Are You Rejoining Your Club This Year?

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Are You Rejoining Your Club This Year?

Firstly, wow, someone has sorted this bloody place out at last!

So, who is rejoining their club this year? Have the fees been increased? Does this put you off? Do you get value? Do you just shell out the ackers regardless? Me? I'm swapping club yet again. it's been a tough decision as to which deal to go for, but I'm going for a club that has a points system and it's a VERY low cost compared to other clubs. It allows me to keep my H/C with comps on almost every day !!! Also they allow the wife to play alongside me during me playing in a mens comp. Yes I know! WTF eh? Also a mate who has never joined a club before is joining with me and another is switching clubs to join us. So this club will benefit from four new members albeit on their low membership but hey, it's FOUR NEW members!!!


I hope this forum can take off again. It's was so much better than the other shit hole forum.

It's good to see they've

It's good to see they've modified the site but unless somebody moderates this forum, cleans it up and gets rid of all the junk which, frankly, is all that is on here now then it won't be a usable place to come.

I'm not moving because, although it's not the cheapest in the area, it's well run, has a brilliant new head greenkeeper and is the best course for miles around. 

GM get some Mods on here to

GM get some Mods on here to tidy the place up

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Hi all , looks the place has

Hi all , looks the place has had a revamp for the better . Good stuff I'll have a look round later .  Anyway Ive been at my club for a few years and will be rejoining again . No increase as they are CASC registered which they are regetting but 1650 is about the limit I would pay anyway