GolfMagic Revitaliser Golf day @ The Nottinghamshire GC

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Jammy. I'm gonna have to pull out of this. I hope you all have a great day.

Shame...would be good to see

Shame...would be good to see you ... are you going on any "other side" events next year?

Food wise... an athlete, I'm happy with any and all of the food opitions. Any pick is good for me.

I hope this post works on my phone cos my latop gibs-out when I try to post in Chrome and Explorer just twists with "long running script" - doh!

One other thing... there a range there?

I'd like to hit a few fats, this and fading hooks ahead of my round just to build the confidence.


Chris, there is a driving range on the left hand side of the driveway, opposite the accomodatoin block, not sure on cost or if it's cash or tokens. 

The putting green is outside the pro shop and next to the first tee.

Park up and go in pro shop first, 


see you there


Great day out, the course was surprisingly dry. Not really a smash the driver course, more of a plot your way round. The scores showed one of two things, either we all played awful or it was tough out there due to the weather

Thanks to Ian and Chris for your company and to James for organising. 



Fun day out, even the sun

Fun day out, even the sun came out. alought the strong wind didn't rest for a moment...

Great to see everyone after far too long... really enjoyed the game . course is great nick for the time of year... quirky design makes it fun.

Thanks for organising .... well work the trip up to Notts! 

Anyone order some Wind!

Great Day at a Great Course.

Course was in fabulous condition, greens super quick and fairways looked awesome. As mentioned a plot your way round Course, though in the wind was more plot and guess. Said a lot for the 14th Par 3, 141yrds in to wind, 5 iron:-O

Great Fun and as to scores, well only 7 points between 1st and last, this says a lot, though scores as expected were not high, details below.

1st- AU Hooker 30 points 

2nd- Chris Curry 28 points on count back

3rd- Jahmoo 28 points

4th- Ian 27 points

last- Desperate Dan 23 points

Long Drive 4th- Chris Curry

NP 5th- Ian

NP 14th- Latin Dancer


Good venue and already commented that a return with less wind would be welcomed.

Thank You to GolfMagic for the nice donation of 1st and 3rd Prize.

Winner AU Hooker won himself a Masters addition Taylormade Stand Bag

3rd Jahmoo took home a 4 Ball Voucher to play at the Devere Wokefield Park. Game to be arranged for Spring 2018 when the Course is dry.

I will be planning next years game for May, watch this space.

Thanks Jamoo...

...for organising.

Great to see some of the old crew again and playing with Ian and Rob was a pleasure as always (apart from seeing their 3W's sail by my driver :'( ).

Couldn't fault the course. Superb nick and the snappin' was nice too (us athletes take notice of such things).

As my tash has gone along with what was left of my hair an avatar update has been suggested.

Some of the kinder suggestions were Buster Bloodvessel or Brian Glover. Some of the unkinder suggestions were the Vampire off Salem's Lot or the bald singer from The Flying Pickets - except prefixed with "A fat..."

Still got a cheeky dozen Vice balls to loose over the next couple of rounds and a DVD (yes long drive Champ here :-P ) to show me how to loose them!

Great day. Here's to the next time! :-)

Too right, when you stuck

Too right, when you stuck your head out of the car I didnt know it was you till you started talking! :-)