True Blue Trophy

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True Blue Trophy

Shall we continue to have it at mine, or would we like a change? 

Yours is as good as any! Would love to make it this year! 

I could host at Newport, but it might not be central enough!

I'm happy at your place John.

The pubs n clubs afterwards are rocking!

God I need a blowout.....

OK Looks like being on  a Sunday this year.

That'll be me hanging then!

Haven't had a blow out myself yet this year. Did Jan dry and going strong for Feb.

Also, whilst on a strength and conditioning plan, I've submitted my application for Ninja Warrior UK, in aid of Alder Hey. The little fella has been given the all clear from leukemia so it's just a waiting game now.

Coincidentally, looking back through my just giving page, True Blue made a donation the last time I was collecting for charity.

Roll on the day we can play in honour!

Looks like you'll be getting carried back the digs....With the other fella hanging off your leg...

Has anyone heard from Yorkie? I wonder if he got the "picture" up on his wall?

Lets get a date nailed down asap. So i can get first dibs in the family calendar! 

It's Sunday 7th August !!!!!

Oh your kidding me! I'm on holiday  Ah well maybe next year!

Tentatively both me and my mate Reno are in. I will need a buggy again please

Yeah confirmed with my mate and we are both in but I am not going to be able to walk it.

Please don't drive across the path from in front of the first tee down towards the 9 green again. As funny as it was at the time we really thought you'd go flying down the hill into the river!!!!

There has been some nice changes to the course going on over the winter, and some still going on. Rumours of possible changes to the card as well, with the tough par four (off yellows) becoming a permanent par 5. The rivers still there though. 

Ok I'll start the list off. Sunday August 7th

  1. Crazyface
  2. Mrs Crazyface
  3. JR
  4. Superhacker
  5. Reno



anyone bothered this year?

anyone bothered this year? Will anyone find this on here now? What a sack of shit!

You do fret like an old tart.

You do fret like an old tart.....


I was close to calling this

I was close to calling this off. Where is everyone?

Was well up for this..

As it is I'm on holiday :(

 so thats the true blue and the john o gaunts . And i cant attend eitherangrysad

Is the jog on again? I've not

Is the jog on again? I've not seen that on here.

Its on

The JO'G meet is still on - I'll bump the thread soon.

Is it worth it?

Is this a meet worth attending?

There's a bit of travel involved so if it's a game and a pint then it may be worth the mileage.

Golf shouldn't be difficult but for some reason it is. is usually a meet is usually a meet up the day before, go out on ther lash in a nearby town, leave your clothes/phone/wallet on the fire escape of the place where you stay/ rock up the next day with no recollection of the previous night with a big bruise over one eye.  

It's been held twice. Once after a deluge, but we got round dry...god knows how, and once in glorious sunshine. The date is booked for Sunday 7th August. 


anyone else?

anyone else?

True Blue

Jesus H.....Where is everyone..sad

Dunno. Yorkie's not been in

Dunno. Yorkie's not been in here for 6 months. Sparts not been heard of since the upgrade. It took ages for people to get used to the last upgrade and we lost loads then. I'm hanging in by a thread coz the other place don't respond to any posts. I will be collecting the Trophy from Tiddy at the end of June, he's now at Clitheroe you know.....the rich geezer!!!!! I'll be playing there in June!!!!. Oh well that's enough now.



Where is everyone? I'm close

Where is everyone? I'm close to putting this on as an open at my place. We've no comp on this day so could play for it as an open. Unless we get some numbers in I'll do that instead. Seems a shame not to keep this going for this site only.

Sadly this forum no longer ha

Sadly this forum no longer ha sufficient traffic to generate the sort of days out we used to do...

the new format is the final straw for many, not being able to sign in..


I'm trying to start a new thread but not new thread button appearing on iPad... Been on here for years, but patience nearing its end

Well I'm bumping this just in

Well I'm bumping this just in case ,and will keep on doing so until August.

