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Just don't let him near 1overs poteen,

Ha ha indeed. That's what was in the Sharmans jar.

Never again.

Tim, you might have to arrange a 1 ball for Paddy as he could be contagious!

Really up for this ,I'm thinking it could get a bit messy if 1Over is coming ,and I'm sure the hooch will be in his bag ready for whoever is brave enough to have their sinuses cleared.

God help anybody else on the course if somebody is 'foolish' enough to drink it!

Looking forward to it myself Funky.

I'm planning the after crawl as we speak!

I'm thinking I could be in for this.  

I'm not sure Tims town will know what's hit it!

NO ! Hang on.....HELL NO !!!!!

What about another meet on the same day ooooop norf? The top four from each go to final at somewhere good paid for by GOLFMAGIC !!!! 

Someone from GolfMagic?   There's no-one here, 'cept us

The lunatics are currently running the asylum

SP 9point4 wrote (see)

I'm not sure Tims town will know what's hit it!

St Neots dealt with Cromwell (his statue is about 10 miles away in Huntingdon if anyone wants to go and spit on it

Updated list - room for plenty more! Tim EMrs EBridgey4 TazMrs TazFunkyNiftyYorkeySuperHackerSuperhacker  JuniorIanNick CookTom 333Alan MillsKentishMiss  WhiplashRobsterLatin DancerPaddy KMac1Chris  CurryMinxyOddjobWayman1OverJamie  NMidnightGregersSP 9point4Big SteCrazyfaceGolf-bid Golf-bid's mate

Not yet, and I haven't asked them if they'd like to donate any prizes either!

Tim, if you pull this off with that amount of players, you can take over the site.   PS I may have two others with me.

Crazyface, the more the merrier, I'll add two more to the interest list for now.

Tim EMrs EBridgey4 TazMrs TazFunkyNiftyYorkeySuperHackerSuperhacker   JuniorIanNick CookTom 333Alan MillsKentishMiss   WhiplashRobsterLatin DancerPaddy KMac1Chris   CurryMinxyOddjobWayman1OverJamie   NMidnightGregersSP 9point4Big SteCrazyfaceCrazyface's mateCrazyface's other mateGolf-bid  Golf-bid's mateJoe SimmonsMark McInerny

^^^^^^^No wonder Woburn isn't having any opens this year - there's no-one left to play 

That's a lora lora peoples.  

In my mind I am practicing while watching e golf on telly

Any more partakers in the event of the year. Don't miss know it makes sense

My holiday has been approved! By my boss at work and at home! so I'm definately

In.. not sure what happened there...

I have just brought this thread to the attention of the GM staff so there maybe some more numbers to come.....

As long as as you didn't mention "tech issues".....

They have been aware. The last PM I had was to let me know that it had been passed to the editor for sponsorship and maybe donating some of the prizes and even gaining advertising from suppliers. Of course no interest has been shown GM needs members as well as revenue if it is to survive. Ignoring these things cannot be a good thing.

Well they've been emailed direct , so we'll have to patiently wait for a response i guess. 

@Tim E: just a thought, can you make sure your gaff has plenty of course guide/stroke saver booklets on the day. I like to make my obligatory purchase of one of those plus a ball marker just to say I've been there.

Chris Curry wrote (see)

@Tim E: just a thought, can you make sure your gaff has plenty of course guide/stroke saver booklets on the day. I like to make my obligatory purchase of one of those plus a ball marker just to say I've been there.

Whats this? Twitter?

Superhacker said - "Not like Today's Golfer that even posts pictures of forum members events on their web site" Don't think Todays Golfer has a forum  . . . which seems to be the direction we are heading. 

Chris, I'll alert Mr Scarbrow, I'm sure he'll put one aside for you  

Only cos I'm here. Oh, and Raheem!

