Golf clubs for a newbie

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Golf clubs for a newbie

Greetings all,

I’m getting back in to golf having not played since I was a teenager (27 years ago). 

Ive been to the driving range 4 times borrowing my dads clubs and would now like to buy a set myself.

I’m looking at second hand irons at the moment so am looking for some advice. I like the idea of Calloway as this is what I’ve recently been using. 

Is there much difference from the “pro” version of the club? For example the X Hot vs the X Hot pro. I notice the pro are aimed at players with a mid handicap where the non pro version are based at beginners. 

Should I be thinking about the pro version so I don’t need to upgrade in the near future, would I notice much difference? 

I’ve also noticed I can set a full set of new Wilson clubs for roughly the same cost, how would these compare to the older second hand Calloway clubs (assuming I get a pair in good condition). 

The other option I’ve been thinking about is a newer second hand set of irons, in the same condition I could get a set of 2016 Calloway XR irons or 2009 X-22 Tour for roughly the same cost would the newer clubs be a better buy? 

I hope the above makes sense... I’m sure the answer isn’t going to be straight forward  

Many thanks 


It’s been a long time since I

It’s been a long time since I bought a set of irons, but was once  in same position as you (looking at second hand). I bought a few individual irons off eBay so I could try. Once I found one I liked, I looked for and bought a second hand set of that club and sold the individual irons back on eBay. 

For me

It's all down to what works for you but if it's any help I have a set of Callaway XR irons which I've had a couple of years which I am very happy with.  You will find the loft is cranked to give more distance per iron. (i.e. the loft on the XR 7-iron will be about the same as the loft on the X-22 6-iron). 

Wilson make some great irons but we'd need to know the model to give a better opinion.