Upgrading phone - any recommendations!

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Upgrading phone - any recommendations!

My contract ends next week and I am looking to upgrade from the battered old Nokia 6120 that I have been using for years.

You chaps (and chapesses) seem to be pretty well gen'ed up on the current technology so I thought I would ask for some recommendations. Quite interested in checking out the free golf apps so GPS would be useful.

My current contract is with Three and I'm in no hurry to change. Their options are:

HTC Desire/Hero/Wildfire

Sony Satio/X10/X10 mini pro

Samsung S/Galaxy Portal

Nokia X6/E72

Blackberry Bold 9700

They have also just started doing the iPhone but I'm not that keen. I get a really good loyalty discount from Three as I have been with them for quite a long time. I am almost certain that they will not extend that to the iPhone due to its popularity.

Anyone using any of the above (with or without golf apps) and recommend/warn off?

Many thanks!

If you are on Three UK then its a no brainer, get onto upgrades and get yourself a Desire. I've got one and its brilliant. Don't know what your current tarrif is but I got mine for £17 a month with the Desire for nothing

Nickwhy would you go for the HTC desire rather than the Samsung Galaxy S?

I've been researching phones (sim free) as I'm going to buy one for my wife's xmas. The iPhones and Galaxy Ss of this world are too expensive, the phone that ticks all the functionality boxes, meets my price band, and gets consistently great reviews is the HTC Wildfire. If I were pushing the boat out, I'd look seriously at the Desire.I think Android will soon overtake OS4 (iPhone) in terms of apps and support?I have an iPod Touch, which is essentially the iPhone without the phone, so am aware how great a device that is and there are some fantastic apps. But my mate has the iPhone, and he describes it as a toy "as a phone, it's sh*t" he remarked. So depends what you're looking for in a phone, I guess.

Paul L 11 wrote (see)

Nickwhy would you go for the HTC desire rather than the Samsung Galaxy S?

exactly the sort of thing that I am trying the find out Paul!I am on a very good deal with Three. I basically have a loyalty discount of £25 per month. This means that my 500 Talk/Text deal costs me a fiver. I added unlimited internet/Skype etc to that for another 5, so only pay £10 a month.Just spoke to the Upgrade dept and they say I can have a free upgrade to any phone in their range, or pay £189 and get an iPhone. Rather keep the cash and spend it on something useful...hmmmm....new putter season coming up!

Galaxy S is more poweerfull in some respects but the common opinion of most seems to be the Desire is still the one to go for, it is powerfull and the Sense UI that HTC bolt ontop is meant to be super slick - it is rated better than the IPhone by many people who have had both.I'm 3 months away from contract end and will be going Desire unless something comes out in the meantime (there are rumours of the Desire HD mid sept but that will have a bigger screen which maybe makes it TOO big)

After much thought and pondering and following good advice on this forum I got the HTC Desire, and am very happy with that decision.  I thought I had no use for a smartphone, but after only two months would not want to go back.  The Desire is right up there in terms of spec, along with the X10 but the Galaxy S just pips them both in the latest reviews.One big drawback of the current crop of smart phones is reading the screen in sunlight.  It seems the Galaxy S has got this sorted (almost), so if a GPS is a main requirement then perhaps this should figure in your choice.

^^ The desire was using an OLED screen which is great but not so great in sunlight, I have heard that there is a shortage of OLED screens at the moment so they were making them LED with the new batch so you may not have the issue of reading them in the light with a new one.

Steer clear of the Satio, whilst it takes decent photos for a phone pretty much everything else is garbage on it!Another one to throw in the mix would be the Nexus One, pretty much on a par with the Desire.

If you can live with the size of the Desire that's the one to go for.  Iphone 4 has yet to prove that it can make calls successfully.  If you can live without the size, speed and complexity of the Desire then try the Wildfire.One slight word of caution with all smart phones is that you will take time to get it tweaked and set up just right for you.  There wil be the "what did I do without apps" that will take time to find and install but the Desire has all the basic elements to be a very good phone, PDA, GPS, satnav, golf buddy etc.If I had the option it would be the Desire, then Wildfire then Galaxy S (it is big).Spent the last 2 months trying teh Desire, Wildfire, Galaxy S, Iphone 3GS amd Iphone 4.My son got a 3GS for his 18th and loves it and my wife likes her Wildfire but would never use the capabilities of the Desire and would also suggest it would be too fast for her.

okay, it looks like the Desire is getting the nod based on comments so far.

