Trespass on a golf course?

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Trespass on a golf course?
Whilst playing my monthly medal on the weekend we came across two boys on the course who had obviously came onto the course without permission, as they were messing around on the same hole for some time. Is this illegal? Is it a criminal offence to trespass on a golf course without paying? Or is it a civil offence of trespass? Or neither? I'm sure a lot would depend on whether it's a private or public course. Could a private course, privately owned, get them arrested and/or ban them from the course?

Shotgun usually works.Or set the dogs on 'emHanging's too good for 'em. Bury them up to their heads in a bunker and let the rabbits at 'em.Evan -- why 'obviously came onto the course without permission' - were they playing or pratting about?

If they were pratting about: "Oy! F**k off you two's" does the trick.

I think they were playing the course, but not very seriously by the looks of it.

Reminds me of the old joke..."How do I get to play Augusta?"...Climb the fence and give the 1st and 18th a miss!

Be careful! Telling them to bugger off, or threatening to batter them may get them off the course, but it may also lead to your tees & greens getting vandalised after lights out.

We have a Fred, Fred (the marshall) would sort 'em out, just tell him that there's a couple of interlopers and he will zoom off in his cart and round 'em up.

Evan its not worth the bother,if they're not doing any damage you'll only provocate a response.

Al isn't that the typical seniors response your coming away with.

Sorry Reloader --- your point is?

Trespass is a civil offence (unless they've caused any damage when it becomes criminal), the club could take out a civil action against them and get a restraining order. This assumes that the club owns the land and there aren't any public rights of way across the course. Being a civil offence then the police will not be interested in arresting the offenders but might agree to be present whilst they're ejected from the course by club officials.

Bloody hell Al, it's only a couple of kids messing about. If they're not doing any harm just let them enjoy it. Did you never bunk in somewhere when a kid?Or you could always ask them to join you for the rest of the round. ;-)

What happens if someone is deliberately playing on the course without paying? What would most privatley owned clubs do? Does public rights of way make a difference?

My club is paticularly plagued with this problem. I the last ten years buildin has brought houses right up to the boundries of the course.No problem with that ( I actually bought a house on one of the two estates). The problem lies with an historic right of way, which encourages the kids to stray from the path and come onto the course. Many solutions have been tried, letter drops to local residents and schools warning of civil action etc all to no avail.One evening last summer, two young children were digging in a bunker on the third green. I pointed out the error of their ways as strong as I dared and was rewarded by the comment that

Bloody kids!

Thanks Alan.Just to put matters into perspective the majority of the kids do little or no damage, but the trickle of one or two sometimes escalates and is disruptive. Also the junior members question why they have to pay green fees, adopt the dress code etc, while other kids are allowed to play for free.

The course where I was a member had a problem so bad that they employed a security guard to patrol the far end of the course when it was getting late!The little buggers used to wait til he had gone and then sprayed smiley faces on the greens!!! (they were not playing golf or football, just bored little vandals)I think it got rid of the freeloadersDerek,Perhaps this is the way for your club to go over the nice summer nights, just to warn off some of those who don't know that they should not be there? Might save the club a fortune!!!

Bernard I have only been with the club 18 months, the problem has been on going for years.A security guard was employed with similar results (it became a game,a challenge), in the end the club gave up the battle. There will always be generations of new recruits for the vandals. I can now look forward to an extra levy on my subs until the loans to pay for the new holes are cleared.

couldnt you just remove them as a loose impediment, in doing so to keep the course looking prestine throw them into a pond, where without doubt not only would the overall condition of the course improve, they may find some extra lakeballs whilst in there, and if they handed them over then whose to mind.