South Wales Saturday 22nd October

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South Wales Saturday 22nd October

2 of us are staying in Cardiff for the weekend & are looking for a game on Saturday. Anyone got any suggestions where to play, happy to travel upto 45 mins from Cardiff & pay upto around £30. If anyone has a game arranged & can invite us to make up the numbers that would also be great.


green meadow is a nice course in newport about 30mins from cardiff

Cheers Craig

I thought I replied to this? I'm at work or would have joined you. Peterstone lakes and Cotteril park are not far from Cardiff also Bryn Meadows and should be ok for around £30

Just seen this.......Saturday comps just finished at Newport...I'd sign you in, but I am playing on Sunday, not Sat this week.  But, they might let you on late morning for reasonable money.  Dons p&p suggestions are worth a look.