Westwood 2015

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Westwood 2015

Well I thought I'd better put this up before I forget. Thing is this year, we've got comps all around the date that I usually book this, 9th August but the pro has said that we can play on this date if we want he will squish us in. Actually, we'll fit in nicely. So then, who's up for this, this year? I will guarantee the weather WILL BE FANTASTIC !!!!!! There will be loads of prizes, and an extra special surprise prize as well as the True Blue Memorial Shield. Last years winner will be playing off a reduced H/C for winning. 

Sunday, John, therefore...... I'm OUT!!!! But thanks for the offer

Hmmmm let me check the calendar......

Yes, need to check the family stuff, keep myself safe from her indoors and all that

  Do you accept crap players? bet I'll stll be off 28

Wear a dress, and you can have 36!

If you want I can make it on the Saturday, no problem with that at all. It's just usually people have comps on Saturday so that's why I have done this on a Sunday. But Saturday is better. 

PS For those who maybe thinking of coming, there is a Premier Inn now in the town. There are two courses to play. If we have a few come up/down I'll join you in the booze up as I'm thinking of making this the start of my 50th birthday celebrations. I've already booked the Monday and Tuesday (actual birthday) off.  

Bridgey was 11 once wrote (see)

Wear a dress, and you can have 36!

I only wear the kit on Friday nights when I change my name to Tallula but I guess we can't play at night and the high heels would make a right mess of the greens

Great.  I forgot to put in the price. Bacon buttie and coffee on arrival + golf... £25. Yup Twenty five quid ! BARGIN !!!

I'm in CF and I will bring a guest.

In so far. CF Mrs CF JR SH SH Guest

Me, Mac and big Ste can be added to the list.

Put me down I should be back swinging soon

I hope so mate as you've been missed!

If I'm still allowed to venture into Staffordshire add me to the list CF

Crazyface wrote (see)

In so far. CF Mrs CF JR SH SH Guest SP Steve Churchill Yorkie Brilliant ! 


Don't forget SH junior is a possible at the moment.

/members/images/73986/Gallery/5tee.jpg  The fifth.  Things to note. The tee is actually about 30 metes back fro the perspective of the picture. After the second hump you can see the fairway then has a hump all the down the rest of the fairway. Nightmare hole. Can you tame it?

No , but i can kill a magpie on it !

I would love to be in too please but where is it???

Doh, just seen  the title 'Westwood' will google it to see exactly where it is - directions, like my golf, are a bit hap hazard 

you know where it is minxy !!!!

Got it!!  It's on my calendar.  It's very imprortant for things to be written down first in our house before a car show gets shoved in!!

Ok I'm in . I've got it scribbled into the calendar at home.. Looking forward to playing the front nine as well as i played the back nine last time! Definately left a few shots out there last time!

I know things get lost in translation so I'll clear it up for you..... SP said. " Me, MAC & Big Steve".......

Just to make sure everyone knows. I've booked us in on the SATURDAY 8TH AUGUST I didn't want us out in the middle of a comp ! Also a Saturday opens up pre game booze up and / or a after game booze up.  

PS. Don't forget the book Yorkie. Maybe you could add your top tip for playing well at the back? Suggestions... Do not get so hammered the night before you cannot remember what you did Do not go drinking with GM 'ers Do not drink any drink suggested to you by Mac Bit of a theme here......... 

does all the above apply to me too??  

Slight adjustment but count me in. Just have to check with junior and my bud, if they are in. So could be 3 or maybe just 2

More than welcome Minxy and everyone else can come and play out with the Musketeers.. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you end up naked, arrested or assaulted in any way, shape or form....or possibly all three...Minxy....

I'm defo in as I only had half a night out last time!  

You'd better have someone standing by with a little bit of sobriety and common sense. Do you think it will rain?

Taz wrote (see)

You'd better have someone standing by with a little bit of sobriety and common sense. Do you think it will rain?

Only if you turn up.

Tell you what, we'll both turn up.  You on?     

On a Saturday? Dream on. Far to busy playing at my home course.

It won't rain. Beware July though. You heard it here first. 

What is your home course, DD? You sound like you're far too exclusive to join us GM cyber golfers. How some people will never know the real GM!

Sale GC. Not at all bud, just that every Sat from now  till September there`s a comp on. Really looking forward to this year on the course.


Sale GC. Not at all bud, just that every Sat from now  till September there`s a comp on. Really looking forward to this year on the course.

You might get down from that 26 handicap then? 

Bout time they updated the website

I wish I was a 26 `capper, I`d clean up big style......

Yeah, well for someone who can play a bit, you sure act like a dick.

Hi guys, can anybody play? joined Westwood In February 2015, but haven't got a handicap yet, ( only been playing since dec 2014)

Yup. Sure can Richard. Did you play on Sunday in the medal?

Medal??? No  I haven't played in any comp yet. What time is tee off? I'll get some practice in and send a couple of cards in to get a handicap.

I could join you to mark a card with you if you want mate.   There is an excellent group of lads that play on a Saturday morning roll up at 9am. (Ask Jimmy the pro to introduce you) I sometimes join them if I'm not playing tennis that day, or am stuck to the bed. 

Just a bit of a heads up. I'll be asking for deposits soon.   

Ok Crazy, will raid the kid's piggy banks. Oh bother they are 40 and 38 year's old 

Is this happening august the 8th ? That rings a bell . Just let me know CF and  I'll sort some funds for you.