* PAIRS GM 2006

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* PAIRS GM 2006
Something slightly different!

This will make the location much more accessible via M11 / A14 / A10 / A47 etc.

The challenge is being laid down by JP9 and me to all in a pairs competition. The format will be Stableford from the yellows with the highest joint Stableford score becoming

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone can join in this event!!!If you

some v good scores from high HC's are likely off the yellows. Some excellent prizes should be up for grabs too.As Stickman says, sign up and pairings can be sorted later if you dont have a co-conspirator in mind yet. These GM events are always a blast and its good to meet up with the 'old school' and some new characters for the craic.:)

DuncAl is apprently interested but hasn't sorted permission from the husband yet :o)

Apparrently Nubbins is going to tell his missus to go and do some overtime so he can come down and play.Lots of brave words spoken at Oakridge on Sunday about what the wives were doing!!

Would love to come and play but at a family 40th in Norwich, bllody family could do with out it.Nick is right plenty of brave words said how much is done though is a different matter

I'd be very interested but I'm on holiday that week. Sorry.

Apparently I am going...Rrrright - better find a partner then.


would you believe it, I used to live literally a sand wedge from the long par 3 (13th or 14th I think). Sadly can't make it but hope you all have fun. This course used to be the Moat House right, I know Bob Warters really likes this course so maybe you should invite him.

Nice one Stickman! And a bargain as well - I just want to know who'll be warming up my balls?

Sorry guys, I have a match on that date. Hope you all have a great day.;)

Bob, the GM boys and any GM Members are more than welcome to join us. Nice one Tim - get your balls ready for a partner :-) That will be seats gone.LGL, have a good match SYS.

Good luck with the Sunday. Sorry I can't be there as I'll start my summer holidays the day before in St Andrews, so I'll be away from Cambridge. The new owners, Menzies, are promising to put lots of work into the course....

Very interested in playing, please post details for payment etc and I'll try to make it.

Nice one Frenchie, do join us and ignore the flack that the Krankies from Barnsley chuck around :-)I will email the details to all in a few days or so. Do you have a local partner or picking up a date on the forum?By the way, what is your aviator?

It's a Dog holding a scrunched up Stickman!!Krankies....See you Jimmy.Looks like a good choice of club Rich. I'm going to try and book some leave for the Monday afterwards, so I can stay and have a drink with you soft Southern Shandy drinking girls.

Come on the rest of you, there must be some deadly partnerships in the making ???Why not have a few hubby & wifee pairings to make it interesting...How tough is this course.. anybody know ?.. some feedback would be good.I just hope the greens are in good nick thats all I want :)

Talking of pairings, you don't have to make a GM Pair you can bring someone else. Perhaps your partner from your own club?

Put me down as a probable and send details of how to pay etc.And while we are about it, could you arrange for it not to be too hot and for the course to be watered occasionally before the day. I'm kn****red after Oakridge.

Stickman,Add me to the list of folks playing please. I will bring a partner with me, "Mr Inconsitent" - hope he is on good form that day!!I will probably take the option to stay Sunday night, do I need to book that directly with the hotel? Anthony.

Baloo / Anthony - be good to meet you.If your staying book directly with the hotel and they will work out internally. Golf booked with David under Golfmagic.So Far:JP9 & StickmanBeast of Barnsely & NubbinsTim EllisFrenchieBalooAnthony & Mr InconsistantPlus 2 pairs with Stickman

Will see if i can make it, will be another good laugh, got some spare balls which need cleaning with fresh pond water :-)

Well now - lets see if I can get my doubles partner interested... Will keep you posted Stickman...

Whoops, sorry Dunc I missed you....JP9 & StickmanBeast of Barnsely & NubbinsDuncAl & PartnerTim EllisFrenchieBalooAnthony & Mr InconsistantPlus 2 pairs with Stickman

Stickman, my aviator is my dog holding a fluffy pair of lips in his mouth....... well you did ask!Forgot to mention in my original post, I will definitely bring a partner. If some other mates are interested there may be a few of us if that's ok. In answer to a previous post, I have played the course a few times in the past 12 months and always enjoyed it. Greens have always been good and pretty slick.

Think you might mean "avatar"! Unless it can fly LOL ;)

So - is the course the one previously known as the Cambridge Moat House Golf Club?http://www.uk-golfguide.com/england/25308_reports.htmlScore card / layout http://www.moathousehotels.com/html/content/leisure/golf_cam2.htmSeems to be a fair track with decent holes on... :-)

Nice lips :-) Frenchie no probs, just let me know soon.Phoned The Cambridgshire and definitely secured 24 places (first tee 11.05). Already have a potential 18 with Tim & Baloo having partners.If you want in on this one then get in soon!

