Ballooning drives

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Ballooning drives
I am somehow managing to hit a 10.5 R9 driver about 200 yards in the air (height) and about 170 forward! I even got backspin the other day. How do I keep them down? I have tried a low tee but to no avail.

Hi Dave, Firstly I am not a pro so don't take what I write as the full solution, but here goes...A low tee forces you to hit down causing cut spin and high flight - generally.I suggest you tee the ball up so at least a 3rd of it is over the driver head. Secondly look at how close you are to the ball if you can shuffle a little back (how much is an experiment that you must do) this will flatten your swing plane and more than likely find you distance. A simple way to feel how close you should be is to hover the club head near the ball - and just draw the head back and bring it to the ball, a few times to make sure the ball is still in the centre of the face. good luck !Try that and if there is no success see a proper pro and have a proper fix...

In between some amazingly great drives, I was hitting some similarly high drives tonight ...

They were almost always down to flippy hands or the ball coming off the top of the driver. Typically this happens because I'm going at the ball with my shoulders/hands instead of good sequencing to retain the lag.

There was a bit of a headwind also which would cause the ball to takeoff in the manner of an aeroplane.

I would back up Chris's comments.Ballooning normally comes from hitting down on the ball rather than hitting on the upswing. The recommendation is to tee the ball so that the top of club aligns with the equator of the ball. Hitting down on the ball can also be a sign that the ball is not positioned correctly in the stance. On the range put down a club a right angles to the swing path place so that it just touches the inside of your leading heel the ball should be positioned so that it would intersect a path from the club to the swing path  or just marginally back (about one inch at most) for a 'standard' tee shot with a driver.

It is possible you are taking the club up too steeply and not around you enough and more on plane.

A swing which is steep with the driver will be when you take the club up and then straight down and almost scooping the ball off the tee, this can lead to sky marks, and ballooned tee shots.

Here is a great short clip to help you see if you are too steep and not on plane...

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