The Official Ryder Cup 2012 Thread

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The Official Ryder Cup 2012 Thread

Golfmagic: As the discussion is well under way in this thread, we will make this the original Ryder Cup thread and attach it to any Ryder Cup-related articles we write along the way. Here is our handy Ryder Cup index.

Original post: I've been looking forward to this for ages and part of the fun for me is working out whose going to make the team, wild card picks, etc.

here's the current standings

1 Rory MCILROY 4,050,288.10 2 Justin ROSE 2,602,910.21 3 Graeme MCDOWELL 2,375,790.52 4 Paul LAWRIE 2,088,718.02 5 Francesco MOLINARI 2,062,525.67 6 Peter HANSON 2,022,431.76 7 Luke DONALD 1,885,170.56 8 Martin KAYMER 1,871,797.49 9 Nicolas COLSAERTS 1,735,223.95 10 Lee WESTWOOD 1,692,029.78 11 Gonzalo FDEZ-CASTA???O 1,613,602.38 12 David LYNN 1,547,127.76 13 Sergio GARCIA 1,502,772.60 14 Rafa CABRERA-BELLO 1,462,896.55 15 Alvaro QUIROS 1,377,894.58 16 Marcel SIEM 1,355,364.99 17 Ian POULTER 1,290,985.55 18 Thomas BJ???RN 1,178,359.61 19 Joost LUITEN 1,103,691.44 20 Jamie DONALDSON 1,096,895.04 21 Michael HOEY 1,095,082.73 22 Miguel Angel JIM???NEZ1,050,829.45

Now, I'm not sure if Westwood is going to make it automatically as I've looked online and he's not playing any events now leading up to RC. He's not listed as playing at Gleneagles, the last qualifying event and nor is he playing in next weeks Fedex tourny.

Garcia is doing well at the moment and may force his way into team on tonights play. So my theory is that Westwood may need a pick and Poulter would definately need a pick as he's too far down the list.

I don't hink Harrington deserves a pick on current form, and other that maybe in frame are Donaldson, Jimenez, Dyson, but what about somone who's redhot at the moment, Carl Petterson.........he's Swedish but with a very american he eligible to play for us as he's not listed on the european tour ?

the list is taken from the top 5 on the euro tour money list and the top 5 in the world rankings ,now go and have a look and you will see thay colesearts isnt in ,poulter is .  there is no one list that the team is selected from.

McIlroy, Rose, McDowell, Lawrie, Molinari, Donald, Westwood, Hanson, Kaymer, Poulter..... I think that's correct then ? Wild card for who ? Garcia, Jimenez..... can Petterson play for us as he's not registered for european tour ?

i think garcia will be a shoe in as he is currently leading the latest pga tournie.and he is playing some good golf lately. petterson isnt elidgeable to play as he isnt a member of the euro tour.  the other pick i would suggest will be colsaerts.  the weakest link in the team will be kaymer as he isnt performing to expected standards lately,his form is basically crap.

Funky wrote (see)

"petterson isnt elidgeable to play as he isnt a member of the euro tour" I think that's rediculous TBH, he's european and should be able to play


I agree, Kaymer has been shit for quite some time. Hopefully the occasion will bring the best out in him, if not, don't play him till singles.

some lethal fourballs there McIlroy/McDowell Westwood/Donald Rose/Poulter Lawrie/Garcia ?

carlejo wrote (see)

Funky wrote (see)

"petterson isnt elidgeable to play as he isnt a member of the euro tour" I think that's rediculous TBH, he's european and should be able to play


I'm pretty sure that during the commentary of the USPGA they said that Carl Petterson has taken US citizenship. He therefore qualifies to play for either team.

You need to be an american citizen from the age of 18, alternatively you need to be born in europe and you need to be a member of the european tour.  So in fact he cant even be picked for either team.  

It was mentioned on tv that if Petterson won the PGA major which I think would have catapulted him into contention that he could be granted honorary life membership of the European Tour which would then get round the problem. Not sure how well that would of gone down with his peers.

