Pro's and Con's of the driving range

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Pro's and Con's of the driving range
Recently i had a spell of going to my local course as i had no driving range to go to, but then World of golf opened up near to me and i though "great i'll get more practice". I now think that there is no better practice than acually getting on the course because at the range i cant have the tee to my height, cant make proper iron shots because you cant make a divot, cant hit shots into wind as you are confined to a small box and very few tee boxes are as perfectly level as a driving mat. these points may seem trival but they make a big difference to my game on the course, so i was wondering what other views people have on this subject.

We lost our practice ground to a driving range last year. Agree with most of what you say my gripes are that when it was a practice ground I used the same balls as I played with, so when practicing draws and fades could see exactly the amount I got, you cant take divots out of mats so you cant learn about the strike from the divot and you cannot practice short irons properly as you don't hit the ball the same off mats. My son had to give up playing for a month due to a wrist injury received through practicing on mats

The driving range I go to lets people have a choice so you can play of the grass in the summer if you want to. It's the only way of practicing your short game.

i think the range is for grooving your swing and muscle memory more than hitting epics but a great way to warm up for a match.

I agree totally with all points mentioned especially with the choice of balls. i can accept that driving ranges have to keep the cost down by using cheap balls so i dont groan about it to much but i use titleist balls and yes i have a high handicap but the more i use them the more feel i get so thus adding confidence to my game but when you thud a topflyte of the face of a 975D it does nothing for me ha ha

I don't know if it's just the range I go to but I swear they have a giant invisible net at 125 yards out because no matter what club you hit it always stops there!! It just drops out of the sky right on the mark! I'm not a range fan and preferred going to my local sports field to practice but the council have just turned it into stalag field 1 so I can't go down there now - range it has to be. I only hit driver and clubs I might have to use of the tee for the courses I play - can't hit off the mats to save my life. Due to the great net in the sky I only look for shot shapes rather than distance too!!

Its about to be lunch time for me and there is a driving range about 200 yrds up the road. I'm playing in my regular Saturday 3 ball tomorrow and I'll use this lunchtime to practice with the big stick. That way tomorrow morn I'll still feel the muscle memory and crush my opponents off the 1st tee!cackle cackle.......(fades away into the distance like a loon).

Just come back from the range.....I don't think that I'll be putting up much of a fight tomorrow. 2/3 of the balls were topped and the other 3rd were a mixture of hooks and slices. I seem to have developed the most jerky unnatural swing in history since last Sunday!

its because you went out looking for a fight with a range ball and lost lol.

10 Years After

I have found I can hit really well on the range - was getting to the back net (about 25yds past the 200yd mark) on most shots with my 3W last week.Pity this doesn't translate to the tee as every 3W shot off the tee in the same week barely made 180yds :((I've given up trying to hit the driver as it flies so low it hardly reaches 150yds)Are ranges so far out in distance markers? I don't think this one is as the 1st runs parallel to it and you can see the range markers correspond to the hole!Perhaps I need to measure the tee height on the range and then place mine at the same height? Or get some really crummy old balls to play with?

I wuz well and truly whupped. I didn't think that I'd get thru the bucket. It felt like the guy beside me with the Ernie swing was silently as he witnessed my pitiful flailing and resultant worm burners

my friend had a problem hitting his driver too so i went to the range with him and he hit a few, i noticed straight away that he was hitting down on the ball and it was barely going passed 97 yds no joke, so i said that he should tee the ball higher and inside of his left foot and he instantly melted one down the middle with a relative grin..... small changes make all the difference.

I'm an average driver normally and coz its a 400SZ, quite straight. I think I have too many swing thoughts gong on...low and slow, left shoulder under chin etc etc. Today was a mess. An unadulterated, xxx rated, shower of brown stuff.

How very odd. Started quite well on saturday morning. Nice drive off the 1st ( although a little right ). Nice pitch onto the green and 2 putt. Went crazy from then on. bogeys and doubles all the way until the last couple of holes when things " gelled " and everything just worked properly.Went out to the local recreation ground yesterday and practiced my LW SW PW and 9 iron. I found that very satisfying and very productive. Played 9 holes this morning and had 6 pars!

well i have been trying to get my friend to go to the range but to no avail, his missus wont let him go ....WHAT!!!! thats a laugh eh???????

How come I can get the rocks at the range to spin back with my wedge but not my normal playing balls.

PS2. World of Golf has got to be the best range I've ever been at. I use ranges alot but don't like them, they do for a quick 'fix'. Only been once when the kids were at a bowling party in Clydebank. Really good set-up what with the short game area and putting green. Need to go back soon.

No matter how hard I try to focus on the range, my practice soon becomes hopeless as I try to bash the balls over the rear boundary fence.I can reduce a four hour round (number of shots), to twenty wasted minutes on the range.

Ash - its just you mate.

The range is ok for a few driver shots, but useless for irons. If my range didnt have grass to hit off i wouldnt bother.

Our Course has just opened up a grass teeing area but its a

Range and course?? There

anyway where do you think VJ is when he is not playing ??counting his money ? :-)

Nah.. watching videos of Jimenez and Levet on the European Tour. :)

Ok ASH, you've got me interested. what on earth does "but the council have just turned it into stalag field 1 so I can't go down there now" refer to ? A STALAG field ?? Are you saying tony blair is now building german P.O.W. camps on the sly ? i think we should be told.

Check your South African history,we've been building them for years.

i wasent aware we'd built any recently in Gloucestershire however ?