Westwood 2015

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Great snaps Taz.

God knows why I was captured like that. Only thing missing is a big black curly wig!

Great day (and night) out.

Seriously gutted I couldn't play out. But my sis loves me...
Next time eh!!!!!

Agreed Mac. I will ensure that next time only signed up members of the forum can win the TBM Sheild.

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Many many thanks to everyone for playing.I hope you all enjoyed the day. I certainly did. I look forward to next year !!!!!. Are we all ok with having this at Westwood or would we like a change? If people would like a change, we could ask Tiddy to host it at his place? Just a thought.

I've got a few more photos but can't get the to re-size to the required 250k. Any ideas?

Where does tiddy play?

Bandit GC!


Churchill wrote (see)

Where does tiddy play?



near mehico 

Tom...you've got mail !!!!!

I cant find it ! What did you send?

I've refunded your paypal ages ago but paypal says you haven't picked it up. I've never heard such rubbish, but that's the message I got. Did you get a refund or not?

I recieved nothing! Should i send you a request instead and see if that works?


Funny Yorkey  

Me thinks it will be at Westwood. That's where it started and so it shall continue.  PS It's in stunning condition at the mo with all this lovely weather. Has anyone told Taz?