Taken from wikipedia   Carl Pettersson (born on 29 August 1977) is a Swedish professional golfer who is a member of the PGA Tour. He has won five times on the PGA Tour, making him Sweden's joint most successful player alongside Jesper Parnevik. Pettersson carries dual citizenship after having become an American citizen in January 2012.1]   [edit Amateur career Pettersson was born in Gothenburg. His father was a Volvo executive who was transferred internationally, so Carl lived in England from ages 10 to 14 and spent his last two high school years at Grimsley High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, in the United States. He went on to attend North Carolina State University. After he won the European Amateur in 2000, Pettersson turned professional. [edit Professional career

Petterson is not a member of the European Tour, hence he cannot qualify in his own right to be an automatic member of the European team. He is, however, Swedish, therefore if Olazabal wanted to choose him as a Captain's pick, he would be entitled to do so and Petterson could play. Personally I think he'd be a far more worthy team member than all of Garcia, Kaymer and Harrington, all of whom the yanks would be very happy to be drawn against in any form of the matches. My feeling is the Yanks to win this by a big margin this time around, I'm going for 18-10,(or whatever the total is )

Because Petterson is not a member of the European Tour he can't be picked.

Sergio is one shot clear at -16 after 11 in the final round at Greensboro (rain delayed). Leader in the club house is at -13. SG needs a first or second place to guarantee Ryder Cup place! There are 7 others within 3 shots still on the course. Hotting up!  

Sergio's in!

And Colsaerts can qualify at Gleneagles this week - jet lag permitting! Not sure where he has to finish but think it is top two (something about tied second with no more than two other players - I think). Kaymer would then be pushed out of automatic qualifying just as Poulter just has been.. So those in: Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Graeme McDowell, Paul Lawrie, Francesco Molinari, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Peter Hanson and Sergio Garcia. Colsaerts to qualify? And picks of Poulter and...? Suppose what I'm saying is, assumming Poulter is a cert, would you pick Colsaerts if Kaymer qualifies? And for me a trickier question, would you pick Kaymer if Colsaerts qualifies?!

Ryder Cupdate ahead of the Johnnie Walker now attached to this thread - or click here to read it. McIlroy, Rose, McDowell, Lawrie, Molinari, Donald, Westwood, Hanson and Garcia definitely in. News on who can take the tenth spot in the article. My picks are Poulter and Colsaerts/Harrington.

AP wrote (see)

Ryder Cupdate ahead of the Johnnie Walker now attached to this thread - or click here to read it.

Colsaerts and Olesen for me - let's put the wild back in wild card. Sergio qualifying does Harrington a big favour, as I'm sure Olly would have gone with Sergio and Poults as his picks. Although Poults did so well at the PGA and has a great RC record, so you can't leave him out. But Colsaerts is a better pick than Harrington, let's hope Nico can finish top 2 at Gleneagles and oust Kaymer. Or that Kaymer falls on his own sword. One thing the article highlights - when you look at the next 10 in the Euro list, it puts paid to Monty's assertion 2 years ago that a Euro second string would still win.

If it stays as it is I think Ole will go for Poulter and Colsaerts. Poulter is a great matchplay player and a natural partner for Rose and is also in good form at the moment. Colsaerts won the Volvo matchplay earlier this year and is also playing well; the course is also very long so should play into his hands. Harrington isn't in any form at the moment and doesn't have a great RC record, he was a pick last time probably because he gets on with Monty but he's no friend of Ole's. Whatever happens it will be tight, a few of our big names, Donald, Westwood, Molinarie and Kaymer (assuming he makes it) aren't in the best form at the moment and it's on home soil for the US. They'll have a very patriotic following and after Azinger's efforts in the US last time they now know that it's a team event. Also after all the hype etc we only won by 1 point last time!! 

in all honesty i really cant see us winning the cup in chicago ,and i think we will do well to get within six points of the yanks.  i really hope im wrong but we have so few players who are on their game at the moment that its hard not to see it any other way.