Good decision

Clonski - why unlocked/branded. Surely that is just for resale. I will probably be using the phone for 18 months and with the amount of travelling I do and abuse the phone gets the resale value at the end probably wouldn't be worth bothering with! I still have a rubber nokia 5140i which I use in Africa. Just stick a local SIM in it and away you go. Remains the best phone that I have ever used!

Nothing to do with resale value. Two reasons;1. the mobile operators add their own bloatware to the phone. Most of it is useless, some of it is downright annoying. Some even prevents you using other, generic apps (I think Orange have replaced Google maps with their own mapping software). Most importantly it wastes valuable space (you can't delete the operator apps). 2. HTC released Android 2.2 (FroYo) for vanilla Desire's a few weeks after Google announced it. Not one UK mobile operator has yet released their branded version. Most are still not giving release dates.  If your happy to simply use the phone out of the box, then fine, a branded one may be OK. If you get the bug and want to customise you might be a bit hampered. Take a look on Android forums then decide. HTH ETA; there's even a Facebook group for Orange owners to vent about their branding of Android handsets

My old nokia was getting tired so rang 3 - found out contract had expired and they offered me any standard phone at £12/month ( i don't use it much so 100 mins/texts)told them i could get Blackberry for £15/month on virginTold her i'd rather get the Blackberry and she offered me Nokia E63 for £12/monthThreaten to leave and they'll do a deal

Service providers just love branding their logo and other bloatware onto such phones.  Ergo Vodafone did a "release" of the much hyped HTC update on the Desire except that it wasn't.  Made the Vodafone Desires slower and with logos all over them and also used a lot or memory.  Cue a lot of disatisfied users and a week later it got removed.You want an unbranded, unlocked phone that is updated by the manufacturer.Would you want to buy a brand new BMW that gets it's computer software updated by the garage you bought it from or by BMW, free of charge, as and when BMW thought it pertinent to do so?

Just to chime in, I went thru a similar process a few months back. Ended up with a HTC Desire and I'm very impressed. Its the first touch screen phone I've had and for basic calls and texts it IMHO better than a standard keypad.Apps wise has also been a huge plus. The Sat Nav and range finder (using Go Planet Golf these days) are great, and there are loads more Im finding useful. I've turned off 'FriendsStream' and any auto update apps, so battery life is much better than I expected.The screen is pretty hard to read in bright sunlight, tho using your hand to create a shadow sorts that.

I went into the Vodafone shop intending to come out with a Desire but, after trying it next to an iPhone outside in really bright sunshine, I just couldn't see the screen.  Ended up with an iPhone and currently use the GolfShot GPS app which is very good.  As for calls, I've had no issues with it for the 6 weeks I've had it - maybe I'm lucky? 

A friend bought the wildfire recently and I was so impressed I got one for the wife. Easy to use, light, powerful, syncs with exchange, gps. Looked at the Desire too but the extra performance seemed unwarranted for her needs and it also effects battery life.

okay - so how do I go about getting an unbranded/unlocked phone from Three?

Them: we are delighted to send you a brand new Desire smartphone, hope that you enjoy it

Me: that's great. Many thanks. Just one thing though...would it be possible to have one that doesn't have any of your crap on it. Ta

Them: eh! (or Indian equivalent)


Them: no problem. we keep a supply for special customers and if we have run out I'll order you a SIM free one from amazon myself

Which is more likely to happen! Surely they want all their stuff on it because if I make use of it they generate income. They are already giving me a top of the range phone + calls and internet for

My Blackberry gave up the ghost a few weeks ago - the trackball was a nightmare meaning that scrolling became impossible.I had 6 months to run on a contract, so rather than pay O2's cancelleation fee (£300), or buy a handset SIM free, I have taken a new contract with Orange and got an iphone 3gs free - it's effectively cost me 6 months payments on my old contract.I looked at the HTC range, but to be honest the apps are nowhere near as extensive as the iphone range. Once I'd researched the two, there was no contest, and I am absolutely delighted with my new phone.The GPS golf apps available are first class, and I have spent the last two weeks downloading various other apps from iTunes - the list is absolutely endless, from the quirky to the must haves.I've no regrets at all. 

i too are going to be going through this myself in the next few weeks,ive been with vigin for the last(nearly)18 mths,and the contracts up soon.i pay £8.50 p/mth with a phone 100 mins/100 text,the phone i had was a l g slide type thing with a qwerty keyboard,sadly it only managed to last approx 2 weeks because my BLOODY DOG ATE IT.so i obtained a very old htc smart phone which i unlocked and have been using,loads of stuff even on my old decrepbid phone that i do not understand/use.but have been wondering about the new htc desire????whether i can sort out a good deal or not is another thing?.

just read that Golfshot is now available on Android phones, previously iPhone only. Looks good!

