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Ive got my handicap down to 8 using a cack handed grip ie left hand below right using right handed clubs. Sounds strange,looks strange but works for me.But struggle with driver. Any one out their with the same grip?

Hi Carlos,I know a few people who use this grip, i think it helps because it compensates for a fault in the swing but anyone who is happy doing it this way should do so. However if you want to improve to a high level you may need to think about changing and it's hard to break old habits...

Carlos, I too have the cack handed grip. I'm quite a good golfer and don't struggle with most shots. I do have a problem driving though. I either hook or top the ball which is infuriating as I can hit my 3 wood pretty well. Anyone who can help???

i have a mate who plays cack handed and he always slices his driver due to the wrist break at the top of his swing.....its pritty good for putting tho.

I am also a fellow cack handed golfer. I don not feel i suffer from gripping the club this way. For me it is a matter of consistency and just playing 18 holes and hitting the shots i know i can play and not trying to be over ambitious.Have any of you fellow cack handers had lessons from a pro?. I have always thought their was no point for me because the first thing the pro would say is change the grip and i would not want to take such a step backwards. Last question does anyone know any tour pros who have had this grip, if so how sucessful were they?.

Hi Guys,Let me put one thing staright any professional that says a Sewsunker grip, (that's what it is called after the great Papwa Sewsunker), is in anyway a problem to your game tell them they do not know what they are stalking about. This makes me so mad that people who know nothing about the grip still give their opinions even if they are way off the mark.The Sewsunker Grip, left hand below right is a grip that is as old as the game itself and if anyone knows anything about golf they will know that Papwa Sewsunker beat Gary Player among others in the SOuth Africa Open in the 1960s he also won the Dutch Open 3 times, why did you not hear of him more, he was not given the opportunity to play teh game as much as others whit golfers in other countries. Another great golfer is the Scottish amateur Gallagher who may be playing for his country soon. Gallagher wouldn't be the first Scotsman to play cack-handed for his country. Jim Hay played cack-handed for Scotland back in the 1970s. A few players in the past have managed to go on to professional success playing cack-handed. Asian golfer Seesunker Sewgolum won three Dutch Opens (1959, 1960 and 1964) playing that way. South Africa's Vincent Tshabalala currently plays on the European Senior Tour with a the Sewsunker method. So, gentlemen, let nobody fool you, this grip is excellent, I personally drive, very straight, over 300 yards, so do not listen to the uneducated opinions of so-called pros who know nothing about this grip.If you would like to discuss it more, contact me at info@european-golf.orgKeep them flying with your Sewsunker grips out there!

Hiya fellow cack handers,glad too see there is some of us out there.I have had a lesson from a pro and it was just the one and youve guessed it he told me to change or give the game up so i told him B......S! and never went back.The driver is the best bag in the club for me 280-300yds straight,use to have big problems with it but since i moved the ball to just in front of my head ive been straight and long,funny as the best thing in my bag was irons and now im struggling big time with them,have any of you got any tips to get my iron play back in the groove ie;where do you play the ball in your stance,weight transfer etc.....Your help will be much appreciated!!!

I was told by my club pro that I'll never be able to improve with this grip. A bold statement I thought so didn't bother asking for lessons. This pro has since left my club and there's now a young pro there who said he'd be happy to give me some lessons.Shot my PB last night with a +5 over 9 holes and that included a +3 on a par 4.The main problem I have is closing the clubface through the ball and hooking the irons. I have recently sorted out my drives with a slight grip change and using higher tees. This closing of the club face with irons is a nightmare to rectify. Any ideas?

I have used the Sewsunker grip ever since I first held a golf club, the "normal" grip looks odd to mePros don't know how to teach our grip, they have never been taught how toMaybe we should start an Sewsunker open Championship!Happy Sewsunkering!

Carlos, there is a guy who plays cack handed who was the County Champ for Gloucestershire back in the day, still a tidy player (grumpy t**t though) these days.It's not's how many

blimey this is an old thread!

Ummm a couple a months short of 5 years old, lets hope its not some Trolls idea of fun.

HelloI googled "cack handed" and this forum came up, I joined and added a comment as I'm cack handedAs a matter of interest what difference does it make how old a thread is?Cheers

Flattwo wrote (see)

HelloI googled "cack handed" and this forum came up, I joined and added a comment as I'm cack handed

And a hearty welcome in that case.

Flattwo wrote (see)

As a matter of interest what difference does it make how old a thread is?Cheers

Thread age is no problem if its genuine, its an old trolling trick to resurrect old threads so it does kind of raise the eyebrows a little.

