Stone Driving Range for Custom Fit?

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Stone Driving Range for Custom Fit?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of a custom fit at Stone Driving Range?

I've always used Trackman before, at Stone they use Flightscope 3D Doppler which it says tracks the ball for the entire trajectory.

Reason for Stone (or anywhere else anyone can recommend) is I want to try Mizuno JPX 850 forged (to replace JPX 800 Pro's) and where I normally go they don't stock Mizuno.  It seems the National Fitting Centres won't be re-opening (a shame since I've used Burhill in the past). Another consideration is Bearwood Lakes as this is a Mizuno performance centre.  Home for me is South Wales but I'm sometimes up not too far from Stone with work.  I'm happy to travel a reasonable distance for a quality fit.  I've always liked Celtic Manor (but they don't stock Mizuno) and had a good fit with Golf Principles in Basingstoke (I've just no plans to be over near Basingstoke otherwise I'd perhaps return there).

Any comments/suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks.

If you are worried that Flightscope wont give as valid results as Trackman then dont be. It is the fitters ability to interpret the "numbers" and based on what he and you actually see regarding ballflight and your subjective feedback regarding "feel" that is important. i.e the person operating the machine is more important than the machine itself.

I go to Stone driving range quiet regularly and although I've never used the fitting service the guy's down there all seem pretty decent guys and there are a few Mizuno fitting awards dotted around the place.

On the flightscope issue, I've been informed, I beleive relaibly!! That flightscope is exactly the same as tackman just with a different interface. 2 NASA scientists developd the technology fell out and set up there own companies, trackman and flight scope. The technology is the same but the interfaces differ, trackman is more well known as it came to market first. I may be corrected but the guy who told me usually gets this golf geek info correct!!

Thanks for the replies

I definitely don’t have any

I definitely don’t have any such experiences. I have mentioned it quite a lot on that I want to drive such car. But I don’t have lisence to do it, so I can not.