Who Fancy's a GM Meet + Greet! Anyone There???

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Who Fancy's a GM Meet + Greet! Anyone There???

Seems very quiet out there and I know why.

Nothing to talk about and no connection, why, no more meet and greets... I don't mean no more Piss Head get togethers, mean the old time meet + greets, where we all rock up for a game, prizes, food and chat. Followed by the spills on GM, banta memories and laughs. 

Appreciate putting these days together is a thankless task, I should know, but was always fun.

Anyone interested to try to get this going again... Could be a flop, but I'm willing if you are.


Add your name if interested, let's see if we can wake up some of the old lot, pi55 off Scotland and the deep North(well midlands is not middle Britain) ;-)


Let me know, we could try and fire up the belly of this once wonderful forum.



I'd be up for that

As long as it's a reasonably sensible drive, I'd be up for that

Where are you based Jahmo? 

Where are you based Jahmo? 

So many variables ....

Ultimately it depends on so many different things. Where it's located, what the course is like, price, time of year and whether I'm available during my holiday periods.

Forest of arden?

Its in the midlands?  North of me. 

There's been plenty of words

There's been plenty of words on here about how we got to the current state.

The great days may be behind this forum, but some people first corresponded with on here are now good friends,,,

No need for much debate... I know all you lot...just say where and when and the usual will attend 

So Many Questions.....

tom-33 Hampshire

BTatHome If I book it you can decide then ;-)

Ian sound like a plan.


I usually look at putting something together for October or March, winter rates and weather never too bad, so Price always competitive. Usually look Midlands/Nottinghamshire area, giving everyone a chance to make a journey. 

Warwick, Birmingham always a good start, yet a bit far for Scotland.

There is nothing stopping us lot getting together down south, where are you tom-33, I know BTatHome is local to me, Ian, you moved I think??? Why not get some local gatherings going, will only build from there.

Who owns the Shirt Of Shame... that so needs to come out of the closet, male and female version, think gran has the ladies.


October! To Soon???

Who would be interested in a game in October???

Mid month, 10 weeks away, be happy to put something together.


I snapped my crucial ligament in my knee mid January, so not even been on the course this year, but hoping to play 9-18 this coming week. Might be a hack but play I will. Let's have a look in to a game in October, I can always cancel if no one wants to play.

Yep sounds good

I should be available mid October,  sounds good Jahmo. 

can i come along?

if you don't mind playing on a Sunday I would highly recommend Brampton Heath, just off the A14 so handy for midlands, northampton, peterboro etc, you can normally get a fourball for £100. 

A little further North B'ham/Walsall Druids Heath could be a good choice.

Nearer Oxford/Banbury then Tadmarton Heath.


If you wish to take the chance with the weather there are plenty of decent qulity park land courses just of the M42


Open to all

Happy Hacker, would be good to get all who want to play play.

Brampton looks a great course, nearly played it last year, though rocked up on a comp evening, so was denied for good reason. Feel it is a bit low down, though as said good access all the same. Past experience is that the M6 is the road to the north with easy access from Sheffield and Manchester area. This also goes well for M1 and M40 for the south.

Druids Heath is a course I have been wanting to play in the past, 12-20 players would be around £50 each, Bacon Butties, Cof/Tea on arrival, 18 holes of Golf and 2 Course meal with prizes to end the day.

Lets get this started, see who fancies a knock mid October.



J, I have played Brampton in November and January and despite the wet weather the course is always playable, Sometimes they start on the 10th, to allow the 4th and 5th hole a bit off daylight as they are the holes that suffer the most when it's wet.

I have played Druids Heath twice, both times the course was in great condition despite torrential rain on one of my visits. 


£50 isn't too bad with food included, I'll leave it wiith you to start a new thread to gauge interest, count me in as long as it's a weeknd meet

I'm still alive and would

I'm still alive and would join a day out sometime in October (not the 5th). My old course at Lichfield Golf and Country Club is in good nick and not too demanding for us aged blokes....


another option

the Nottinghamshire (Cotgrove) wouldn't be a bad shout either

playable all year round and a good test, society deals available from £25, ticks plenty of boxes

Making some Calls

Driuds Heath is a no go, 13:30 T start, will mean limited time before sunset.

Warwickshire Earls 1pm tee on 15th and Kings midday start on 22nd.

Appreciate the shouts hh, will have a look tomorrow, have some time tomorrow to call a few clubs up, getting a decent T time on a Sunday is difficult, will look towards some clubs that cater towards Societies... rather than members:)

Also... nothing in writing yet, but might have some support from GM ref prizes... Calm down, let's see what numbers we can get together and see what happens from there.

Hope to post something tomorrow.


The 15th is a goer for me. 

Unfortunately I can't do the 22nd


Sorry tom-33 really difficult finding the right course at the right price and time, Warwickshire bit too far south.

Come on lad, cancel what you have on and join us on the 22nd!

Will see what I can do.

Fnding it difficult to get a decent tee time and price, but have a few options and will post a new thread shortly with details.


I did move...in 2009...near

I did move...in 2009...near Chepstow...