The S.H.I.T is in action again!!

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Sorry all, was going to catch up yesterday but went down with the lurgy and was bed bound. 

Bump!!!  Will be in action again sorting things tomorrow, these pamper weekends take it out of you!

Hi Minxy. Count me in although I cant play but I'll be in for the dinner.

And to watch how the experts do it

I will teach you everything I know SH 

minxy wrote (see)

I will teach you everything I know SH 

      that wont take long.

Nah Funky. She knows you know

Right folks, this is the business time. For those sad souls no, no very lucky people that can escape for the 4th May at West Midlands, the time has come to start thinking about money!! I have a Paypal account and the email address needed is simples!!   For anyone needing a bank transfer account or would rather do it the very old fashioned way by cheque, please pm me. I totally understand how cash strapped we are these days, so if a deposit would suit, just pm me again. Going to order the trophies today and sort out formats etc with Super Hacker and will have them engraved with South Win just to save money and time.  Most of you have golf widows and I am leaving behind my golf widower for four days as I am getting there on the Friday and will organise a cheaper venue for Saturday with maybe the Belfry for Monday - but that has to be all arranged. Any thoughts on either Sat/Mon???

Saturday sorted (I hope) Widney Manor which is the sister course to West Midlands.  Playing after 11 am - £12 plus free pie and chips after if booked online.   It is around a 20 min drive from West Midlands. Was told today that I can book 3 months in advance (really!!) so please let me know asap if you fancy it.

Hello all. THE S.H.I.T NEEDS YOU

Can they just give me the money SH, I'm not fussy!! As he says, though, it is a truely novel experience!  In the past we have had battles of megalithic porportions to see whether North is superior (gravy swilling pigeon lovers) or we sophisticated Southerners and I like a g&t or ten if you're offering  4th May West Midlands Golf Club £50 for 18 holes, bacon buttie and coffee then two course meal after You can't say fairer than that!!

It's worth mentioning that the pigeon swilling gravy lovers have not won this coveted and historic trophy. So come on the north.   

Beg to differ SH, you didn't win last year but, by some devious practice, did the previous two years!!  

Thank you Minxy for putting me right. Come on the Norf! we are not just pigeon fanciers and gravy slurps

I have my flat cap ready

But some right bright trousers lad

Where's tweedle dum and tweedle dee these day's?

Count me in for this. Will bring a mate too. He's a 28 handicap of course!

Looking forward to seeing my cyber friends including, but not limited to, Minxy, Funkster, Yorkey and all others.

Shame Craig can't make it so I'll have to find someone else to supp a beer during breakfast with.

But please, no Poteen this year!

You surely can't mean 1 Over and Crazyface!!  1 Over pops up on fb with his tales of housecleaning very often - but alas most of the old gang have deserted the site. 

SP thanks we need all the help we can get.

got to get a few more Southies, at the moment we are over-run with gravy swillers 

Looks like the Southies are running scared, me and pedro2 may be able to make it for the Northeners,will know by friday. Are there any rooms left at the travelodge and if so how much ?.

I'll check the rooms now and the availability.

Would like a knock with ya soon Hogan, at your place. I'm a nomad golfer again.

SP, sent you a pm,didn`t realise you were a nomad,hope you haven`t been upsetting anyone.  

SP - upset anyone, whatever do you mean??? Hope you all get in ok, money needed very soon folks!! At this rate it will be a North landslide!!

Come on the south......put up a fight Please.

Gutted I ain't coming  loved every single minute of the previous meets  SP will miss our morning breakfast pint or 4 like last year haha whats up fella you not at Wallasey any more?

Acting on a pm, just checked availabilty at the Travel Lodge Sutton Coldfield for the 4th May.  They have double rooms for £32 - non returnable or £39 with the option to cancel. I have my room all sorted  Got my GoKart being collected today for a service - the trolley will be perfect even if my golf isn't! Will miss you Wayman, no-one to hide behind when SP starts insulting chavs!

My new loudmouth trousers have arrived today!

Minxy, did you ring up or try online, i have been online and the price for a double room is £48 .

Sorry its £48 for saturday and £32 fo sunday .

I rang up Hogan and that is the price I was given!!  What a b**ger!!  

For what it is, it's cheap.

Room share anyone?

Er no!!

Ha ha!

Family room £80 for sat/sun, king size and a pull out bed !!!

Anybody else getting the "Asian Beauties" website open up when they're on this thread?? I don't see any of the ads on here (ad blocker), but that's twice now that a new tab has opened with that website.

Not got that one Mary, maybe it's a specialist thread.  Will put up a list in the morning of all those coming/interested and need to get some names on the doors. Mind you Hogan's king sized bed sounds tempting!!!

You stick to your own room you little minx 

Hi all sadly i'll not be able to attend this years S.H.I.T. as I have to work that weekend, I cant even swap shifts with anyone as im the only one rostered to work.  Hope you all have a blast.. 

I remember the days when nothing would get in your way.

How this place has changed.

That's 2 drinking buddies down now.

Might even end up doing a dry one this year and actually make a few birdies!

Morning, and elephants can fly SP!!  

Right folks' it's getting to crunch time: So far: Sham Minxy - paid in full Shadwell - paid in full Mae Hem - paid in full Sp SP's mate Hogan SuperHacker - as official Photographer and right hand man Darren 'the boss' Jaques AP Wristy Anyone else???


I'm sorry but I'm going to have to pull out.

New work contract for a factory shutdown that weekend. Too lucrative to turn down.

Have a good one.

Sorry to hear that SP but full understand.  Looks like it's going to be a small, but very select, bunch!!

Sometimes one has to make these difficult decisions SP. To work for loads of money or to play golf!  There will be other times but you will be missed!

Hi Minxy, sorry about this but i am going to have to drop out as well,been waiting to hear if Pedro2 could make it but he can`t get anyone to cover his shifts as i was relying on him for transport will have to give it a miss. Hope you all enjoy the day.

Understood Hogan. Unfortunately, due to lack of numbers the S.H.I.T is now officially cancelled for this year.  Hope I can get my deposit back. Jahmoo's meet in August sounds good though and I absolutely intend to be there.

It is sad that the S.H.I.T has to be cancelled