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Would love to play, but a Sunday in August is always going to be a problem for me. As it happens on the 13th I'll be in a chalet in Chamonix thinking of you lot no doubt. By the way my money is on the Barnsley boys to tear things up and ride out of town laden with silverware!

Thanks Frank.We'll try our best, that's for sure.However I may need to contribute more than I did in our pairs match last weekend. I reckon I only came in on about 3 or 4 holes.Good job Nubbins was playing well.Just in the process of sorting out leave and accomodation. But we'll definately be there.

If Stanley doesn't come I will bring a partner.

Huh, I've been sacked already !

Not at all, you haven't asked your Mrs yet have you :)

I'm scared, could you ask her for me !

Yep, believe me she will let you go :)

Just - My "automotive perfection" is a bit long in the tooth (matches its owner), hasn't been washed since I bought it about 5 years ago, makes some very strange noises from the suspension, and can't be locked without the alarm going off every couple of mins. Don't believe all you hear about Lexus, I've had 3 of them and driven several others and have yet to be in one that didn't rattle and squeak.

Aww come on Creo I recal you recently mentioning you enjoyed driving it :) Count yourself lucky I have a Flymo powered 10 yr old Punto to abuse with 120,000 miles on the clock. Its so noisy and shakes so violently at 90 mph that the motorway traffic backs off and clears for 3 lanes in fear of it blowing up.

JP...can you email me (via my profile) I need to ask you a Q that you might not want to hear in public at this stage.

ND you have PM !

so do you.

Can you put myself & my girlfriend down provisionally, will need to see if I have the day off.

Monday morning roll call - 2 weeks to go :-)JP9 & StickManBeast of Barnsely & NubbinsDuncAl & PartnerFrenchie & PartnerAnthony & Mr InconsistantBalooFengibbon (TBC)Ant & StanleyOldslugger & Partner (TBC)Oliver Magne - Are you able to make it?Room for more if 'anyone' would like to join us.....

Really looking forward to this, but the game is in absolute tatters. Can't drive, irons are wayward. Short game's crap. My usual weak putting is keeping my scores down. I wonder if the Shambles Club will have me?

It'll be fun BoB.I NR'd yesterday. Level after 5, 4 over after 6 and then it all went to pot. OB'd on 17 and couldn't be bothered to get another ball out. Another +0.1...

FFS..guys... did you see the slo-mo of Pavins swing..? hes a complete nudger....always taking divots with his driver :0 he slices everything.. hits punch draws 10ft max off the ground to a tight left cut pin.. and kicks ass big time.. who in hell needs a perfect swing to win.. jees I love watching him play and win.. he always scares the cr@p out of the big boys in a head to head down the final stretch, cos his mental strength is awesome.Hes a lesson to us all.. that perfect swing mechanics means nowt.. its jus gettin d ball in d ole in fewest strokes dat matters.

I love it when you go all Gangsta in your posts JP :-)

Asked about his technique Lee Trevino is reputed to have answered, "My grip is all wrong, my swing is awful, I am the wrong stature to be a golfer and I talk so much I can't concentrate.... by the way who is at the top of the leaderboard?"

LOL Baloo. Like it, thanks...I'm desparately trying to get into the Shambles club. (sigh)

Stickman/ Ant, think I'm going to have to pass on the invite. Would have to be back by 5ish, which is possible but would rely on an early draw and then leaving pretty much straight after finishing.I'd regret having to dash off and not get to meet and chat with the GM lot.Guess I'll try and meet up if we arrange a game at Woodbridge sometime in Sept.

Oh I can't believe it.:)Dont worry mate, I'll rope someone in, I guess they have to be amateur for this do they :)

If they are taking my place a rank amateur !

Yo BoB.. soo wass nuw…? yo stil swingin like a $2 ho ?.. awww jus furggeddaboudit :)

Thinkin of offering a prize for the most creative excuse for not attending this pairs toe to toe face off ;)If anyone has a pet canary with an unexpected case of acute flatulence brewing, with a major erruption seismically predicted for Sun 13th..lemme know now pls.Come on you swines...Sticky and I have sweated blood to bring you live pairs bloodsport.

