Powakaddy C2 Compact

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Powakaddy C2 Compact

I bought a Powakaddy C2 Compact about 18 months ago. 

After 6 months of no issues, but the pernacity to tip up when set to run at auto, I was having a round of golf during frosty weather, and the ground being hard.

I set the trolley to run 15m towards the next tee, when it hit a bump and tipped up causing an impact where the 'handle' end hit the ground.

This caused the plastic mid bracket to collapse.

So, game over, and the full kit had to be retrieved to the club house.

On inspection, we saw that the plastic bracket was connected to the main chassis by 'plastic' connection lugs, which had sheared off.

It was sent back to Powakaddy, and repaired under the warranty.

We advised of the plastic connectors and enquired if they could be replaced with steel ones, to give it a better chance, no response.

Two weeks later, the trolley was returned, repaired, and I continued to use it.

After a further 12 months of use, again no further issues, I was playing in a competition at my local club, it was a wet day where I required my umbrella.

I put the umbrella in the Powakaddy umbrella holder whilst I went to take a shot.

A gust of wind however, blew the trolley over, again causing an impact against the ground.

You guessed it, the plastic lugs again sheared off, rendering the trolley useless.

So, that was me out of the competition, as I don't have the physical attributes to carry a  bag, the whole kit again having to be retrieved by some friends, back to the clubhouse.

I wrote to Powakaddy, telling them I thought they had a defective design issue with this plastic calliper and that I didn't want the Compact C2 back as it would possibly fail again for me in the future.

Powakaddy refuted my suggestion, advising that they had not had any issues elsewhere with it, repaired the trolley and sent it back to the Pro at my local club.

And there it has sat for the last 6 weeks, all nicely taped up in the Powakaddy packaging in which it came.

I refuse to have it back, as do Powakaddy!

My advice to you, steer clear of the Powakaddy Compact models.