NickdeBug wrote (see)

just read that Golfshot is now available on Android phones, previously iPhone only. Looks good!

As long as the phone doesn't have a compass fitted )

On my third IPhone on O2. Brilliant IMO and the HD video on the IPhone 4 is very very impressive.Very handy if you use it with the ISwing app. I have a mint cond black 3GS 32GB for sale, if anyones interested,. Offering it for £320 Shipped Special Delivery to a confirmed UK address. Its on O2 but can be unlocked from their site for free. PM me if interested

I am just on sim only but have been offered the HTC Desire on Orange at £17.50 per month with 600 minutes, unlimited text and 500gb download.I would get the Desire over the iPhone for the simple reason the software is more open and I am less tied into iTunes for everything.  Plus it is cheaper to buy and the contracts are cheaper.  The iPhone is good but I really don't think it justifys the premium.

I think if they were the same price then I would probably get the iPhone. I have had an iPod (mainly for travel and the gym) for years and find the interface second to none.

But...I don't think that there is

NickdeBug wrote (see)

just read that Golfshot is now available on Android phones, previously iPhone only. Looks good!

I have it on the iphone - £17.50 with no additional subscription, very accurate and records all sorts of stats for you.I prefer GPS over laser every time because if you are out of sight of the green a laser isn't worth a wet w*nk.

Bronty - how much "connection" time is there using the iphone through a round? I am in Spain, with a UK iphone, don't want to break the bank!Oh - I also have a Nikon laser - never got excited enough to have a dry one, let alone wet!

The Iphones are a must have for many people, so you get a good price and a quick sale when you upgrade. Its the second time giys have bought them for their daughters at

Galaxy S is great and the battery seems to last for ever, even using gps for a round of golf yesterday plus texting a wee bit of youtube video play etc. I still have half battery since yesterday morning. Now that is good going from a smart phone!

After doing the rounds of which phone should I get I pumped forth Desire. Main reAsons were the free apps you could get such as Sky Maps. I also got mine unbranded through th Car Phone Warehouse.

Wife got the Xperia X-10 but is not as happy as I am.

apparently there is a HTC Desire HD coming out soon. Not sure if it's worth waiting for that or just going ahead with the current one. 3 Network are notorious for not getting new releases as quickly as other networks (probably how they keep their overheads down) so I might be waiting a while.

As someone who still thinks the ability to check the cricket scores on my phone is seriously high tech I am probably going to be fine with the existing one! It's fun being a techno-tart though

I know absolutely nothing about phone processors android etc. but I've recently got a Nokia X6 on contract 200 mins 1000 texts and unlimited web access for £20 per month on virgin. I chose it because I can't afford an iphone and I didn't particulary want a massive chocolate bar sized phone in my pocket. The X6 is primarily a music phone, it has a great music player and a very good sat nav. Unfortunatley Nokia Ovi Apps are very poor. I use Freecaddie on the course but to be honest not that often. It's all good and well knowing I've got 175 yards to the pin but with my 18 handicap it problably only goes where it needs to on a few occassions. The freecaddie seems pretty accurate though and I would recommend to others especially the pro which plots shot distance, distance to hazards etc.

okay - now I've got some time off I have finally got around to sorting this out.Best offer from Three on the HTC Desire:1200 Xnetwork minutesunlimited textsunlimited internet (which is curiously limited to 3GB per month)+ 100 picture messages£20 incAny good or should I be holding out for better?

Better than any other offer i have seen by a  mile, Snap their hands off and order it.

Been looking at a few recenty - Nokia's N8 is coming out soon, that looks awesome. Aside from that, the Desire and motorola's new offering, the xt720 looks strong too.