I think we will win, only just, but the RC certainly brings out the best in our players.... we have got potential for very good fourballs, not so much in foursomes, but I'm still not too worried about that format as the yanks really don't like alternate shot.  I've seen it before, if playing foursomes and one of their players are a bit wayward they seem to 'blame' their team mate, rather than sort of saying 'don't worry buddy, we will pull through, etc'. Typical example was Woods and Mickleson, after a bad shot off leftie Woods looked at him at must of been thinking 'WTF, where have you put me now for my shot'........ europe always play as a team, the yanks are only just learning how to

David Lynn is not a happy boy this morning. Here's why.

Not sure if Harrington would a snowball in hells chance after finding this. I knew something had gone on but I didn't know what until I did some digging. Pádraig Harrington has history with the Spanish Armada and it appears it could come back to sink his Ryder Cup wildcard hopes this week. While he says he has a “good relationship” with European Ryder Cup skipper José María Olazábal, many recall their public falling during the 2003 Seve Trophy at El Saler. Whether or not Olazábal still guards any resentment is not public knowledge but Sergio Garia, who lost majors to Harrington in 2007 and 2008, is certainly no big fan. (Both Harrington and Garcia have spoken of their differences over the years.) When asked on the eve of The Barclays if the “bad blood” between Olazábal and Harrington regarding the Seve Trophy row could see him overlooked for a wildcard even if he was playing better than another potential pick, the man from Borriol did little to offer the Dubliner any hope at all. Asked what he thought about Europe possibly not putting out its best team, Garcia said: “I am sure José is going to pick whoever he thinks is best for the team. I don’t know if that includes Harrington or not. So we’ll see.“I know José will do the best thing for the team and if that includes Harrington, that will be fine. If not, there are a lot of other guys who are playing very, very well too. “I don’t think he’s a sure pick personally. He wouldn’t be a sure pick for me!”   In a crucial singles on that fateful day at El Saler, Harrington wanted the referee to rule whether Olazabal was allowed to repair two pitch marks on the line of his eight-foot putt on the third green. While Harrington looked around for the referee to intervene, Olazabal went ahead anyway and did his repair work. And when Harrington mentioned it before continuing with his own putt, Olazabal, feeling his integrity was being questioned, conceded the hole and marched to the next tee. Harrington insisted that was not the case but the Spaniard wasn’t listening. The remaining 15 holes were played in stony silence as the incident festered. And despite the efforts of Harrington to appease the situation, Olazabal stiffly refused to accept his explanation. It didn’t help that Harrington forced a half point from their match on the final green with a four-foot birdie putt, enough for Britain and Ireland to retain the trophy 15-13. For around 15 minutes beside the 18th green, the pair were locked in animated conversation. Olazabal refused to accept all efforts — including those by captains Seve Ballesteros and Montgomerie — to secure a peaceful settlement. Harrington later said: “It’s not worth losing a friend over but we had 15 very awkward holes. I was not trying to question his integrity but that’s what he thought and I can 100% see his side. “I certainly won’t be celebrating tonight and it’s not the way I would have liked to get a half.” All Olazabal would say was: “We had a difference of opinion and I’m not going to waste any more time talking about it.”

Just read that as well and was not aware of it.  Would suggest Harrington ain't got a chance of a wild card even is he was playing well, which he ain't.  See Johnnie Walker tournament is bubbling up nicely and if I'd know it was £5 for Friday then would have taken a wander there......I think that is waht I read but sure someone will correct me if wrong. In the Olazabal thread also read this...... "In 1991 at Kiawah Island, Paul Azinger and Chip Beck switched between balls of differing compression in a way that broke the "One-Ball Condition" Rule. Ballesteros and Olazabal suspected an error, but as they did not alert the referee before playing the next hole, they could not claim the hole under Rule 2-5. The incident has ever since caused bad blood between Azinger and Seve." Premeditated cheating.  They obviously knew the rule existed, kept it quiet (ie didn't announce that they were changing the ball) as they would have got penalised accordingly.  And I thought golf was an honourable game.  Not surprised Seve was annoyed.  

