The GM Forum is Alive & Kicking Summer Meeting

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Utter garbage.

Please stick me down Tim. If things stay as they are now I will be in the area that Wednesday (if I'm not sacked).

You lads better watch out, I will have played at least twice before then in 2015!

Be nice to meet you Chris. We haven't met before, have we?

And don't forget that Tam o'shanter, or I won't recognise you!!

Do not post any more in this thread, or it will go onto another page and no one will have a clue what is going on. Good grief, even 'The Troll' didn't do this much damage.

It's not just this thread Al, it happened on the "Techies there's still a problem" thread I've just posted on. Be fair, GM are coming up with new problems with the site.  We're not just stuck with the same old boring ones.

Innovative incompetence - a new art form


. . . my bad 

Some sort of meet next year?


Yay! Lionel's back!!

No Nick we haven't but I appreciate your help when I have a rules question.

Wot you tawlkin' about Willis??????????!!!!!!!

Well, if we could go back to the previous page, you'd know.

Do you think the site is being sabotaged from the inside????

I'd be tentatviely interested in this. would be nice to me some old faces again and also give me a chance to see if the Nawab Lounge in St.Neots is still up to standard on the curry front.  

I'll sort something out if this goes ahead. Used the Nawab Lounge  in St. Neots on many occasion when playing in the area and never had a duff meal. The South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken is recommended!!!!

Had a takeaway from the Nawab last Saturday, happy to report that its as good as ever

Is there any point trying to recreate the interested list? If this goes onto another page do we lose all of the above posts? WTF is going on???????????

Set it up here email to join the group, The Golfist    on Facebook.    

i dont do twatbook

Panic over... the forum appears to have been repaired.

Makes you wonder who's messing with it....the tea lady perhaps, when she has a spare 5 minutes??????

Tim EMrs EBridgey4 TazFunkyNiftyYorkeySuperHackerSuperhacker JuniorIanNick CookTom 333Alan MillsKentishMiss WhiplashRobsterLatin DancerPaddy KMac1Chris CurryMinxyKentishOddjob Have I missed anyone?  

Update on costs, it'll be £42.50 for the day.

Yesterday at 19:27  i dont do twatbook   Does that mean you're in Gregers?

Better add Mrs Taz to the list - I think she has found out because of FB

tim e, id love to,just working on buttering up the missus

Put me down as a maybe time can't confirm till feb with job and that

As the other thread has been hijacked by an old friend who just couldn't keep away then this will be the official GM thread to run alongside the Facebook page. So the current interest list is: Tim EMrs EBridgey4 TazMrs TazFunkyNiftyYorkeySuperHackerSuperhacker JuniorIanNick CookTom 333Alan MillsKentishMiss WhiplashRobsterLatin DancerPaddy KMac1Chris CurryMinxyOddjobWayman1OverJamie NMidnightGregers  

Put me and CS down

He's a changed man now.

Season of goodwill and all that.

Is that you in then sp? If so please please be kind to yorkey the night before !

I'm in. Yorkey will be ok provided he steers clear of Australian products!

I'll be bringing my mate big Ste too. He'll be looking forward to playing in the sun, hopefully, rather than the rain he endured at the TB 'meet'!

Changed man, don't drink anymore

Shall I bother with sorting one out in August? I was going to go for somewhere like Skipton ish. Nice course that one. 

Why not? No doubt some people will be on holiday but other may want to attend.

I'd happily have CS put down, wouldn't even need a vet.

Yorkey wrote (see)

Changed man, don't drink anymore

Doesn't drink any less either! Can we have CS as the ball catcher?  About 10 yards from the front of the first tee?

Anybody any good at hitting stingers?

If this happens I'll try and get the TB shield to you. It would be great for it to be played for with such a great turn out.  I'm still in discussions over turning out for this with wifey. We've got a lot to fit in this year so not sure if we will have enough holidays to fit this in.  

Crazyface at this stage it's purely an interest list so I'll add you on. I wasn't sure if we're adding MrsCrazyface as well? The updated list is:  Tim EMrs EBridgey4 TazMrs TazFunkyNiftyYorkeySuperHackerSuperhacker JuniorIanNick CookTom 333Alan MillsKentishMiss WhiplashRobsterLatin DancerPaddy KMac1Chris CurryMinxyOddjobWayman1OverJamie NMidnightGregersSP 9point4Big SteCrazyface

Depending on final numbers I expect we'll be teeing off around 10am

Hahaha FIGHT!!!! 

I have no issues with who I play with.

Golf is golf and politics are politics!

I like friction before meets. Makes the initial introduction all the more exciting.

Remember how much fun we had!

After a bottle of Sharman's special our SP loves everyone

What a blast that was!

It's all good in da hood.