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I haven't posted in a while.  I've had some health issues, namely a hip replacement and triple heart bypass.  All the H's.  They say things happen in threes - I can't wait for the hernia!

I'm slowly making my way back.  I've started playing in 9 hole social comps and liesurely 18 hole rounds.  I get very tired and sweat uncomfortably to do much more at the moment.  But I'm looking forward.

I'm thinking about balls.  I still have some ProV1s which I like but the price on these has gone up astronomically.  I'm looking seriously for an alternative that will cost less and give me about the same.  I know it's a tall order but talking with others of the same standard, (playing around 5), they all seem to be of the same mind.

So guys any suggestions?

I'd be interested to hear your opinions and costs.

I saw some Srixon AD333s in SportsDirect today at £30.00 for 2 dozen.  What are they like?

I've been out of the loop so long now, I haven't a clue.

Well back!

Well there are some worth things than a hernia that begin with H lol. 

Sorry to hear about your ailments but if you're looking at balls, lot of nice ones out there now at reasonable prices.  The Srixon AD333 are well liked so a good choice.  

You could also look at 

  • Srixon Soft Feel/UltiSoft
  • Wilson DX2/DX3
  • Callaway Supersoft
  • Bridgestone E6

The trend nowadays seems to be towards softer feeling golf balls. 

Sample Box from Vice

Purchased these for about £20, get a selection of their Golf Balls for you to try, so you get a chance to feel them in play.

Im liking the Pro+ which are a 4 pc golf ball and just feel nice 100yd in and on and around the greens. Great thing I see if you buy 60 balls it works out to about £21 a dozen.

Eurathane cover....

The vice balls are excellent. - very similar to the pro v1. 

Robsters selections are good, but won't spin as much on short shots. 

My choice would be the Nike RZN platinum,  can be had for 20 quid now,


Very very good ball. Even better at 20 notes. 

For me I just use any,

For me I just use any, usually try and get free balls from got like 5 packs of them :)