The S.H.I.T is in action again!!

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The S.H.I.T is in action again!!

Yes folks the SHIT is about to hit us again!!

For those that are ignorant of the annual debacle that is the S.H.I.T  this is a North v South Shamblers Invitational.  We welcome all comers even those that can actually hit a ball.

The more you can rip off the oppo, in my case the flat cap, pidgeon lovers gravy swillers that are from the North.  They actually did put gravy on their chips.

So down to the details:

4th May - Bank holiday weekend

West Midlands Golf Course

Bacon rolls at 10am

first tee 11.06

Two course meal after

£53 or if paid a month before - £48

As those have played before know this is a totally great time, we still remember SP weaving his way down the fairway after drinking a whole bottle of 1Over's moonshine.

There will be an opportunity to play on the Saturday and Monday for those (like me) with nothing better to do.



how many take part?  

Have booked for 20 provisionally, but usually get upwards of 30!!

I sent you a message Minxy, before you replied

Is that supposed to make the Northerners feel at home?  

It is pie and chips afterwards, well the poor souls need to feel at home! Especially when the Glorious South take home the trophy AGAIN!!! Will look at your message now Golf store.

Ooh May the 4th , thats my birthday 

May 4th, as in the Sunday? If so, I am in IN! Is Arden not available? Anyone up for trying to get a game on there on the Monday?

  It is pie and chips afterwards, well the poor souls need to feel at home! Especially when the Glorious South Do NOT take home the trophy AGAIN!!! So glad you have faith in Us Norfies  Minxy !!  

Arden made us eat in the bar last time Wristy and trying to do prize giving with everyone scattered around all over the place was difficult.  Also we had to pay for our meals on top whereas this is all included. Very new to doing all this so all comments welcome. Any suggestions on the Sat/Mon venues??  Obviously close.  

have you tried widney manor, solihull, this is owned by the same people as west midlands so you may get a good deal if booking together.  

Yup, WM suggested that too - Monday??

being a bank holiday weekend i doubt the day would make much difference. where arre you looking to base yourself over that weekend. there a quite a few courses close by that could fit in with your requirements  

No answer on their phone. Travel Lodge , Sutton Coldfield.  When I rang them they had 13 family rooms available for the Sun night. I have booked from Sat to Mon morning.  There is a Weatherspoons right next door which Wayman and SP made much use of in the morning!! Anyone fancy The Belfry??

HH suggestions welcome with prices too if available!!

Gutted going to have to give this years a miss I'm in a local scratch event that day

I will try again: didn't we have a separate room at Arden last time?

Star wars day!  Great day to play golf! I'll check with the missus tonight.

Scotty Cameron wrote (see)

Ooh May the 4th , thats my birthday 


Wayman wrote (see)

Gutted going to have to give this years a miss I'm in a local scratch event that day

Will miss you both, but Happy Birthday and 

Scotty Cameron wrote (see)

Ooh May the 4th , thats my birthday 


Wayman wrote (see)

Gutted going to have to give this years a miss I'm in a local scratch event that day

Happy Birthday Scotty and good luck Wayman, will miss you both. More Southerners to win the day!!

Aw thanks Minxy, booked a week in Menorca to get away from this miserable weather. BTW that course looks tasty, in the picture there looks to be a cracking par 3 with an island green.

i've heard good things about wishaw, but otherwise unable to personally reccommend any other.    

Thanks HH, that's the nearest the pin!!  It's a cracker!!  Can I come and join you in the warmth, but actually a few days after Bob and I are off to Andalucia so will (hopefully) get some sun then! 

Err excuse me miss souffy. I played in the last one at west mid and your lot shifted just as much gravy as the victorious north!!

Sounds good to me!

I would have loved to join in guys . . . but I'll be in Mauritius 

Is the gravy any good there Taz?

Good on yer Minxy for taking this on. If I can make it I will but can't commit at the moment due to doctors orders. Hope you get a good turn out whatever it's a good do. C'mon gm'ers get yer names down.

Sorry Minxy, I won't be able to make it this year, as I will be in sunnier climes

Will read thoroughly on my return from doing something really weird - playing golf in the sunshine   The sky is blue and the sun is out, will still be mud up to my knees but I don't care!!

Played West Midlands a few times and its a great course.Brings back good memories as I won the annual work golf day (that I organise) there with 46 points off 16 h.cap!!! Not the toughest track but is good nonetheless. 18th is a great hole especially if the wind is blowing....U mite even get to meet Big Ron Atkinson like we did as he is a member there....

Going to get last year's trophy engraved with the winners - the Glorious South of course.  Thinking of doing a BOGOF and putting the South as winners again for this year, think it's a done deal 

Looks like just me and you for the Red Top then Minxy ! thank goodness my Congu Handicap is still 36   Oh yes and don't count your chickens till the fat lady sings !!! even with all the no shows we will beat you !!!!

Northern lass, go slurp your gravy and leave we refined folk to sip wine whilst you try to get over the lake on the 18th. 

Ha Hem ! Cough cough!!!... you seem to have forgotten that I actually got nearest the Pin on the 18th the first ever time I played with the Shamblers 

You know me too well   


I might be available I get back off holiday on the 3rd 

Would it help if I hosted some of you on the Sunday at my place in Coventry? It's only a 9 hole course but we can play of the yellows on the first nine and whites after the turn. Society rate for 17 or more people is only £13 and food is avaliable after in the sports pavillion. I'm very busy this year but would make an effort to attend west midlands if there is space for a hacker such as myself    

AHA found where the thread had gone to!!! Happy that would have been lovely, but the Sunday is the actual SHIT!! Any chance of the Saturday as the price is very reasonable.  How far are you away from the WM?? Quite a few of the rabble that have turned up for years (even though I have tried my best to deter them) have been busy on fb, and would be lovely to meet up with new blood too!! Fingers crossed for the weather we have today!!  

Will try to make it if possible, but hope that I play better than yesterday, there was definitely quite a bit of zippady missing from my do dah day.

Brian I hope that I play better than I did yesterday!  Think it's the problem with having a lesson directly before playing, changing stance and grip takes while to get used to!!

Any defo's yet...Just checking I haven't really upset any of them...

OOh yes, Shadwell and Mae Hem have already booked the Travel Lodge and around 6 others have said a definate yes.  I have paid a deposit for 20 people and don't forget it's a bit cheaper (well a pint of beer) if everyone pays a month in advance!! Would be good if I knew who was North or South so I can engrave the trophy ready for the South win!!  You haven't got Wayman this year Norfies so no hope 

Minxy, Apologies having only skim read the thread I made a mustake, Saturday is Competition day so my course is closed for visitors. As for distance my course is about 25 mn drive from west midlands GC or no more than 40 from where you are staying.   If anyone is making a long weekend of this maybe I can host them on Tuesday instead?  

That's a very nice thought Happy, golf for four days!!  

Any Northerners going....I couldn't take a day surrounded by winging woofters... Oh and MInxy....NORTH...

B***ger you're banned!!

Any spaces left?