Im not sure if it's premeditated cheating?... maybe they thought it was ok, I remember the incident quite well. And yes, it's £5 today(friday only) for the Johnnie Walker

RYDER CUP FANS! I have attached to this thread an index page, which you will also find on the first carousel slot on the Golfmagic homepage. It is a record of all the stories we are writing regarding the Ryder Cup. Enjoy.

Well, if Harrington was on blazing form...he would be a Captains' pick in my opinion, regardless of the former spat. However, his game is still delicate and I can't see him getting the nod unless he does something special soon. According to the latest sport's article Garcia has now got the 9th slot, courtesy of his recent PGA win. This means that only one slot is available with two picks. The smart money is on Poulter and Colsaerts getting the nod, unless either of them qualify automatically. The US and European teams look closely matched with the US team based on the top 12 in the PGA rankings slightly stronger if you use the World Rankings as a benchmark. However, the European team is full of experienced Ryder Cup players with Colsaerts probably the only rookie. Not sure how much experience counts, but I felt our 1999 Ryder Cup side was weakened because of too many rookies.  

Yes, totally.

Can't really see who else he could have picked.

Seems like a good pair

No arguments or surprises

I'm happy

Probably the easiest captain's picks ever.

Well we could not have a Ryder cup without Poults.He believes in himself and always deliver. Colsearts has been playing well so I guess that the captain had easy picks. Annoyed that I did not get the call

They seemed the obvious choice and captain olly was never going to pick Harrington, who imo doesn't deserve to be there anyway, he was lucky to be picked in 2010.

I totally agree with your Yorkshire pudding. I think Harrington got the sympathy vote in 2010.

Agree with the picks and was a no brainer.. really looking forward to the RCupshould be epic!  

SuperHacker wrote (see)

Well we could not have a Ryder cup without Poults.He believes in himself and always deliver.

Huge +1.

Hope Kaymer can get back some form, now can't wait until it starts. And yes agree with the WC picks.

Was anyone else slightly disappointed that there was no controversy, a la Monty/Harrington? And how about the Americans? Andy and I called Watney as a pick earlier in the year. Is a win at The Barclays enough?

I think if Watney finishes in the top 5 this week he's in at the expense of Mahan. The other 3 picks I think will be Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and the last pick between Brandt Snedeker & Dustin Johnson depending where they finish in relation to each other this week.

i think the yanks have got a far more awkward choice to make than we had, there must be at least six guys whom you could argue a case for,  dustin johnson ,class act and big fan favourite, fowler ,huge fan base and very popular with love.  furyk ,can he be left out ,i dont think so. watney ,bang in form and is high on loves list.  snedeker,solid player and is currently showing decent form  and stricker,so much the mr consistant on the pga tour. another good choice.  who would i choose? Fowler Furyk  Johnson  Stricker    

Can't disagree really, Funky. Furyk's Ryder Cup record isn't brilliant, but he's a huge favourite and very reliable. Stricker's an absolute lock in for me, and I would say Fowler will almost definitely get the nod. Then, for me, it's between Johnson and the in-form Snedeker. Though another good week for Watney makes it very difficult. Here's an interesting video we had sent from Golfing World. AP writer Doug Ferguson discusses the names we all have - but also throws in a couple of curveballs.

Some new stories you may have missed... Rory says he "will be heard" at Medinah: Bernard Gallacher tells Andy about his hopes and fears for the Ryder Cup: And we love this one... Poulter says the U-S-A chant fires him up:

AP in your interview with Poults did you ask him my question would he rather sink the winning putt in the Ryder Cup or win a major?

Is it not about time the Ryder Cup teams are selected on the same format ie 2 or 4 Captains' picks each? 

American captain Davis Love has confirmed his four wildcard picks. Click here to find out who he opted for. Do you agree with his selections?

Again no real surprises for Love's picks, exception being Snedeker getting the nod over Fowler. I thought Rickie did exceptionally well at the last Ryder Cup, plus he is now a seasoned campaigner in a team with a few rookies. Bring it on. 

Hunter Mahan is feeling empty after not receiving a wildcard pick from Davis Love.  Click here for his reaction ahead of this week's BMW Championship at Crooked Stick. 

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