Golf Club / Academy / School for an overseas student

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Golf Club / Academy / School for an overseas student


I write you from Spain.

I am trying that my 13 years old could study one or two terms in UK in a boarding (or day school with a British family) to improve his English language skills. In September he will start “Key Stage 9 (Y9)”

Nine months ago my son started affectionate golf; he received classes two years ago but he was focused in football. During the last nine months he has progressed reasonably; he is 20 now (he was 44 in September). He attends all the weekends to the junior golf school in our golf club. He enjoys a lot playing golf and attending classes with other juniors here in Spain.

My idea is that my son could share the academic education with the golf instruction during his days in UK. He likes golf so much and he could improve his golf skills and would be entertained and make good use of the time during weekends.

I have made a search of schools with golf courses. I have some names (around 20 schools; very expensive by the way…)

However I am trying to find golf clubs or golf academies in UK which have any kind of arrangement or cooperation with any school (Boarding or Day).

Other possibility is find a golf club (easy to be a member) or independent golf academy which have junior activities for mid handicappers like my son during workdays and weekends.

I know this a not easy information request but any advice would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance. 

Best regards to all

Javier I have sent you a PM.  

Any suggestions more? 

good question

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