HiThanks for the welcome, I was very pleased to find this forum and hope to contribute to its content Cheers

welcome flattwo,                           us fellow cack handers should stick together     colin

been reading some of the comments above and i am the same as everyone else who plays cack handed, the proper grip does not feel right one bit, i am more comfortable with the Sewsunker Grip, i can hit a ball just as well as everyone i play with (when i hit it right like!!!) LOL. the only tip i could give ( the shark asked) is close the face on your irons and get your head right over the ball. (well it helps me) tips from on the tee box please from anyone??     keep it going the sewsunker grip gang

also cack - handed.  playing of 5 for many yearswe call it corrie fisted in scotland or a shinty grip ( gaelic hockey for the innocent)

Hi HowlerOf course, the shinty grip, I forgot about that, thanksHere is a photo of the grip


A good coach in yorkshire Steve  Robinson One of the countrys top 25 , he has no propblems coaching me .I play sewsunker grip play off 12 used to  be nine then a lay off golf due to injury but hope to get back to single figures.He sorted a slight fade out that was losing me distance with my irons ,I cannot recomend him enough a very knowledgable man .With the adjustments he made to my stance and swing (which he sussed out after 6 balls hit) I went out on the course I hit 2 drives which my mate and we measured out which were close to if not over 300 yards . The irons were at least 1 club less for the equivelant club distance I have been hitting ...Not bad  for 2 hours after a lesson to rectify a problem I could not fix for the last 6 months the best £30 pound Ive ever ever spent So if your near york consider a leson with one of englands top coachs Steve Robinson Sandburn Hall Golf Acadamy.My Mate has struggled for over a year with a massive hook sorted him out also .He has a conventional grip . So sewsunkers out there  theres an option for you a bloody good coach who understands golf and is not restricted to the conventional I said a very knowledgable man all the best Cackhander

Hi Fellow Sewsunkers, I'm new here.  In Ireland, Sewsunker know as cackhanded or the 'hurley' grip - a reference to the grip used in our national game.  Because of the connection to Hurling, I think there is probably a higher % of sewsunkers in Ireland, but not sure...Was wondering if there are any Golf Instruction or Training DVDs/Videos out there in the marketplace dedicated to Cack-handed players. I have been refused tuition by a number of coaches and would be keen to get some form of coaching. Many thanks.....jd

Fellow Sewsunkers...I'm a beginner myself.  I have now played 3 18 hole games with my buddies.  One of them scored a 75 last weekend.  My first game I scored 104 and 98 last weekend.  Is this a good score for a beginner? Also, I have adjusted my stance when i'm ready to hit with an iron..I am virtually standing in such a way that my back is facing the target!  And, this seems to work!  I don't know how to explain but I think its about compensating or whatever that means..any comments?  Thanks,

Hi fellow golfers i have this grip an ive been at driving ranges for years an few weeks ago decided to go full hog an get into golf properly. Club pro said that i couldnt take lessons unless i change my grip as it would b a waste of time. My biggest prob is driving the ball.. The ball goes far but it also goes very very heigh id love to see my drive without the height can any1 help me??

I have played a bit in Ireland and seen quite a few "hurley" grips. And some of them on decent golfers. The best was on a guy who played off 18 as a hurley grip, his pro convinced him to try and go normal. He did and went from 18 to 3 in 12 months. This guy it further than I have ever seen, absolutely bloody miles. Top it off with being an absolutely shite putter and he still played to 3. Wasn't the Scottish AM champ cack handed a couple fo years ago?

Best advice would be to try the hybrids and see if the grips are better... They should be.

Hey guys, looks like I am the first female cack handed golfer on this thread!  Hope you don't mind

Hi all, i guess this thread is getting even older now!    I'm also a cack handed player and have been ever since i started.  One question i have is which hand would a cack handed player benefit from wearing a glove on?  I wear mine on my right hand,but noticed that some wear theres on the left?

Hi all, I am a natural left hander but learned to play with right handed clubs so of course hold it cack handed. Have been playing that way since I was 13 (am now 55) and still get funny stares when teeing off in tournaments. After I tee off, they just shake their heads and I giggle a bit. Play about twice a month and am a bogie golfer. I figure that's good for a person who doesn't practice or take lessons. Keep on Cacking!

Hi all, Im a cack hander of 20 years and wouldnt change for the world, I would get rid of the slice tho that seems to haunt my game, anyone got any tips as the local pro just laughed at me when I asked for some. Paul

Sappening lads. Always been a Cackhander but Haven't played properly, just down the driving range and at a small course now and then. Now I'm a member in a big course and want to play often as the football season has finished. Using the irons I'm fine (straight) but the driver slices to the right but SOMETIMES goes straight. Why is this, is there a technique for driving cackhanded?? Cheers.

This is my second golf season now and I just love it but the cack handed driving is literally driving me nuts!  My drives are straight, however, they are low and short.  Any suggestions would be so appreciated as I cannot get any pro to take me on.  My pitching and putting is good - it's just the driving....Is there a cack handed secret for successful driving?

