Royal Portcawl - winter special

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Royal Portcawl - winter special

I see that Portcawl are doing a midweek 4 ball for £200 till the end of February.  Any interest?  If so, say so and I'll check dates!

Ian, If you koin the County Card scheme which I beleive is Dyfed, Glamorgan and Gwent for £10 it gives you he chance to play vertually all the coursesin the those counties for halve price. Porthcawl you get to play for £42 (52 with the county card) I played it August last year on a sunny day, absolutely fantastic. I'd possibly be interested all the same, fantastic course and clubhouse!  

Yes...will be on the County Card this year.... Hopefully a couple of the other S Wales GMers will see this... (where do you play?)  (Dandy Don could be joining me at Newport this year....I think the Scots get a better reception than the English!!  )

Ian I'm down in Tenby. be good to get a game, should hold up well even with all this rain, I imagine your suffering there in Newport?

Unusually bad...course closed for 4 days over xmas , been ok since Tuesday thankfully

Bump - going to do this on 20th if weather is kind.  Will make a decsion over previous weekend... 3 provisionally at the mo, so one space, but if we get 5 more no probs!  (I assume handicap limit applies)  

Ian, if work is obliging I would be delighted to join you, will check tomorrow.



Right ho!

Cracking course, enjoy!

Ian if the offer is still there I'd be happy to take you up on it to make a 4 ball.



yes indeed. As I said, going to take a view next weekend on the likely weather!

Well, the 4 ball happened..... wow what a course!  4 degrees in still air, but the easterly took that down to "brass monkey looking for welder!"  Good to meet you MM!   And folks...he is no mug with the golf sticks... The Golf Magic Pair of "he and me" gave my two mates a right pasting!  I may have even contributed, but probably not!! £50 inc bacon butty and coffee when we got there.  Super......

No mug, my misses would beg to differ!

was a cracking day out even if the course was playing pretty tough, a proper links day out, must try and return there in the summer when it's possible to hit a 4 iron further than 147 yards into the wind!