Scottish Jolly Boys...?

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Scottish Jolly Boys...?

How about another round before the full green fees kick in?  A weekend in March anybody?

Niblick - where art thou?

Dick in Shorts - any chance you'll fit us into your semi-pro schedule?


i was thinking about this other day depending on place and date ill be up for it

And I've still got the sombrero!

Ole BH!

Who's got the spooden woon?

A day at Kingsbarns and I am driving up!!

Ian, where are you based?

Not much interest after two weeks...  How about a round on Wayman links or The Middle Earth course?  You guys have put plenty of miles in before and deserve a lie in.  I would most likely have two or three others that would be up for it. Just a thought!

Just saw this even though it was put up a couple of weeka ago.  I'd be up for it but suspect it would have to be somewhere down south as up in Aberdeen courses are gonna take some time to recover.    

zombie - I'm watching this thread with interest. I couldn't commit until the venue has been selected.

Has anything been organised yet? If not then I woould be happy to host at Dunfermline golf club or can travel if something has been organised.

My diary of March is being filled very quickly. First, last and almost certainly middle already gone.

March full, first two weeks of April now full...

Blimey, where has time gone? Looks like most folks are busy so lets take a rain check on the March thingy.

Last week of April gone! ).