I've spoken with Sparts (he

I've spoken with Sparts (he can't log in here Andy can you help?) and he's still up for this. So this will be on. I will bring at least two others. Anyone else coming?

Sunday 7th August

I'm clinging to the hope that

I'm clinging to the hope that some people will be able to attand this, this year. Otherwise it will be me, wifey and my son. 

True Blue

Hi guys, I am assuming that this is still on.

Need to get rid of the book (thanks very iluminating)laugh and need confirmation that we can use a buggy.

I am disapointed that I can't make it to the GM meet and I know that this has been canceled but hope that we will have enough numbers for the True Blue Trophy.

I am looking forward to meeting the old crowd and any newbies.




We have confirmed...and yes this will be on. There was no comp organised and I've not bother to put one on leaving the date free for me to do this.

Mrs Crazyface
Super Hacker.
SuperHackers mate Reno.

Spartacus - with some mates
Mac1 - he loves a challenge
Marcus - if sober
Gav - if not in Wales.....he might as well move there.
Tiddy - he's got that much golf on.

Come on lets keep this alive.

PS Tiddy is now playing at Clitheroe...stunning course, I played there a week ago. I think I will move this to there next year!!!! And will be booking the Travelodge at Skipton for a few days !!!

In so much pain daily

With a trapped L5 nerve which is giving me excruciating pain!

Had it 5 weeks now and just can't shift it.

Hot nor cold helps.

Had chiropractic treatment with no joy.

I'm one step away from liquid morphine!

Got doctors on Thursday and hope to see a specialist.

Looking at acupuncture this week too.

Need to shift it before the 7th!

Might have to play pissed as only then do I not feel the pain!

I'll have £5 on SP to win

I'll have £5 on SP to win

So no change there then !!!

So no change there then !!!

Beware the injured golfer !!!

Beware the injured golfer !!!!!!

I'm still

In bits!

I had a 90 minute Thai massage yesterday. I ended up like the England Team after their 90 minutes. Battered and beaten!

Sore as hell today although the pain killers are aiding with relief slightly.

Acupuncture on Thursday and physio the next.

Hoping I'm sorted after this.

The TB will probably be my first round pain free!

Give me a shout if all is

Give me a shout if all is well after Thursday, and if you and others (if any), are coming over.

Tiddy can't make it, he's at a Wedding on this day + he's still got the shield!

I've had a thought that we could go to Clitheroe and play it up there (Tiddy's place and it's a cracking place) on Sunday August 14th.

Would anyone be up for this??????

What's the

Night life like in Clitheroe?


No idea, we stayed in

No idea, we stayed in Keithley, to the immense amusement of Tiddy and his mates. "Jesus, we don't go out in Keithley!!!!!!"
T'was a bit rough to say the least. I was looking to stay in the Ibis in Shipley. A little bit nicer than Keithley. But, hey, if your still want to play at Westwood we can do that. I just thought we could get more playing if Tiddy could round a few up to join us at Clitheroe.

Is this it?

I would like to pass the book on to the next needed person but at this rate looks like i will be bringing it back :o(
where is everybody???????

The complete list so far?
Mrs Crazyface

I think Sparts maybe joining

I think Sparts maybe joining us, but have had no confirmation. Are you are Reno a definate?


Mrs Crazyface
My Mate Marcus is a definate !!!


Going to have to declare myself out of this year's TB.

I'm under doctors orders of complete rest for 3 weeks due to my sciatic pain.

Accupuncture, chiropractic, Thai, cryotherapy nor physiotherapy treatment has shifted it.

It's a sad day for me right now.

Sad smiley.

Sad smiley.
Are you in Super hacker? I am going to get to the club at 9.30 to play at 10am. We are currently a four ball !!!! If you come along we'll be six !!! Don't worry if it doesn't seem worth it. I will understand.

True Blue

Aww, it's a shame that there is no good turnout since last year was a great meeting.
Me and Reno have had a discussion and think that it is better to leave you guys in a four ball. Maybe next year will be better.
I am sure you guys will have a great time.