Snap their hands off nickdebug! I've got the wildfire on 3 and its so simple and effective.
Good luck with the picture message though - I've yet to find out how to send a picture that actually uses one of my allowance!
It either comes out of my internet allowance, or costs me 25p!

NickdeBug wrote (see)

okay - now I've got some time off I have finally got around to sorting this out.Best offer from Three on the HTC Desire:1200 Xnetwork minutesunlimited textsunlimited internet (which is curiously limited to 3GB per month)+ 100 picture messages£20 incAny good or should I be holding out for better?

Where was this offer?  It seems to be a cracker!

should be £35 per month, but they have offered a £15 a month loyalty discount. Called them back and couldn't understand a work the guy was saying so requested that the woman I spoke to this morning calls me back tomorrow.Judging by your reactions I think that I will just go for it and stop being such a miser

Just had the call back (these people must work long days as I spoke to her at 9.30am this morning).Final deal - all the above, including 2000 landline minutes + £25 voucher for the Three accessory store£17.50 per month24 month contract but pretty happy. Not sure if I could use that many minutes if I tried.Now where's that golf app...

Bit of a threadjack, but oh well....... Public Service Announcement I upgraded HTC One X (on 3) last month. A friend warned me that there was a known wifi reception issue on that model (I've since found youtube videos on it and, more impotantly, how to find out - for the non-techie like myself). I emailed HTC prior to purchase, for reassurance. A small number of handsets have a problem, they said, but we don't know which. Just take it back if you have a problem. I asked in the 3 shop is they could reassure me (as the phone itself got rave reviews, except for the wifi thing). The staff there said they'd never heard of the problem - indeed, one of the staff had a one x, and proclaimed it the best thing since sliced bread. Again, just bring it back if there's a problem, they said. So I bought one. My own fault, but I didn't find out until this week how to find out if there was a problem (because wifi and network overlap, I could mostly get internet access). What I hadn't realised was that, if I had to rely solely on wifi, I got nothing. So I emailed HTC again. We think we know which phones it affects now, they replied. Serial nos starting with SH23, SH24, HT23, and HT24. Mine was one of the affected batches. I phoned the 3 store on Tuesday (one month to the day since purchase). They checked my details on their computer, so I presume the knew when I'd bought it. Bring it back for exchange, they said. I took it back this afternoon, to be told "away for repair, or nothing - you're outside your month since purchase". So repair holidays it has gone. It had better come back immaculate as it went. I am now sans phone (and therefore internet, save for occasional forays from this desktop) for possibly a fortnight (my new micro SIM won't fit in my old phone). So be warned - the One X is an awesome phone, but some handsets have a serious flaw (serial nos posted earlier). Search Google or youTube for fuller details. Let my lesson help others.

If they were gonna send back to htc for repair then you should of just sent it yourself. They send DHL to pick and return in about 3 days ... All tracked online.

How am I supposed to know that?

Because you're meant to ask on here first of course! GM has all the answers to all lifes problems.  

Jeez, sorry mate, I'll keep quite.

No offence intended, BT

well in the last few weeks ive upgraded to the new galaxy 3. and there are times where it apears to have turned itself off,i get no response from it at all,so i have to take it apart and remove the battery and reboot it,once done works fine again until next time. any1 else had the same problem, if no response here ill post up on the xda developers forum.

My mate has the S2, and that freezes from time to time. That, plus my previous good experience with the Wildfire, led me towards the One X. (Awaits Mac, with his "shoulda gotta iPhone" post.......)

The one x is leagues ahead of the wildfire. Most phones have teething problems and the iphone is no different even though they only have one model of phone to deal with.. The problem with android is they always tend to release the new upgrade before its fully ready for all the different phones it will get used on but they tend to iron them out after a few weeks. just dont be the first to update the software.

Not software on the One X, YP - hardware. The wifi (aerial, for want of a better word) is a postage stamp-sized copper plate attached to the inside of the rear cover of the handset. It is not hard-connected to the wifi antenna built into the phone's circuitry - it merely connects by dint of the cover being fitted tight to the gubbins. However, on some phones (supposedly HT and SH 23 and 24 serial no. ones), the aerial barely, if at all, makes physical contact. Hence no wifi, unless you're standing right next to the router. A blob of solder fixes it perfectly (also demonstrated on youTube), but this would invalidate the warranty........