Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Appeals Both to Women and Men

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Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Appeals Both to Women and Men

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These days, women aren't the only ones sporting handmade sterling silver jewelry looks. Handmade jewelry designers have been creating stunning sterling silver pieces that have a bold, creative and artistic style. Men can even wear jewelry items that were once only thought of as women's pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces with or without gemstones and pendants.
This is good news for handmade jewelry designers who like to increase their marketability and potential for new customers.  By changing the perception of handmade sterling silver jewelry as just a "woman only" product, designers have created new opportunities for sales and even fashion sense among the "in" crowd of sterling silver jewelry lovers.  

Ironically, this is an ever-changing perception among the jewelry shoppers of the world.  Men used to wear sterling silver jewelry or other styles of jewelry made of bone, hemp and other earthen elements to project the stature of other tribes members and cultures in ancient times.  Then somehow the perception of jewelry wearing became taboo for men as a symbol of not being masculine.  Within the last decade that attitude is changing, although nobody knows the reason.

As a metal, sterling silver is a strong and does not tarnish like other inferior metals and jewelry making materials.  So, overall handmade sterling silver jewelry makes a great option for creating exciting trendy styles for both genders.  Both men and women can wear sterling silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, rings, belts and other fashionable handmade sterling items.

Emerging Handmade Jewelry Designers Create High Quality Designs

Sterling silver jewelry once had "sameness" about it. Jewelry craftsmen used molds to create common necklaces and rings.  If you've ever owned a box chain or a Figaro link necklace, you may have seen these on many people.  However, sterling silver jewelry designers today are skilled at using silver to create ornamental works of art, adding unique embellishments that make their mark with a sophisticated eye for style.  Now both men and women can find one-of-a kind sterling silver handcrafted jewelry that can be worn proud to make a bold wardrobe statement.

  Some handmade jewelry designers are using silver to represent cultural significance, as well.  For instance, in many countries the silver jewelry can be used to represent religious preferences, hobbies or pastimes, ethnic heritage or many other characteristics.  It's not uncommon to see a sterling silver piece worn to indicate cultural traditions.  And many of today's modern handmade sterling silver jewelry items carry beautiful gemstones, both semi-precious and precious.  With sterling silver, anything goes!  It is versatile and "in style" right now for men and women who want to enhance their looks.

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