The Association of James Braid Courses

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The Association of James Braid Courses

I don't know how many here play at a James Braid designed course but there is now a group set up which allows you to play at other James Braid courses at a significantly discounted price. 

The Association of James Braid Courses

There is a PDF you can download as well to see a list of all the courses.

So nobody on a James Braid course?  I think I may try out a few of these myself.  At these prices they are an absolute bargain.

Robster, East Ren is hardly offering a good deal, compared with most of the other courses on the list - £100 4ball weekday. AND no weekend offer. You wonder why they bother assocating at all I bet I could phone up East Ren and get a weekday 4-ball for £100, regardless of James Braid Association No wonder you consider the others absolute bargains.

I wouldn't argue with you on the pricing.  At the council meeting last Monday we discussed this as we did not realise how much the other clubs had discounted their prices.  The club will see if they can reduce their rates to some more similar to the others but considering our normal tariff for a round it was thought at the time that half of that value would be not too bad.   And tbh Martin, if you rang our club for a midweek fourball you would not get it for £100.  You would still be expected to play visitors rates. But if you take our course out of the equation, there are some good rates on there.

I play at Bangor GC in NI, and we discount down to the "Member's Guest" rate.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!

tbh Robster if you literally took your club out of the equation you wouldn't have the opportunity to play other Braid courses at such good prices.

Does it really matter Martin?  Are you that desperate to play East Ren?   As a matter of fact according to our Secretary he was told the prices were now fixed for 2012 but he was going back to see if he could amend them but he may not be able to.

No problem Robster. It just struck me as ironic that you started a thread on the benefits of the Braid Assoc. when your home club is offering such a miserly deal.

Well, half price isn't miserly.  Just not as good as the other ones. But you have to admit, the other prices are amazingly low.  I don't think we expected that.  Mind you, if we had asked in the first place it would have been a good idea. 

Blue Hammer wrote (see)

I play at Bangor GC in NI, and we discount down to the "Member's Guest" rate.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!

That's more in the spirit of the thing, Blue Hammer. WELL DONE to Bangor GC