Taz if it,s not TG its one of the others but they do to my surprise

Probably the other GM I should think. That forum is always going to be supported by the magazine as they have hard copies to sell to their membership. They've even started printing some of the comments made on their forum apparently - helps sell copies to those who get a buzz from seeing their name in print. Golf Magic doesn't ask us for a subscription so really owes us forum members nothing. I've also PM'd some of the GM staffers and I really hope one or more of them can join us on the day. I'm not bothered if they donate prizes or not, that's not the point of inviting them. I'm happy if they want to take off their GM hats and join us as mere mortals instead.

If you're struggling for prizes mate I can sort you out a subscription to the free portion of the "KeyToGolf" website if that's any good?

A prize like that should attract Andy and Charlie to the gig!

I did think for a millisecond of asking Raheem to donate a subscription as a prize.....perhaps I won't

The mighty SH and I have been exchanging PM's and have one or two ideas for our golf day in June. We'd like to give the day a formal name - all suggestions gratefully received, especially the usable ones We were thinking of introducing a charitable element to the day. My initial thought is to have the individual winner nominate a charity to which we will donate whatever funds we raise on the day. To that end, and being a simple soul, I was thinking about asking people for donations for a raffle or some similar type of operation. Again any ideas for raising funds is gratefully received or we can drop the charity bit altogether. We also need to agree on a format for the day. I guess an individual stableford is the easiest way to determine an overall winner but any other thoughts? The way time flies these days June is just around the corner!

Never been called that before

We could have a two's club for the par 3s

Its mercenary, but dead simple. I agree pasty.  Not keen on the mulligans etc, its nice to have a "clean" score . So if you do happen to have a good round you know there was no rule bending that skewed it one way or the other. 

I agree with 4 - better to get three things nailed, than a dozen things half-arsed.
And thanks for taking the time so far

I have no doubt that simple is good and call me naive or stupid but it would be nice to have a name for the trophy. some of you attended the last shambles meeting in 2013. Sadly there was no meeting in 2014 due to total lack of interest but there were a few things that struck me being a newbie at that meeting. the friendship, the banter, the fun of it all, the face to name....the golf. Although I am a crap player, I still look at the small trophy on my desk from that day and believe me in my dark hours when things were not going well even in hospital I recalled that image. I don't mind telling you that I have a vested interest. I want to meet with you all again ( yeah I must be mad) and have fun and just maybe add another trophy as I am still crap. Believe me memories are great things to hold on to and we should all pledge to do it every year for as long as we can. it's still simple but not just a game of golf. Please it is not meant to offend anyone and I believe all have something to contribute. Just my thoughts.

I do have one more thought.  Would it not be a good idea to form a society? A loose one but a Soc nevertheless.

Never been called that before

Some ideas for a society name: The Golf Magicians The Stalwarts No C***s Allowed The SuperHackers The Mercenaries

I don't know if he's already a member of a "society", but I heard that Yorkey "bared the breast" (and a bit more besides

Bridgey was 11 once wrote (see)

I don't know if he's already a member of a "society", but I heard that Yorkey "bared the breast" (and a bit more besides

You just can't take him anywhere

Just had an email from Rob the editor..... Hi Tom,       Nice to hear from you. We’ll definitely try to get down if we can, work permitting, but hard to commit definitely at this stage. Sounds like it will be a good one, though.       Best regards,       Rob

P.S. I still have in my possession the Golf Magic Forum Open Trophy that I managed to steal from far better players than myself in 2011 (when we did the Worksop gig which a number of you who have entered this comp will also remember).

There's only 2 names on that trophy so far (Nubbins - the most awful bit of engraving I have ever seen, and Beast of Barnsley). I can stick my moniker on it for 2011 and can fetch it down for this GM meet up in June.

There are enough GM players who have put their names down to consider this a Forum Open. No one would have to fork out for a trophy and it can be recycled again the next time we have a comp of similar numbers (which often isn't a yearly thing - certainly not in 20-30+ numbers anyway).

Just a thought. (The Golf Magic Forum Open of 2015).

Don't have an issue with that CC I am easy, specially on a Friday night when I put my dress and stockings on