Hello there, Been reading through the forum and seen a lot of people having problems with driving and hitting it straight. I too had this problem and what I found was standing back more from the ball and stretching the club towards it more helped me straighten right up. Saying this I don't get major height but the distance is brilliant. Hope this helps

Only advise is - don't do it, you will not find a cack-hander playing the best standard of golf. The reason for this is - human-body mechanics. Change your method now! It would be better to change from left to right or right to left handed than go the completely wrong and hampering cack-handed. You lot disgust me

Pithead not everybody is looking to play pro golf. The thread is for golfers who play cack handed and are looking for tips...we don't want anybody telling us 'oh you can't improve, and change your grip to the "correct way".  I have been playing on and off for about 6 years with the cackhand grip, I have improved so much since i started....ok so there are some shots that are tough to do but on a whole the cack handed grip is just as good as the conventional right handed grip. I play off a 6. Better then 3/4's of my clubhouse which includes golfers playing for 40 odd years right handed. It all depends how much effort you put into your practice sessions. Pros who have informed me that i should change my grip are not real pros. They are only pros with their grip and do not understand how the cack handed grip works so they give an iggnorant responce of 'change grip or quit'. What if a one armed golfer approahed them and asked for tips to improve, what would they say 'oh grow an arm or quit'. Oh come on!!! It is up to the pro to instruct a golfer how best to use their current grip/swing and how to get the best out of it. It is a past time and a hobby for most people over 25 and we are just looking to enjoy our game the best way we feel comfortable.If i see one more reply of 'change your grip to my one' i'll snap! 

im a cack hander from Ireland and ive dropped from 18 to 5.6 handicapp in 5 years all from my own ability ( not team events) , i played a lot of hurling over the yerars and anyone that has ever seen hurling been played will know Hurlers play with their left hand low, The 1 place i struggle is in bunkers and was wondering if anyone else suffers from the same...???  

hi there,i'm a cackhander aswell,took game up 2 seasons ago and dropped from 25 to12.struggled with drives constantly,until i went for a fitting.iwas going for your standard 10 degree reg driver before,now i'm hitting a 12 degree tour stiff g20,and its going straight and loooong(drove a par 4 green with it around 330 yyrds!.the pro said if he could have got me a 14 degree he would have as with being cackhanded you automatically shut the loft on your downswing resulting a low ball flight.also said try imagining throwing a rugby balfor the swing,for a normal grip this is a pretty simple turn through,but with cackhanded you have to emphasise the turn more.worked a treat for me!

Cackhanded all the way but my main problem is the dreaded sliced drives. I heard that an off set driver is the best cure for this,a Cobra Max S3 off set driver has been recommended. I will try it out and get back to you all with the results

I've been playing golf for 4 years, I'm 62 and am cackhanded. I had a terrible slice with my driver and persivered to change my grip. I now drive and use my woods normal grip and my irons cack handed. Drives and woods are straight or draw. I have to take my time taking my irons back to ensre that I don't leave the face open at impact. I had a lesson from a young pro who sorted the push with my irons and he made a huge difference. The cack handed grip still feels the most comfortable but it was worth changing for the driver because of gretaer distance and straight shots.

Hi All Just returned to playing golf after a few years away due to knee operations and i also play cack handed. Trouble now appears that i'm unable to play a driver off theTee and having to use a 3 wood, out of 3 shots i tend to hook at least one. I have tried all advise my mates but they have the "natural grip" well at least thats what they call it. I have also lost at least 25 to 30 yds of my distance - any advice I would be grateful for any feedback and thanks in advance

just found this thread , interesting im 76 been playing 40 yrs lowest score ever 80 on a full size golf course, istill play enjoy it great exercise cheaper than going to the gwm, but yes at my age i have lost a lot of distance.

Hi, I would just like to say I am cack handedand proud! Check out this guy is a cack handed pro who got to a +1 handicap without a lesson and I have been looking at some of his videos on youtube...l wont be changing my grip anytime soon!!

1 tip for driving which seems to be a problem for us cack handers is to line the ball up with your left foot(rh). this allows your body to get in line with the club and thus keeps the drive straighter and longer. also a stiff shaft makes it easier

Fascinating thread

I am a 5 handicapper cack handed player. Driving was a problem before when I used a regular shaft, which caused a lot of hook shots, due to the left hand creating the power through the shot. as soon as I changed to a stiff shaft, problem solved. I play with the White Castle tees, aim up the right hand side. Weight mostly on the right side, 60 / 40.. Use a three quarter swing, don't break your wrists, slow back swing, and drive throgh, hitting on the up, and finish on a high, which will help the power to go through, and not drat the club head to the left. Hope this helps.

Great to see so many positives regarding cack handed golf..

I have been playing cack handed for 16 years,my best score is 79.the problem i have with being cack handed is im either really good or really a mid 80s player can have 2 or 3 rounds playing well then my game goes to pot and im strugging to break the 100 then next game can shot an for me consistency is the biggest problem.if i could shot an 85 every time i would be a happy man !!! 

Pat, That's not just a problem for cack-handed players!