* PAIRS GM 2006

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8 pairs, should make for a great day.

"Turkey for dinner" Isn't that a bit far? Does Ryanair fly there?A combined hcp of 64 will give us a reasonable chance of playing you guys on single figures. We didn't get these because we are good.

Yeah... but you guys win all the prizes and dont have to bust a gut practising all the timeto stay in sfigs.. you just turn up and turn it on when it counts :0)

Very tempted to play myself but alas my funds this month are very low indeed :0(Still this thread has brought to my attention that I should play this course when a little more flushed ;0)

Trev (*official Insomniac*)

Flippin' ell Trev. What are you up to at that time of night. No on second thougts, I don't wanna know... ;-)

Trev was literally counting his pennies to see if he could play and came up 3p short... can we have a whip round for him to make up the balance ;)?Join me in the brassic club man..

Don't believe a word of it, this is a man that has fitted a warp engine to his Punto and has a Garage full of "spare" clubs.The mans loaded I tell ya ;-)

FFS BoB you have no idea bro... my Punto overheated and blew up last night and my usual garage of tender car loving Italian mechanics have all fkd off on hols.. so I am left at the mercy of some local YTS BS'r whos gonna advise me to buy a Robin Reliant next as an upgrade.:(

Sorry JP.So....who's staying Saturday night, who's staying Sunday night??I'm staying at my other half's sisters in nearby Newmarket on Friday and Saturday night and probably heading home after the golf on Sunday night.What's everyone elses plans?

I'll be trekking down the A14 (I guess - depends which route her who knows best (GPS) takes me).Who knows, my golf game mught turn up this time as well... (that'd be a nice change)

Perhaps.. If I set off now on foot, I should just about make it for next week, I could be a bit quicker on my skateboard. I will hide my tent in the Ray Mears country beside the 13th tee.. I will need a lie in, so dont wake me up too early with the sound of those SMT dogs being unleashed.

BoB,My partner and I will be staying Sunday night - thinking of trying to get a game on Monday in the Welwyn Garden City area but am open to other suggestions.Others are of course welcome to join us.

Stickman,Can you book us a buggy please?

lolYeah I'm kind'a nocturnal but alas loaded "no" :(I started a new job a few monthas ago working for an agency and we're currently on an anual shut down, hence no wages for 2 weeks.Maybe I should sell some old clubs to Creosote and get the entry fee up? ;0)

Anybody played The Cambridgeshire before? Is it wide and open?I am prone to very errant drives which can go horribly wrong in either directions. I am banking on Liz to keep to the fairways and keep our score ticking over.Just found out that some of you guys are single figure handicappers, we hope that you all will take pity on us Shambles club members and be patient as we go off course and look for our balls in the rough.

Sure you will bring your trained pooch to find your lost balls. Good point re the course, anybody got some detailed intelligence on this track ?

No probs oldslug, I'll have a word about a buggy on Monday.No Pity, No Mercy, No Forgiveness - we'll be playing to win! ;-).Shambles members due anytime, we've all been there at some time. Just come and enjoy the day and the terrible company :-)

Cheers Stickman, much appreciated.

You should have a good day!!It's a few years since I played it. The fairways are quite open in the main, though really errant shots will find trees. There wasn't a huge ammount of rough last time I was there, either fairway, a small first cut then trees. Watch out for 12 / 13 (cann't remember which) .. a long way nearly all uphill.1st tee shot over water! 18th is quite tight, OB left, water right.All in all it's a fair test off the yellows, but a bugger off the whites!Enjoy it!!

Due to other arrangements we're one man down to make the group 16 players.Baloo needs a partner! Anyone want to step up and join him

Can we have a Monday morning roll call Sticky.Pairings and Handicaps


Can we have a Monday morning roll call Sticky.Parings and Handicaps

WTF.Sorry everyone

You bored BOB.Would love to make it but alas family commitments.

CALLING the GM management team.. where are you guys ?.. we need to take you guys on.. :)Where is 'James' Maximus Decimus Meridius of the 23rd Army of the North ??

JP, they can't make it. Apparently it's Cheese and Biscuits at Tina's place that Sunday?:-)

What a bunch of light weight part timers... management with no gumption at all.. doesnt want to mix it up with the prols... no wonder the country is in a mess.

Perhaps Bob has given up golf...?

Oldslugger - Buggy Booked (

Pity as always wanted to see GM's Bob hit his famous driver of the deck.. a skill he learned no doubt from watching Arnie 'The King'. ...guess hes moved on to play with and snap bigger and better golfers than us these days :(

In order to make the right number of matches I will forgo the pleasure of the Cambridgeshire. Hope to see you guys another time.

NO NO NO NO NO - Come back right now Baloo, your in!!!The numbers won't match as that will leave a two ball. Pairs is only one prize of four.SEE YOU THERE!

Too right, I can barely swing a club cos my back hurts so much but I'll be driving 2 hours each way to be there.

Baloo.. Brian.. after your awesome performance at the Oakridge Charity Day in very testing conditions you must play. Despite your mature years you are a great example of leadership.. nay...an inspiration to us Pulitzer types who have no idea on the greens.

OK, Ok I'm back in. It's just that I thought that I hadn't got a partner and I didn't want anyone else to drop out to accommodate me.JP - Oakridge was perspiration not inspiration. But thanks for the compliment.

Nahhh.. it was desperation :) glad your back in the fray.

Got a guy for you Baloo if you want. He has only started playing for less than a year, plays now and again with his work society. Can smack a mean ball when he connects on the rare occassion. SHort game sucks, but he's great company and a good laugh.

Oldslugger. Bring him on, I ain't no snob.

Guys, Stickman...I am going to have to withdraw, along with my partner.We have just been called to play in a club match on the Sunday.Sorry. :-(

Bloody hell, they must be short;-)Come on Sticky, lets have an up to date roll call.

Yes they are.Sorry boys...

He must have bought some more balls then:)

If it is ok with you Baloo, I will get him in.Liz & Oldslugger confirmed, won't change our minds, will be driving down from Liverpool on Friday, ready to take the honours back to The Capital of Culture!!!

Pity Dunc was hoping to have a crack with your dog and undertake a Torsion grip test.Next time dude.

Sorry Baloo he has to work that day, and can't make it.

List of PlayersJP9 & StickManBeast of Barnsely & NubbinsFrenchie & PartnerAnthony & Mr InconsistantAnt & DadOldslugger & LizBalooObviously this leaves an odd number - lucky 13(Baloo you are not pulling out!). Before we play there will be a draw and two pairs will be able to partner during the round, thus 1 x 4 ball & 3 x 3 balls.Unless other GM Members wake up and join us.

One other thing.....Shaun (Exmax) has done us proud again and supplied us with numerous Midas Golf / SMT / Accuflex items for the prize fund.THANK YOU SHAUN.

Blind pairs, now there's a first !Reminds me of my old brag playing days !