago.

That's crappy news, mate.  Anyone owe you a favour who could swap shifts?  Didn't you have a wedding to go to that afternoon  Anyway, I'm still up for it.

MP, All favours called in, Just waiting on a last chance but not looking good, I'm also waiting to see if a certain female driver gets the Friday off after I've had mine changed and if she does I'm going to instigate a grievance for unfair treatment.
Not looking too promising for me but if any of you still want to play the booked time its not a problemo!!
Post your name as a yes or no and I'll adjust the booking accordingly.

That's a shame you can't make it 1 Over

Hopefully Steph.As stated earlier, Latin and Rich J are still gonna play if there is anybody else who still wants to play the booking stands, I will let the pro-shop know on wednesday that I'll not be there but others will.

So, other than LD and Rich J, is anyone else playing this Friday?

I'm gonna change the booking down to one slot. MP, I don't think anybody else is going.

Fair enough mate. Hopefully I'll make the next one

With the initial excitement of potentially three tee times being booked. We are now down to  two ball?Is the JB&G finally losing its gloss?

Not losing its gloss Joe, just people pulling out cause I'm not there!!
I've adjusted the booking and named you both, you got the 3pm spot.

1 Over wrote (see)

Not losing its gloss Joe, just people pulling out cause I'm not there!! I've adjusted the booking and named you both, you got the 3pm spot.

Will have to get back to you on that.

Have a good game lads, Bloody shame my duties got changed cause it looks like you'll get the best of the weekends weather, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be a real windy washout and we got the Club Champinoships too! Its also my last chance to play for a week as its annual re-qualification time for me, I gotta keep my licenses up to date! AND I gotta sit through a 4 hour Gender and Ethnicity lecture! . . . . . . As if I don't know how to recognise Black people or speak nicely to Pooftahs!

Can't remember the last time I've looked at the forum and then I see this tonight !

As in golf timing is everything.

They were fun events

blimey! certainly were fun!