JP - Don't worry about Team Remaxx. We are IN!Looking forward to a good knock about round a decent track. Should be good fun

DuncAl.. always knew you are as reliable as a British Summer..;) tis a decent track with forgiving fairways so time for some decent scoring for a change... hopefully !

My partner is confirmed Mick Lockyer my old man

Is the Cambridgeshire the one near Bar Hill? I should find out my rota by tomorrow and hopefully we can get down there as I am originally from Cambridge.What format are you guys playing? What are the hcp limits? As a member of the Shambles club, I need every shot I can get off my full hcp.

Expect you to get a good result on the rota :-)Format: FUN, pairs competition with single prizes as well. As a member of the Shambles Club I shall allow you to have all of your 3/4 handicap and let you play from the yellows.BOB,Looking at the Play&PayOn timings you should be in possession of a set of Drivers during The Cambridgshire weekend. If it works out can you stick them in car and bring along for others to see. Cheers SM.

Good Call.I thought you'd just demoted me :-(

Iv'e just gone on their website,theres a fourball walking up to the green with a two ball in hot pursuit,have they got a problem?

Ahem"To avoid the usual arguments (this is for fun) full handicaps will apply as the course can be a bit of a tester."

erm actually Ant - from page 2 - "Having read the reviews I was left with no option but to call an extraordinary general meeting with myself. The meeting was held without delay and the following rule amendment was passed with an overall majority of one:Yellow Tees - 3/4 Handicap."...

Ah thanks matey. Sorry for causing a fuss :)

LOL GilAnt, I did read some reviews on the web that indicated it wasn't seriously testing but a very good track.Rule change: 3/4 handicap including those being carried by their dads :o)

…..home to the PGA East Anglian Open. The likes of Tom Watson, Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros have all enjoyed the pleasure of playing our Par 71 golf course measuring 6500 yards……..I assume the yellows are around 6000 odd yds then so playing off

Length doesn't scare me one bit :)Pairs suits me so well becasue I can have a rip at it knowing that if my high risk strategy doesn't play out the old man will be steady.

Ant.. Thats what they all say.. till they loose their soap in the showers at Strangeways Prison.Mistake no2..never rely on the ol man in a crisis.. you have never seen the fear a man like BoB or DuncAl can instil in a player on the first tee, when they pull out a 6 deg SMT headed 50" bad boy.....Followed by peels of laughter when a search party is dispatched to look for their T shot in the next County ;)

Oy!!Don't both scores count anyway, or is it a betterball format?

I shall be contacting my international pairs squad tonite,it could be do able.

Whats this.. whats this ? Beware incomming!!!

JP - only on 250 yard (yeah rrrrright) downhill par 4's...(and the 6 degree only comes out when I have completed the course of weight training. Swings at E3-or something stupidly heavy like that)BoB - you are right, combined Stableford scores, not betterball Ant.

Oh really, well I better practice then :)If a 6 degree driver and a 300 odd yard drive on the first happens, I'm getting my 6 iron out :)

isuggest that everyone over 50 gets an extra shot for each year!

oh! Hold on...... I think I've just cracked a rib

Good news, I am not on call that weekend, so Liz & I will definitely be there. Our exceptionally high handicap may work in our favour for a change :)Can we have a buggy? Liz has dodgy feet, only functional for walking from front door to car and back, won't do 18 holes.We will be bringing our handicap certificates, so please, no cries of banditry when we limp off with the prizes :)

Do we all have to bring certificates? I'm hoping to get cut on the Saturday :)

Yep... blood samples too and we may need a specimen tooth to check your age eligability.. you can leave your stools where they lie thanks... all this talk of ol sluggers and partners playing off a combined HC of 64 ?? is making some of us very nervous :)Do we stand a chance ?

Ok, looks like we have a party.... (More can be added!!! Gil?)JP9 & StickManBeast of Barnsely & NubbinsDuncAl & PartnerFrenchie & PartnerAnthony & Mr InconsistantBaloo & FengibbonAnt & DadOldslugger & Liz(Fen, I'm guessing you can make it? :-), and Frenchie not heard from you since page 2 so I'm taking it is all ok?).I will confirm 16 people to The Cambridgeshire today and Turkey for dinner. Again, let me know if anyone can not eat this?Pay on the day (they've not asked for a deposit). I'll be around to take monies, sort groups and provide cards. If anyone can through anything into the prize pot, then please email me.