Dunc, thanks for the links.Having read the reviews I was left with no option but to call an extraordinary general meeting with myself. The meeting was held without delay and the following rule amendment was passed with an overall majority of one:Yellow Tees - 3/4 Handicap.

Were there many disagreements? ;-)

As a current European winning pairs squad,It's too short and too many dog legs left for me,I'd never get Ducky or Lovesy to unleash their weapons:)

I'd really quite fancy this one if it was the week before but will save my pennies for the international instead.

Stickman,The GM boys may have to show our faces for this one and show you chaps how it's done - will consult the diary.If nothing else - we may buy the first round after!Will keep you posted. When's the deadline?

Hi Stickman,I rang the hotel and made a booking, however, they could find nothing on their system about the golf booking. So I just booked a room and will square up with you for the golf for myself and Mr Consitent when you are ready.BTW The room they gave me was a twin room for

Blimey... Maximus from GM is coming with a trained Praetorian guard to kick our asses.. better get our games into shape boys pronto.:)

Hi James, great news.Good to have you on board and will look forward to seeing you. Just let me know how many of you are coming? The paperwork will probably arrive from The Cambridgeshire tomorrow so just let me know as soon as.

Stickman, I don't have a partner, do I need to find one?

Tim - Are you bringing a partner? If not team up with Baloo?Sorted?

Sorry Stickman but my good lady has reminded me that 13 August is the date of the Verulam Mixed Open and that we have a title to defend. Hope you all have a great day at Bar Hill - it's a cracking course.

I'll be there and wont be drunk

Blimey Ant....hardcore.. the lowest HCer ever to grace a GM event..surely ! Come on the rest of you there must be some awesome dream team combinations in the making. Please excuse the BS :)Highland Marauders (Stephen & Keve ?)The Knowle GC Champs (Taz & Lance ?)Team Sixties Shooters (Creo & Aly R ?)Scratch Team ( Ant & partner ?)Team Remax (Duncal & another LD beast ?)Team Oakridge GC Champs (Baloo & Nick Davies ?)Team Stunt Golfer (Gil & Ducky or Lovesy ?)Team Big Red Lips (Frenchie & Partner )The Barnsley Boys ( BoB & Nubbins )Team Briefing ( Lawman & his Legal Aid )Team Aquatic ( Olivier & a fellow ball diver )Team Single-figure Mania (Fengibbon & Biltong partner ? )The Official GM Team (Bob & Parky ?)Team Titleist ( Ren Hoek & partner )Team Golf Wanderers (Ian & Tuffers ?)An Irish Team ??A Welsh Team ?? Any mad team kit.. the madder the better.. come on lets be avin some teams and names guys… Stickman is gonna get some nice prizes.How’s about the best individual Stableford score player wins the coveted GM ‘Blue Jacket’ ( with the new Bandit and Shambles logos emblazoned on it & a prize ? )You do get something for a pair in this game.. come on... it’s The Cambridgeshire…. easy to get to and a worthy venue for GM protagonists.. this good weather wont last forever and winter is fast approaching ! :o)

Ah no actually I did it as a bit of a gag as that is what happens to my handicap everytime I play :)It's MUCH higher than that

LOL, I did look at that Ant and think 'Hmmmmmm.... bloody hell he must of got good quick!'

Here you go, a little bit better :)Stickman was I off 18 when we played? That game has cost me dearly :)

Will do a full head count on Monday / Tuesday of who is coming, late comers will be welcome. Looks like it will be payment on the door, thus cash collection on the day (as soon as you arrive :-) ).If you

JP....'fraid I wont be making this event (Sticky is allready aware) as I'll be under canvas somewhere in the New Forest on the 13th!!!Will be thinking of you all as I'm woken by a sheep snuffling round the outside of the tent at 4am.

Would love to play but its just too far for me to travel. Have a great day.

Team Remaxx is ready... :-)My Partners name is Andy, he is off 7 as well (club handicap)p.s. Due to my poor performance recently I have recaulculated my handicap and I am now off of 18.9. Hpe that is OK with everyone... ;-)

Glad to hear Team Remax is ready to own the T box, even if they are a bunch of duffers these days ;)Ant... LMAO :)Creo.. was expecting more from a man driving 'automotive perfection' a Lexus ;) Cant be more than 2hrs max to the course surely ??Nick.. I hope your savaged by that sheep ;)So many great pairings possible HP & Valdonical.. would be awesome ?

Poor old Val. I recon he's slumped permanently in to that rocking chair by now, it's really sad the way some people go. I had heard that he'd become a househusband, apparently even more unseen than the Stig! What

Yeah.. Stick.. think thats whats happened to quite a few of the Old School...no fight left in em anymore...