Broken Drivers

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Broken Drivers
Hello all, I'm a new golfer, about 4 months in, and I regularly go to my nearest indoor driving range during these past few winter months here in Oklahoma and just work on perfecting my swing and my follow through. However, recently I've found that I have a nasty habit of breaking the head of whatever driver I'm using clean off at the hosel. I can't be sure of what the drivers were specifically, but I'm up to three in the past two weeks. These weren't brand new clubs either. All three were used drivers or demo clubs that were specially designated for driving range use. I'm not messing around or goofing off with them, I am legitimately taking my swing seriously and still having this issue. What could I be doing wrong? Please help. Warmest Regards, Trevor

Hi Trevor2 and welcome to the forum. Clearly you are doing something wrong. My advice is to get the help of a professional to look at your swing and ball position. He will be able to sort it out and save you money in the long run on buying new shafts.

I imagine you are steep and hitting the mat

If all you are doing is hitting the ball a driver shaft should never snap. Mind you from your comments these are not your drivers and somebody else could have mishandled them.  

You are using abused clubs and clearly hitting way of centre or drop kicking the ball (Technical term)  If you had a super fast swing you would cave the head, if you are snapping the hosel your swing causing strikes way off centre and more likely you are hitting the mat

Surely if you've only been playing for 4 months, you would be better off practising with something like a 7 iron to help you swing?

so short time!